Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dalton on the verge of history

If you're not normally a stats nerd, you may be during the Fiesta Bowl on January 4th. You'll want to keep an eye on the production of junior quarterback Andy Dalton, because he is poised to challenge some long-standing school records:

-If Dalton can just reach 141 passing yards against Boise State, he would break the TCU single-season record of 2,624, set by Max Knake in 1994. With 186, he would break Knake's career record of 7,370.

-With 3 touchdown passes in the Fiesta Bowl, he would break the single-season school record of 24, which Knake also established in 1994. If he goes bananas and throws for 7 touchdowns, he would break Knake's school record of 49.

-So far this year, Dalton has completed 62.4% of his passes. If he maintains that pace through the bowl game, he will break the single-season record of 61.9% set by Jeff Ballard in 2006.

-And of course, the most important statistic for any starting QB is wins. With a win over Boise State, Dalton would earn his 30th career victory as the starting quarterback at TCU. Right now, he sits at 29 career W's, good enough to tie him for the record with...Sammy Baugh.


Hornedfrog1982 said...

What record would he set if he wins the game. That would make 3 bowl wins. I am not sure any TCU quarterback has done that. That will also set him up for a chance to win 4 bowl games and I think only one QB is all of history has done that.

Doc said...

Does anyone have an extra ticket to the game? I would rather sit next to some people I know rather than buying a ticket off stubhub.



Sir Wesley Willis said...

Not surea bout the bowl wins, but yeah, Pat White is the only QB to ever win 4 bowl games.