Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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TCU basketball player goes from Croatia to Cowtown WFAA

Kenneth Davis to enter hall of fame Dallas Morning News

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ESPN Prestige Rankings (aka Worthless)

It's a good thing attendance wasn't a factor in the rankings.

ESPN is currently rolling out their Football Program Prestige Rankings, and the Frogs sit tied at 31st with... Maryland? These rankings are tabbed based on positives (winning conference or national titles, draft picks, etc) and negatives (getting your probation on... which explains SMUs ranking of 61. That and consistently fielding the worst football team in D I year in and year out). For those of you who have read the TCU Vault, and if you haven't it is an absolute must, you probably think this ranking is a little low considering the success we had from the inception of the football program in the early 1900s through the mid 50s, not to mention what has been done since the late 90s. I quickly noted the issue: these rankings only take into account football success after 1936, so one of our national titles is not accounted for. Had they moved the rankings back one year, I feel sure we would've been a top 25 program. Could this be another case of the BCS cartel getting us down? Probably not, but it makes you wonder how they came up with 1936 as a good starting point. Also of note, Texas Tech... 42nd. Guns Up.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I think we can all give the Henson's a big congrats on his father in law being asked to lead the church service for the Obama's before the Inaugration later today. No matter if you agree with Obama's politics, this is a huge honor for Rev. Jakes and just demonstrates the national respect the man generates.