Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Times Ahead

We're still a little more than two months removed from the 2010 baseball season opener, but there's reason to believe that all of the positive vibes that have surrounded the TCU campus this fall will roll over into the spring. Jim Schlossnagle, who is every bit as impressive a coach and program builder as his good friend Gary Patterson, recently sat down with Eric Sorenson of to discuss the Omaha-caliber pitching staff the Frogs have coming back (much like the situation the football team has at running back), the incredible recruiting class that will debut this spring, the potential of the TCU baseball program (and athletic department as a whole), and even the Fiesta Bowl.

I highly recommend reading the full interview.


Middle Man said...

Thats crazy, being in Boston, I was wondering why everyone was going nuts during the announcement. Now it all makes sense. Besides that, I am already looking forward to baseball season.

KansasFrog said...

That was a good interview. Are there any pictures of what they have done since last year to the stadium? I want to know what the party decks are like.

Nick Papagiorgio said...

As far as I know, they're the same as they were the last few weeks of the season. I spent a game in one last year and had a blast. You're a ways away from the action, but the grill is great, as is the lack of security checking coolers. Bourbon and baseball are FANtastic.