Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Recruit

I wish, but could you even imagine this guy coming in a Freshman with Tuffy at the point as a Junior? Awesome......


Frogs vs. Doo-Doo Brown TONIGHT

There has been a lot of excitement so far about this year's hoops team, who have surged to a 12-6 overall record and are tied for the conference lead at 3-1 in MWC play. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, let's be reminded that at this time a year ago the Frogs were 11-6 overall and were sporting an identical 3-1 conference record. Those Frogs, under Dougherty, then reeled off 6 losses in their next 7 games- many of them lopsided defeats- to stumble to the back of the MWC pack.

Don't get the wrong impression, now- I'm not saying that this year's team is destined to falter just as last year's squad did. After all, Jimmy C's team has already been victorious on the road 3 times, whereas last year's Frogs managed just one win away from Fort Worth the entire season. Two of those, of course, were against Big 12 teams. The Frogs can also count preseason conference favorite UNLV among their victims, which is as impressive a win as this program has in a number of years.

But now that we're into the heart of the conference schedule, this is the time for this year's team to show that they're different from the chronic disappointment that's filled the DMC in recent years. As I stated, the Frogs currently sit atop the standings (along with Utah) of a conference that is really up for grabs at this point. The three teams picked to lead the way for the conference- BYU, UNLV and San Diego State- have all faltered against middle of the pack teams. With two games this week at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum, where they've won 8 straight, the Frogs have a chance to transform themselves from surprising start-ups to actual conference title contenders.

TCU (12-6, 3-1) vs. Wyoming (12-5, 1-2)
7:00pm TONIGHT
TV: The Mtn
Radio: 1460 AM

TCU vs. New Mexico (11-7, 2-1)
7:00pm Saturday
TV: None
Radio: 1460 AM

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