Thursday, December 10, 2009

Patterson Bowl Luncheon

Random highlights and notes:
Fiesta Bowl added to TCU's alloted tickets to 20,000. TCU is selling about 1,000 tickets a day.

on recruits:
-he cant say enough about how the fans and the city help recruiting. Alot of the kid's that de-committed and changed to TCU were at the Utah game.

-3 or 4 recruits are going to graduate early and enroll for next spring. He did not say much about it for "ncaa regulations" but that they were positions that are currently held by graduating seniors.

-he was more impressed with the crowd for the New Mexico game than Utah, simply because people came back early, brought their family that was in town, etc.

-brought up how Suh talked about Hughes in his opening statement and that is says alot about the character of our players, and Suh has been with Hughes on the "Award Tour" and that Hughes made enough of an impression that Suh felt compelled to say something.

-I think they were saying he was a finalist for the Coast of the year, but it would be announced later today (might need verification from someone from the lunch)

-2010 schedule: OOC Baylor, SMU, Texas State. ESPN is trying to schedule something, but Patterson does not like it. Made it seem like they were trying to do it at the end of the season so it would be televised. not exact quote but close: I am not going to change my schedule around just to make tv people happy, scheduling is a huge part of a season, and if they want to put an OOC game at the end of the season I just won't do it. It's not who we are playing or the caliber of team, that does not matter, I just won't work my schedule around there's.

Overall he was in a good mood, joking and all. He goes back 10 years in watching tape, has been staying up till 1 AM and back at the office at 6AM. Took an unusual break and went to New York City for the National Football Foundation Awards, and that all the buzz was about TCU. We usually have bowl games on the 23 or 24 of December so he can't make it, but he did this year. Also the team gets the 23-26 off, practice starts again on the 27th, and they will leave for the Fiesta Bowl on the 31st.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Hope the kids who signed based on the Utah game don't know how to read the copious amount of articles railing against our attendance.

Nick Papagiorgio said...

Good recap. Still surprised nothing formal has been announce RE: the ESPN game. I would expect something to get done shortly though. As much as Gary wouldn't like playing a good OOC at the end of the year, he would HATE playing a schedule highlighted by SMU.

I don't think anyone would disagree that we need one more big, top-25 game. I'd prefer it early so the team can prepare in the offseason, and to make sure the opponent is still ranked. But if we have to leave our comfort zone a little bit, realize we will be getting paid to play.

I like the "Anyone, Anywhere, as long as you pay us $! million" policy.

Mike said...

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