Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday Caption Contest

3 Girls 1 Tree............

New Wrestling Move

The title is Mascarita Dorada. I dont know if that is the name of the wrestler or the name of the move, but either way it is freakin awesome. He does however lose a couple points for throwing himself out of the ring. That should never happen.

Florida Replaced as National Champion...

Congrats, Utah! You just won the rankings equivalent of the special olympics national championship!
Well, with that caption it looks like my good karma may finally run out.

... at least in a meaningless, small time newspaper article, but it's from a Florida publication, so that has to count for something, no? From the worthless honors department of the Florida Times-Union (print is dying, and the papers with dashes in their names will be the first to go), Utah was recently named the number one team in the country based on their end of year power rankings. So, there you go Utes, at least you won something. It should be noted that the Frogs were listed as 9th, two spots behind Boise State, so it's obvious these rankings are complete bullshit because of the 45-35 argument to end all arguments. However, I mostly posted this because of the one situation it rectified, because let's be honest, Utah wouldn't have beaten Florida or Oklahoma on a neutral field, (haven't I heard this neutral field argument somewhere before?? hmm...) or their own for that matter,... and that situation is naming the MWC as the third best conference in the country this past year. We pulled it out by a slight margin over the Big Ten, a decent margin over the ACC and quite a swath over the Pac 10 and Big East. Should it have been as close between us and the Big Ten? Well, may I direct you towards their 1-5 bowl record this year? The ACC is a basketball conference, but I'd still give them the edge over the Big Televen. Anyway, just thought I'd point out this situation that finally corrected some BCS bias.

Frogs on Saturday

The Frogs are still kicking ass. This is good. Frog Nachos are good. Smuggling whiskey into Daniel Meyer is also good. Lets keep the good vibes, and express hate towards arguably the worst state in the country (New Mexico, much?). Lobos are wolves, but New Mexico doesn't have any.

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