Saturday, January 3, 2009

Frogs win Conference Opener

The frogs opened up conference play tonight at DMC. It was a very exciting game to go to. A few of us made it to the game tonight and it was definitely great to see our basketball team dominate on the floor. I think we have a pretty good future ahead of us for our B-ball team. With the trio of Buljan, Mitchem and Moss, we have a great opportunity to be a big threat this season in the MWC. Buljan is a stud and can make the outside shots as well as have a presence in the paint. Moss is going to end up being a great player on this team and will help elevate our team into the national spotlight. He is fast, tough, nicname is "Toughie" and will be fun to watch in the future. Very exciting to watch and they play really tough defense and can put some points up on the board. Make it out next Saturday for the next home game when they host UNLV at 4:30.

Fist Fucking The BCS

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Farewell My Dear Schultz

Illini tap TCU for offensive coordinator

I'm glad the Illini faithful don't read our blog, otherwise they might reconsider this soon to be hire. Bucknasty, don't pop the bottle just yet, this won't be officially announced until early next week.