Thursday, February 12, 2009

Someone forgot their crazy pills

Apparently Letterman is still on the air, and had Joaquin Phoenix on last night. He's either trying to morph into some strange hybrid of his roles in Walk the Line and Parenthood, or- considering his family's history with addiction-this is a huge, awkward cry for help. Either way, if he ever brings his hip-hop act (you heard me right) to the Metroplex, I'm so there.

Oh, and if you go see his new movie Two Lovers, you'll totally see Gwyneth Paltrow's tits.

4th non conference game?

Randy in Dallas writes: I'm curious if you've heard any rumblings about who TCU's 4th non-conference opponent is going to be this season. I've heard rumors like Ohio State, Tulane, Rice, Florida State, Ole Miss, Penn State, or Houston. I'd like to add some strength to our schedule, but I don't want to get screwed playing another I-AA team like McNeese State. Any news to ease my worries? Thanks.

Graham Watson: I've been told by a close source that something is being worked out with Houston. (Graham Watson is an ESPN analyst)

Morning Dump..a bit constipated

TCU team notes USA today

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