Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paging Dr. Marvin, Dr. Leo Marvin...

After beating Tech in Lubbock and starting 2-0 in conference, I was ready for Jimmy C and the Frogs to set sail. Perhaps I should give Dr. Marvin's Baby Steps another read, though. While our team is definitely headed in the right direction, expecting a win over BYU in Provo was probably a bit too much.

The Frogs were simply out-matched last night, as they will be in probably a majority of their games this year. They're small and scrappy and will overcome that on many nights, but last night defending MWC Player of the Year Lee Cummard and the Cougars were just too much to overcome. Give them credit, though- after an extremely dismal first half (9 turnovers, many of them unforced errors and a dreadful 30% shooting percentage), the Frogs never gave up and actually won the second half by nine (and beat the spread, for you degenerate gamblers out there...).

My point is, from where this program was, they're not going to be a national power overnight. There are going to have to be baby steps, and that includes admittedly lame moral victories like "we won the second half". Being down 21 at half time, they could've easily given up. But they didn't, and finding a little bit of success while continuing to fight against a strong opponent like BYU serves as good practice for games further on down the road. Their next three games (at Air Force and at home against Wyoming and New Mexico) are all winnable, and the Frogs still get another crack at the Cougars at home next month.

RH-51 Update

(Dialogue via Facebook)

Thomas Fincher
January 13 at 11:15am
Hey RH, I wanted to thank you for helping give us one of the most memorable seasons in our Frog careers. I'm sorry things shook out the way they did with the bowl game and everything but I wish you the best of luck with your future. Keep me posted on anything going on with you and if you ever want to write on our blog let me know. Our readers of Spit Blood would be thrilled to read anything coming from you.

Sorry I have been out of touch, I got laid off from my job in Austin at the beginning of December and have been working hard to start my own residential pressure washing company.

I hope all is well with you and Mrs. H.

Happy belated New Year!



Robert Henson
January 13 at 6:44pm
Thanks T-Finch the plessure was all mine you guys made me the player I am today, I love the intensity you guys came with every game and I did my best to match that!! As for the "NFL" I am currently training at Intergrated Athletic Development(IAD) with Deion Sanders and LB T.J. Slaughter, I am busting my hump everyday to show guys like Lydell Sargent (Penn State), Derious Butler (UCONN), Brown the CB from Georgia and Allen the DE from OU that we work hard too. They all respect TCU football and admire our tough defense!! They are all also 1st through 3rd round picks. Then i get to talk smack about finishing as the #1 defense in the country, share as much as you want with the guys. Sorry about your job I'm glad to see your still in good spirits and being an entrapaneur......however you spell it lol!!
Give me a shout when you can I workout 2 times a day but I will def call back.

Horned Frogs for life bro!!!


Morning Dump

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Bowl Pick 'Em Champion

Rank Selection Edit W-L Pts Tie
1 THEFINCH 18-16 362 41-38
2 coldair's picks 17-17 328 42-51
3 buffalo's picks 20-14 326 31-45
4 jmeador's picks 19-15 320 48-42
5 BuckNasty's picks 19-15 306 41-35
5 skeezerjmh's picks 19-15 306 44-31
7 Spanish's picks 17-17 304 17-21
8 tcufrog4's picks 18-16 298 28-45
9 mankdog's picks 16-18 280 45-24
10 No Doubt 16-18 277 42-38
10 Sir Wesley Willis 16-18 277 28-243
12 Grayhound's picks 16-18 274 38-31
13 TazDevils 12-22 260 39-36
14 VikingFrog's picks 15-19 243 35-45
15 POPPJOBB 17-17 227 34-27
16 avdiaz's picks 13-21 223 42-45
16 Ross Evans Fan Club 15-19 223 35-38
18 kwharbuck's picks 14-20 221
18 Lyle Lanley's picks 14-20 221
18 lt4heisman's picks 14-20 221
18 hmfrogs's picks 14-20 221
18 waddellgl's picks 14-20 221
23 wwhd's picks 14-20 218 24-17
24 Cro-Magnon Frog's picks 15-19 211 45-38
25 counselorfrog's picks 12-22 209 38-41
26 spitpurple's picks 14-20 185

This is pretty lame that I somehow came in first, I wanted to give someone else an opportunity to post on here about how bad ass they are at picking confidence points in bowl games, but I refuse to toot my own horn. I also refuse to make myself a trophy. I hope y'all had a good time participating and look forward to an even bigger pool next year. This is the first time I have ever participated in a "pride only" bowl pick 'em and I won, next year we might need to do a pride only and a $10 an entry competition to make things interesting. (and then I will be sure to lose)

I also failed to mention that 49 posts ago, Spitblood hit a major milestone with the 1,000th post. I want to extend thanks to not only the contributors of Spitblood, but especially to the readers who help keep this gig going. We at Spitblood are looking at several options to expand our viewer ship including a possible alliance with an up and coming sports blog network that reached out to us to represent TCU in the blog world. This is a huge compliment to our blog and our content, so again, thanks to everyone who helps make this happen.