Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frogs 80, UNLV 73

This one goes out to Rufio, the UNLV fan who was over-reacting by holding his arms up and saying "what up?" to the TCU fans after every Rebels basket.  I started to talk shit to him by saying "your school is like Tech, but in the desert", but I quickly realized how silly that comment was.  Either way, Rufio, I hope you just enjoyed seeing your Rebels, who were picked  to win the Mountain West, fall to the Frogs.  Also, have fun with your city being known for anything other than the fact that prostitution is legal there.  Seriously, if I didn't believe in God, I'd totally live there.  But as it is, you're probably going to hell- but hey, some like it hot.  

Without looking at the stats, let me just tell you, Zvonko Buljian is THE MAN.  I would guess he had something like 23 points and 15 rebounds.  But he isn't the only Frog worthy of praise after today's win- it seemed like anyone and everyone was coming up with a big bucket or defensive play when we needed one- Ed Ruzgas, Keion Mitchem, Tuffy Moss, Jason Ebie, Kevin Butler.  Kevin Langford passed 1,000 career points.  

While they don't deserve a game ball, a "most improved award" definitely goes to the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum crowd.  My rough estimating skills would say there were 4,000 folks in the house this afternoon, and most of those were willing to make noise when our boys needed it most.  

This was a really exciting day for TCU basketball.  While there have been big wins every so often over the past couple of years, this was the first "big game" our team has had in quite a long time, and they came through in a big way.  Jim Christian has this team headed in the right direction, and right now the sky is the limit for where he can take this program.  At 11-5 and 2-0 in conference play with 2 road wins over Big 12 schools and today's win over the preseason conference favorite, we are well past "let's see how we do" territory.  We've got ourselves a young, hungry & scrappy team that isn't going to be an easy defeat for ANYONE that they play this year.  Two road games against BYU and Air Force are up next, but the Frogs deserve a FULL house when they return to Daniel-Meyer on January 21st to face Wyoming.

Hey, maybe if the lower-tier football teams in the MWC could raise up the way the Frogs did today, we wouldn't have to fret over our status with the BCS.

Poinsettia Bowl Highlight Show

ESPN Classic is showing 20 minute bowl recaps all day today. The Poinsettia Bowl recap will be on at 2:40pm CST. Watching the New Mexico one right now and it is basically like fast-forwarding through all the boring plays. So for those of you not ready to admit that football season is over ESPN Classic is providing an outlet for your denial.