Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh You Sooners

As I sit here and watch what appears to be OU throwing away its FIFTH consecutive BcS bowl game (which is just stunning in itself - I think they should be permanently banned from BcS games), I can only be pumped about the comment that we just received from Charles Davis - the color analyst for the game - who said "I don't think since TCU has OU seen a secondary which challenges you on every single snap, ever single route you run". What teams came in between us and Florida? Little schools like Texas, Texas Tech, Ok State, and Missouri. What great pub for GP and his D. Thank god we finally wised up and gave him some more dough.


"Now you're all in big, big trouble"

Finally, a little closure. I don't know about eveyone else, but I am going to sleep like a baby knowing the Fearless Leader will return. This is the best news so far in 2009, in my humble opinion.

Morning Dump

TCU coach Gary Patterson gets new contract Star-Telegram

Cove pair head to TCU early

Hodge and Phillips headed to NFL combine

Two minute drill: Hodge invited to NFL combine
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