Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More recruitment musings

Gotta love that compiled winning % and AP rank.

What do recruiting rankings mean anyways? - Scout.com

Morning Dump

Gary Patterson puts finishing touches on TCU coaching staff Star-Telegram

Recruits buying what Gary Patterson's pitching Star-Telegram

Curtis standout Kenny Cain commits to TCU Times-Picayune

Summer camps key in college football recruiting AP

Cain commitment video

NFL Combine List

Here is the official NFL scouting combine list for Non-BCS players. Hodge and Phillips deservingly made the list. Im pretty disappointed to see players like No-NFL talent Ian Johnson make the list but leave off a few other of our guys that I believe would be better NFL material than him. Also, when I googled NFL scouting combine 2009, this was the first image that popped up.

We don't have a new OC, we have 2

The speculation over the past few weeks was that Patterson would replace departed Offensive Coordinator Mike Schultz with either Justin Fuente or Jarrett Anderson. Yesterday it was announced that Fuente and Anderson will become Co-Offensive Coordinators. Fuente will also coach the quarterbacks, Anderson the running backs and coaching staff newcomer Rusty Burns will coach the wide recievers. So all of you Schultz-haters that will no doubt still be cranky about the play-calling, you'll have to get used to shouting "What the hell are you doing, Fuenderson?!?!"