Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Automatic BCS status on it's way for the MWC?

ESPN's Brad Edwards weighs in on the Mountain West's quest to become an automatic-qualifying conference in the eyes of the BCS:

How close is the Mountain West?


Bryan said...

I think we'll get serious consideration for BCS status in a couple of years. As the ESPN guys said, the only concern is conference depth. Add Boise, Idaho and Nevada to the MWC and that all goes away -- the MWC would then probably be the 4th toughest conference behind the SEC, Pac 10 and big 12.

How likely is that to happen?

Maybe Coach Patterson knows more than we do. Maybe ESPN has been hyping the sh*t out of the MWC this season for a reason. Maybe they are trying to create the TCU-Oregon State game to kick-off next season for a reason.

This could get interesting!

Lyle Lanley said...

Idaho??? They had a good (OK) year this year, but that is not a BCS program.

Bryan said...

None of the ones under consideration are as of yet. So what about snagging Houston from C-USA as a second Texas team?

Middle Man said...

Coog High? Yea right, I would rather deal with a Tulsa or SMU, but Coog High is a joke.

shortnkerley's said...

I'd say Fresno state. They're more proven than the other hacks being discussed. Idaho has been one of the worst teams this decade with the exception of this year.

D said...

I'm just glad we're finally gettin' a lil' respect all the way around.

I also think our conference should stay just how it is, especially with all the football hype these days.

Like it said in the article: "Wyoming, San Diego State and New Mexico all changed coaches after last season, and UNLV just made a coaching change of its own."

Ya, they didn't look to hot this year, but that's four teams in transition. I'm hoping the MWC 3 turns into 4 next year, and I also think wyoming's program has the potential to be in that 4 spot.

One a year, one at a time, one unstoppable train.

Sir Wesley Willis said...
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Sir Wesley Willis said...

The only issue I see with bringing in Boise, Nevada and Fresno is that, does it help that much? Sure, Boise helps in theory, but let's say they come in and get beat by all of the big three - then how are they any different than Air Force? Or, let's say Boise comes in and dominates - then that just makes everyone else's record worse, not to mention you basically guarantee them victories over the non big 3, which doesn't do much for churning the bottom of the conference. It will just increase conference cannibalism and that does nothing but hurt us in the rankings, especially as it's becoming more and more difficult for the better non AQ schools to schedule tough OOC opponents. I understand that benefits of having a two division conference with a championship game, but I'm definitely in the camp that says let it stay like it is and hope the bottom feeders pull themselves up in the next couple of years

VikingFrog said...

Fuck the BCS

Joining would only be folding the shit that we bitch about day in and day out and we would become just another goose in the flock.

Bryan said...

For those that would like the MWC to stay where it is, that may not happen. Other conferences, and not just the Big 10, are increasingly likely to expand. Losing Utah or BYU would kill the MWC. Check out this article: