Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DCTF - Texas Power Poll Week 11

"So TCU assembles a record home crowd, welcomes the No. 16 team in the country into Amon Carter -- the reigning Sugar Bowl champ Utes -- and leads 35-7 before you can hardly blink an eye ... and is still ranked No. 2?

Only in the state of Texas. The tug-of-war between the Texas Longhorns and TCU Horned Frogs has been one-sided all season, but Saturday's destruction of Utah put the Frogs as close as they've ever been to the top spot this year: four votes to two. But the Longhorns were equally impressive in their handling of Baylor, and only garbage time made the score look closer than it really was. Regardless of what anyone says, these two teams are good enough to play anyone in America. We can only hope they'll play each other.

Meanwhile, SMU took advantage of disheartening Big 12 losses by both Texas Tech and A&M to jump into the fourth spot -- it's currently bowl-eligible, and if it wins out, it will actually host the Conference USA championship game in three weeks. Considering last year's 1-11 finish, that's as dramatic a turnaround as you're going to find. Luckily for the Ponies, DE Taylor Thompson just refused to lose to UTEP Saturday.

Keeping with the private school theme, Rice finally -- finally! -- broke into the win column this season with a 28-20 beating of hapless Tulane. Does the win mean anything as far as postseason or conference title hopes go? No. But it does give these Owls some peace of mind. Finishing a season winless is something that sticks with you forever."

First Place Votes in Parenthesis

I put the whole list up here this week just to show you how pathetic people think the rest of the Texas Big XII is out side of UT. Outside of Texas the next ranking is Tech at 5 (look at Smewwwww).

1. Texas (4)
2. TCU (2)
3. Houston
4. SMU
5. Tech
6. A&M
7. Baylor
9. Rice
10. North Texas

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