Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pre-spring MWC Breakdown

I think the general consensus of Spit Blood has been that ESPN's Graham Watson is mostly pretty worthless. She puts out vague and generic articles that lack any sort of depth (not saying we're any better, but we're not getting paid to do it, either). If you're a fan of that, then you're in luck: she recently put out a very USA Today-esque breakdown of each MWC team heading into spring.


I just kept waiting for Ron Artest to run in and start throwing bows.......

Link to Story

There Will Be Spit Blood

D-Day won an Academy Award for his impeccable performance in 2008.

If an Academy Award was given out for college football recruiting, I believe that G-Pa would win one this year.

Many thanks to Brooks Riggins for the picture.