Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yaaarrrrrr mateys! The SS Leach is staying true to course

Leach and his cabin boy are free to plunder the depths of the Big 12
Staying true to his swashbuckling image, Texas Tech Head Footbaw Coach Mike Leach has been known to traverse the seas of the NCAA in search of booty, treasure and... well, mostly treasure. After a year in which Texas Tech finished up their best season ever - which included blow out losses to Oklahoma, Houston Nutt and a near miss at home against Baylor. Yes, that qualifies as 'best season ever' material in Lubbock - Texas Tech and Mike Leach have somehow completely destroyed the successful aura that briefly replaced the smell of slaughtered bovine that typically populates the Lubbock ozone. How many teams in the history of team sports can honestly talk about running off a coach who not only made their team relevant, but still has TWO seasons left on his contract? Was it greed on Leach's part? Yes. Was it arrogance on Tech's part? Absolutely. In a nutshell, Leach made outrageous contractual demands, then Tech made outrageous contractual demands out of spite and, after what pretty much amounts to a pissing contest, both sides lost. Leach thought he was better than Lubbock, except for when you see how he's still in Lubbock after 10+ seasons despite this thinking and how he recently lost out on the Washington job to a cheating assistant from USC, it's pretty obvious he's, well not. Tech thought it was better than Leach - it's amazing how a couple of years of football success has turned that program into Panhandle A&M or, as I prefer, Sand Aggys. When it comes down to it, though, Tech is still in Lubbock and Leach is still the coach who is hated by his Athletic Director and doesn't interview well enough to earn a more prominent job.
So what does this mean for Frogs fans? Well, according to a poster on KF, it means we get to keep Patterson for another year because apparently GP was out the door to Lubbock when Leach was gone because they were going to pay him 2.7 as opposed to the 2 he's making now. Since $700,000, no job security and a Lubbock residency is what sells a coach who just turned down his alma mater and big money from an SEC school. See what I mean about Sand Aggy? Even if Tech did fire Leach and came after GP, before he laughed them out the door surely he'd apprise them of his stance on schools who fire coaches mid season because, while not directly relevant, I'm sure his stance on schools who fire coaches with two years left on their contracts and who were directly responsible for coaching their team to the best season in school history is similarly negative. The good news, though? We get to go to Lubbock next year and shove their arrogance and classlessness back up their asses as we did in 05. Go Frogs.

Baseball Frogs get started this weekend

Baseball season gets underway this weekend when Jim Schlossnagle and the Frogs head to the Golden State to take on the 5th-ranked Cal State Fullerton Titans. Along with a trip to Oxford to take on Ole Miss next weekend, the Frogs' early schedule will be quite a challenge. The expected pitching starters for this weekend's games are junior Tyler Lockwood Friday night (9:00pm), sophomore Sean Hoelscher Saturday night (8:00pm) and true freshman Kyle Winkler Sunday (3:00pm).

You can read a series preview from HERE and a much more comprehensive one from the Fullerton point of view HERE. All three games can be heard on KTCU (88.7 FM) or online at

The Frogs' first two home games are next week: the home opener is Tuesday night at 6:30pm against Dallas Baptist and then Texas State comes to Lupton Wednesday night at 6:30.


Is TCU's non-conference schedule almost done? Mercedes Mayer is reporting that talks are heating up between TCU and Clemson about a possible match up for next year. The deal is apparently not close to being done, but that would be make for a great non-conference schedule in my opnion. Two prominent East coast schools, definitely good for exposure in a new region.

South Carolina paper is reporting the same story now

Jim Christian finally breaks the 7 game losing streak.

The game was close until right after half time. It was 22-23 Air Force heading in to the locker room but when we came out for the second half, the game was over. We were up by 20 at one point with 8 minutes left and I promised myself that if TCU managed to blow this lead, I would not attend another game in the 2009 season. We held on. We shot great and it was fun to watch. Too bad the MTN had the Utah game on. I guess that's what happens when you fall to almost last in the conference.