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Game 12 Recap, Bullett Point Edition: New Mexico Lobos

Johnny Cage knows that a 12-0 season
is the real flawless victory

*disclaimer – I had my recap typed up entirely before I went to lunch, then came back and my computer crashed, so I’m definitely not going back and doing it again in its entirety.

12-0. Sit back for a minute and let that sink in. Truly, since we’ve won national titles and all, this doesn’t necessarily qualify as our best season ever, but we’ve also never won 12 games and with the coverage in today’s college football, I suppose the argument can be made. As I mentioned in last week’s preview, the team had quite a few records to break this week, so let’s take a quick look at the milestones.

  1. The Senior Class moves into first place in all time wins with 42, passing last year’s record setting class. Patterson now has three of the top ten winningest senior classes in TCU history. The silver lining in losing such a decorated senior class? There are only 13 of them.
  2. Andy Dalton tied Sammy Baugh for the career wins record with 29. He can make it 30 with a bowl win or, like I said before, he has at least 12 chances to do it again next year. He also moved into second place on the career TD list with 43, trailing only Max Knake’s 49. He also only trails Knake by 176 yards in career passing yardage.
  3. The offense beat the records set by last year’s team in points scored and total yards with 488 and 5,613, respectively. I have a feeling next year’s offense could one up the records once again.
  4. Jerry Hughes is alone in second place on the all time sacks list with 28.5, including 11.5 this season. He trails Bo Schobel by half a sack. I have a feeling this record will fall during the bowl game.
  5. Finally, the TCU fanbase actually won an award! The all time record for attendance was set with 229,121 total and 38,187 per game. This was definitely helped by the Utah sellout and the pleasant surprise of 41,738 on Saturday despite it being a noon game on a holiday weekend. Pat yourselves on the back and you can all have extra dessert tonight after dinner.

Oh yes, and there was a game played!


  • AD had five touchdowns Saturday. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that.
  • Antoine Hicks! Not that he needed a breakout game… but I’ll certainly take one. Five catches, 123 yards, 2 TDs. On the first, he simply blew past the secondary and high stepped his way into the end zone. The second was a bit more of a challenge, but AD stung the ball in between two defenders where only Antoine could get it and he yanked it from the defender for a score. As Texas Hammer kept reiterating to me, yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is only a sophomore.
  • Bart Johnson also had a heck of a game for the Frogs, scoring two TDs, both in very acrobatic fashion. The first, Dalton hit him on the sideline and he just beat a defender to the pylon by diving for it. The second, Johnson caught the ball in the middle of the field, juked a couple of defenders, and took it in for the score. Pretty wild that those were his first two TDs this season.
  • The run game didn’t have a huge day, but it didn’t need to. 202 total yards and only one TD, which was by Dalton, but Joseph Turner had several big runs on senior day, finishing with 44 yards on 11 carries. Matthew Tucker led all runners with 63 yards on 11 carries. It’s going to be sad seeing Turner go as he has been such a big part of the offense the past few seasons, but you don’t have a pulse if you aren’t excited to see what it’s going to look like when we unleash Tucker, Ed Wesley, Aundre Dean and Waymon James on the world. Defensive coordinators are going to be fired because of them.
  • It was good to see Marcus Jackson get some PT, although it was during garbage time. Wish they’d let him throw the ball a couple of times, but when you’re up by 41 points, I suppose that’s bad sportsmanship. MJ may have been an innocent bystander this season, but just remember what he did for us last season when Dalton went down with an injury. Fortunately we did not need him this season, but he was a great presence on the team and it speaks volumes that he stuck around through it all even though he knew he was not going to be a starter.
  • The offense didn’t make it to 500 yards Saturday, but 430 is awfully nice, especially after the way they started. I had to miss the first quarter while driving in from the airport, but the radio broadcast didn’t make it seem like I missed a whole lot.
  • The fumbles HAVE to stop. Two fumbles, both lost. I keep saying it will cost us a game, and fortunately it hasn’t, but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable.
  • The offensive line allowed one sack, but continued their dominating performance this season. Overall, they have only allowed 10 and are one of the biggest reasons for our record setting offense.

Final Numbers – 430 yards (202 rush, 228 pass), 23 first downs, 6.2 yards per play, 0 INTs, 31:46 TOP, 5/13 third down, ¾ red zone, 1 sack allowed.


  • Daryl Washington certainly went out on a high note. 11 tackles, which led the team, and the first pick six of his career. Apparently Tank Carder had been egging him on pre-game about how he needs to get his TD, and he certainly did at a great time. Combine that with Rafael Priest’s pick six on the very next UNM possession, as well as the opening safety, and the defense had themselves a pretty nice day.
  • Speaking of that day, the defense only allowed 172 yards total to the Lobos, including 10 net yards on the ground. Donovan Porterie, who has now been in school longer than Jordan Shipley I think, couldn’t get comfortable all day and, despite his reputation as a mobile QB, was only able to gain 16 yards on 7 carries. He was also sacked four times by the defense.
  • Jerry Hughes went out on a rather quiet note, but his one tackle was a sack, which is a fitting end to his career at Amon G. It was also a fitting changing of the guard for the defense as some of the younger guys were able to step up and fill the void. Tank Carder had 10 tackles, but FOUR of those went for a loss. The defensive line, anchored by Wayne Daniels and Kelly Griffin, not to mention Clarence Leatch who had a sack, could actually be better than this year despite the loss of Hughes. Not that Hughes can be replaced, but as balanced as the line will be, it’ll be impossible for defenses to shut everyone down. I expect big things.
  • TCU came into the game with one of the lower interception totals in the country, but thanks to Porterie’s generosity, they piled up 4 on the day, including the two above mentioned pick sixes. Jason Teague and Tejay Johnson had the others; Hughes and Kelly Griffin also had interceptions bounce off of their fingertips. Much like the defensive line, it’s going to hurt to lose Priest and Nick Sanders on the edges, but there will not be anything resembling a drop off with Teague and Alex Ibiloye.

Final Numbers – 16 first downs allowed, 172 yards (10 rush, 162 pass), 4 INTs, 1 safety, 2.3 yards per play, 28:14 TOP, 3 sacks, 0/1 fourth down, 2/15 third down.

Special Teams

  • Anson Kelton continues to decline and I have to think we look at some other options in the off season if they arise. A 38.5 yard average, including a booming 27 yarder, just isn’t going to cut it. In other news, we punted SIX times! That just shows how slow our offense started.
  • Ross Evans converted all seven of his PATs, but he missed his one FG on the day, although it was 42 yards and the wind was whipping around. I’ll give him a pass.
  • Not much to report from the return game. Ryan Christian had a big 43 yard return when we replaced Curtis Clay with him on a rekick. Greg McCoy also almost made it two in a row with a 55 yard return. Jeremy Kerley only took one punt return for 7 yards and one kick for 10, but he wasn’t given many opportunities as we seemed to be trying out a few new wrinkles on the return team, or more than likely trying to keep Kerley from getting injured. Curtis Clay took two punts, but he muffed one, almost got slaughtered by not calling a fair catch on another, and called a fair catch when he should’ve run it on the last one. Needless to say, he probably isn’t going to win that job anytime soon. Kerley will be back for the bowl game.

Overall – Great day for football and a great crowd. Seriously, when we arrived at the stadium at the end of the first, the parking lot was completely devoid of people and the east side of the stadium was 100% as full as the Utah game. The home side was also quite full, although the upper deck was mostly open. Section X was rowdy as could be to begin the game – lots of parking lot dwellers in the second half – and I even saw a smattering of T shirt fans. We always give UT shit for their legion of t shirt fans, and we always will, but it’s definitely a double standard. Speaking of UT, cheers to the Xers who were absolutely abusing the two lone UT fans in the middle of the section, and even went so far as to try and get one of the cops to toss them out. We don't need that kind of garbage mucking up our home crowd. Bravo, sirs. It’s going to be a very long week waiting for the BCS announcement, but I know that it will be entirely worth it. Sad that there won’t be a game this weekend, but seeing as how almost all of the championship games impact our bowl situation, it will be an exhilarating weekend of football nonetheless. It’s been a great season and the end result should be even greater. Sad that this will be my last regular season recap of this 12-0 team and one of the last times I can write about Jerry Hughes, Daryl Washington, etc as Frogs, but having that last time be for the BCS marbles makes it all worth it. Even though we’ll have a month long break from Frogs football, we’ll still keep the content rolling. Go Frogs!

BCS Bowling... but where?

Big Ern McCracken says bowling in Pasadena this time of year is quite nice.

Later this morning I plan on doing a full recap of the weekend’s big game, but first I thought it pertinent to get to the real matter at hand and what we will be pondering all week: Which BCS Bowl are we going to? The general consensus is the Orange or Fiesta Bowl, with the most likely destination apparently being the Fiesta, although I disagree, and I’ll show you why in a minute. Let’s take a look at the potential matchups and how each one would happen. Remember, the baby Rose Bowl is out of play due to the automatic Pac 10/Big Televen monopoly, but the Grown Up Rose Bowl is still very much a possibility, although a very remote one thanks to aggy, they of the end zone interception offensive attack. Bowls will be shown in the order that they pick; once each has picked, the order reverses itself.

Sugar Bowl – January 1, 8:30 PM.

Automatic Tie Ins – SEC Champion*

Possible Matchups – Alabama/Florida, whichever loses SEC title game.

The Dirt – The Sugar Bowl typically gets the SEC Champion assuming they do not qualify for the BCS Championship game; in those years, the bowl will take the SEC runner up. This will certainly be the case this year as, due to Alabama and Florida being ranked #1/#2, the winner of that game will be ranked #1 and go to the BCS NC and will give the Sugar Bowl the first selection of at-large teams. This would obviously be the dream matchup for TCU fans if we are unable to reach the big game, but unfortunately this looks like a distant possibility at best – probably more so than the NC. Since the Sugar gets the first at large pick as a replacement for losing Florida/Alabama, they then get the last pick for the second slot. The brightside is the reason we will not be playing NOLA is that the other bowls think highly enough of us to take us first, but it goes without saying that this is where we all want to be. The worst part? There’s a very good chance Boise will get the Sugar treatment! That just burns my soul.

Fiesta Bowl – January 4, 8PM.

Automatic Tie Ins – Big 12 Champion*

Possible Matchups – Iowa/Penn State, Boise State, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Pitt/Cincinnati, Miami.

The Dirt – The Fiesta Bowl presents the most intriguing opportunity for Frogs fans because there are a good deal of possible matchups and whoever the Fiesta takes with their second overall replacement pick will determine how the rest of the bowls fall into place. Had Oklahoma State won Saturday at Oklahoma, the Fiesta would’ve more than likely honored their relationship with the Big 12 and taken them with their replacement pick. Now it’s a crapshoot. It is very possible that the Fiesta selects the Frogs second overall, eschewing the guaranteed ticket sales that Penn State or Iowa would bring. Let’s say they take us second – this would give the Orange Bowl the third pick, where they would likely take Penn State or Iowa. The Fiesta would then have the following pick, and this is where things get interesting. Let’s say Oregon loses the Civil War with Oregon State this weekend. Oregon State would get the Rose Bowl, but the Ducks, currently ranked seventh, might still remain eligible for an at large. The Fiesta could easily go that direction, but with their three losses compared to Virginia Tech’s two, the Hokies would be a more likely candidate if they skip Cincy or Pitt. A Cincy/Pitt vs TCU matchup wouldn’t be a ratings or ticket sales extravaganza, and don’t be foolish enough to think they don’t care about that and above all else, but it could be the only other matchup to pit two undefeated teams against one another. I think a Big East/TCU matchup only happens if Cincinnati wins, however. Lastly, and hopefully and fortunately leastly, the Fiesta could pretty much say, “Up yours, Tostitos!!” and take Boise with their second selection, but seeing as how that’d be an absolute financial disaster for the bowl and its sponsors, not to mention a repeat matchup from last season, I don’t see this happening. Miami is on the outside looking in as far as qualifications right now, and I don’t see them making enough headway to jump in, but they are still mathematically in it. I think if we can’t go to the Sugar Bowl most fans would rather be in the Fiesta versus a wildcard team rather than in the Orange versus the ACC, but my gut tells me that the Fiesta Bowl eschews the fiery non-AQ team and chooses ticket sales with Penn State or Iowa, which leads me to…

Orange Bowl – January 5th, 8 PM.

Automatic Tie In – ACC Champion.

Potential Matchups – Georgia Tech/Clemson.

The Dirt – I have felt for a while that the Orange Bowl was our likely landing spot because Georgia Tech seems to be the class – can you call the ACC class? – of the ACC. Clemson has come on strong lately, but Tech beat the pants off of them for three quarters early in the season before hanging on for a narrow win, so I don't think the Bees take the Tigers lightly this time around. However, both GT and Clemson lost their games this past weekend to their in state, mediocre SEC rivals, so both teams would appear to have flaws they need to clean up before Saturday. Perhaps having clinched their berth in the ACC Championship game before the weekend both teams were looking ahead, but it never looks good when the two teams in your conference championship have 6 combined losses. Anyway, if Georgia Tech wins and the Fiesta passes on us the first time around like I suspect, TCU is a no brainer here. It may not be a sexy matchup, but don’t you think it’d be pretty fun to watch one of the top ranked run defenses matchup against GT and their top ranked triple option attack? Georgia Tech also lacks a little thing called pass defense, so can you imagine what Dalton, Hicks, Kerley, Young and company could do against them? Regardless, it’s a BCS bowl with BCS money and BCS prestige, so I’m taking it.

On the flipside, let’s say Clemson wins. Does the Orange Bowl committee care to reprise the sloppy slugfest from September? I think no, in which case we’re in the Fiesta Bowl either way because there’s no way we drop past them twice. The Orange could also choose to match the Big Least and ACC Champions as they have in recent years, which would put us in the Fiesta as well.

BCS National Championship – January 7th, 8 PM.

Automatic Tie in – BCS #1/#2

Potential Matchups – Alabama/Florida.

The Dirt – Sure, we’re not officially out of it, but unfortunately we’re mostly out of it. The only way we’re making it is if Nebraska somehow knocks off Texas in the Big 12 Championship Saturday and if Cincinnati either loses to Pitt, or wins but doesn’t gain enough ground in the standings to overtake us. Fortunately with Pitt losing to West Virginia last weekend, the Bearcats strength of schedule doesn’t get as much of a boost as they would have otherwise, but it’s still possible that we could get jumped. We gained some ground on Cincy in the latest BCS standings, but are still hanging on by a thread.

As far as Texas is concerned, a lot of anti-UTers are trying to legitimize Nebraska’s chances by suggesting their defense is strong enough to hold the Horns in check. What they’re failing to take into account is that Nebraska has an awful offense – remember, they scored seven points and had EIGHT!!! Turnovers in a loss to Iowa State – and likely won’t put many points on UTs top ranked defense. UT looked vulnerable against aggy on Thanksgiving night, but that was on the road against a bitter rival whereas the Big 12 game is likely going to be almost as pro UT as an Austin crowd. It’s not unprecedented for a highly touted Big 12 South team to stroll in the Championship game and get beat – see OU/Kansas State or UT/Colorado, otherwise known as the night Chris Simms officially died to Texas fans if he hadn't already – but I don’t see it happening. I’m still going to be the biggest Nebraska T-shirt fan in the area Saturday night, but, much like against aggy, I’m not getting my hopes up too far.

So that’s how I see the bowl situation adding up, at least in my humble opinion. There’s really no way to have any clue where we will go until the games are announced Sunday afternoon, so I hope you guys haven’t rushed out and bought Orange or Fiesta tickets just yet. Good thing that New Orleans flight I bought a while back is fully refundable!! Regardless, as exciting as Utah and BYU week were, this could be the most highly anticipated weekend in TCU football history, and we don’t even have a game. I wrote this to keep myself informed, but I really want to hear some of your opinions on where we will go. Go Frogs!

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Remember This?

Stadium raves are fun

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I feel like Queen has a song for just about every Horned Frog victory.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Spitblood

Hope everyone is enjoying some turkey and preparing themselves for a great moment in TCU History on Saturday.
Travel safe and get ready for some domination.
Hopefully Hughes doesn't eat too much today so he will still be hungry for some fresh meat come game time.

Morning Dump

TCU Horned Frogs coach thankful, but he's not relaxing Star-Telegram

Secton of Trinity to be dyed purple for TCU

Wednesdays with Coach Christian: taking strides Star-Telegram

Horned Frogs put perfect mark on line in bout with Lobos
Sports Network

TCU's Patterson only looking at positives

Will TCU see the "Flutie effect" CNBC

Locksley's furor touched off PR worries

Lions Q&A: running back Aaron Brown Grand Rapids Press

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 Ticket Package

This seems like a pretty good deal for those who are interested.

Mayor Moncrief Says Get Into the Stadium

With historic TCU football game on deck, Mayor Mike Moncrief asks citizens to pack stadium, start new tradition

Fort Worth, TX

On Saturday, Amon Carter Stadium will host the final regular-season football game for the undefeated TCU Horned Frogs, and Mayor Mike Moncrief wants to make sure the players take the field to a rowdy packed house once again. With a win against New Mexico on Saturday, the Frogs would end the season 12-0 for the first time in team history.

“I’m talking about getting people in seats to support our home team in its march to a perfect season,” Moncrief said. “Many of the TCU students will be away for the Thanksgiving break, so it’s up to us—the citizens of Fort Worth—to make sure that stadium is filled with a sea of purple clad fans. Today, I call on all who are able to reserve your tickets to watch history in the making! Let’s fill that stadium! Let’s make some noise! Amon Carter Stadium is our House! Let’s transform it into a ‘Purple Monster’ that visiting teams fear and dread!

“And, if you can’t make it to the game, show your support at home, in your yard, at your workplace or on your car or truck,” Moncrief continued. “From Westover Hills to Eastern Hills, from Northside to Southside— let’s paint this city purple!”

In a show of support for TCU Football, Moncrief declared the Friday prior to the Horned Frogs game against Utah as “Go Purple Day” in Fort Worth. The declaration was embraced by individuals and businesses alike; and with the city draped in purple, the Frogs went on to defeat the Utes 55 to 28.

“It was phenomenal to see citizens—young and old alike—proudly donning their purple. Everyone wanted to be a part of it! And the support from the business community was something to behold. The downtown skyline bathed in purple was breathtaking,” Moncrief said. “Our city came together and the spirit was electric. The energy level at the sold out stadium was off the charts!

“We can do that again, Fort Worth. This Friday, whether you’re working, shopping or just taking it easy—whatever the case, wear your purple! Let’s show these talented athletes—and especially those seniors who will be playing in their final home game—how proud we are of their historic run!”

Because of the success of “Go Purple Day,” Moncrief proposes making it an annual tradition.

“We heard from so many people and took countless phone calls and e-mails from citizens and fans who enjoyed supporting our home football team. Everyone had a great time. The seed has been planted to make ‘Go Purple Day’ a new Fort Worth annual tradition,” he said. “Beginning next fall, the city workforce will be encouraged to go casual and wear purple on the Friday before each TCU Football home game. I hope all citizens and local employers will join us. We may be one of the largest cities in the nation, but we still have that small town spirit. ‘Go Purple Day’ is another perfect example of the community pride that makes Fort Worth a world-renowned city!”

To reserve your seat at Saturday’s game, visit: or call 817-257-FROG.
Editorial: TCU purple is the color of football in Fort Worth Star-Telegram

TCU's Dalton has matured into record-setting quarterback Star-Telegram

TCU fans, please don't miss a memorable moment

Horned Frogs fight back for win against Texas State

Patterson holds weekly presser

With historic game on deck, Mayor Mike Moncrief asks citizens to pack stadium, start new tradition

TCU coach Gary Patterson looking to finish historic year

Patterson knows dreams can be shattered
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TCU happy to be in title talk with 1 game left

Locksley sees Lobos on 1-game roll heading to TCU AP

TCU guarding against over looking Lobos

Patterson should win coach of the year ESPN

Non-AQ picks, week 13 ESPN

What to watch from the non-AQs, week 13 ESPN

TCU-New Mexico preview Sporting News

Locksley's bank account could get a boost KOAT

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strength of Schedule Watch: Turkey Day Weekend

While the Frogs just need to TCB against New Mexico to earn a trip to a BCS Bowl, the teams ranked above and right behind them still have plenty of football to play, and just one upset in those games could bring the Frogs' SOS back into the national focus. And there are some really big games this weekend:

Wyoming (5-6) at Colorado State (3-8)
(1:00pm Friday, The Mtn)
-This one is actually a pretty big one for the Frogs. A Wyoming win would give them, along with The Bronze Boot (the trophy for this apparently pretty heated rivalry), bowl eligibility. The more bowl teams the Frogs have beaten, the better. It also means a little more $$$ for the conference. The Rams, losers of eight straight, seem to have already quit on the season.

Clemson (8-3) at South Carolina (6-5) (11:00am Saturday, ESPN)
-If you were under the assumption that this was any sort of a friendly rivalry, think again. While the Tigers have already wrapped up the ACC Atlantic Division title, that won't mean quite as much if they don't hold the in-state bragging rights over the Gamecocks...who became every 14 year-old boy's favorite team 10 years ago when the "Cocks" hats starting showing up in malls across the country. I was far too clever for that cap, though, I had an "FU" Fordham University hat.

Utah (9-2) at BYU (9-2) (4:00pm Saturday, The Mtn and CBS-College)
-If you don't know anything about the Utah/BYU "Holy War", it's worth reading about. It may be one of the most underrated rivalries in the country. While it has decided the conference title in many a season, this year it's the "We Both Got Our Asses Whipped by TCU" Bowl. The winner gets a lock of Andy Dalton's hair and most likely a trip to the Las Vegas Bowl.

Virginia (3-8) vs. Virginia Tech (8-3)
(2:30pm Saturday, ESPN)
-People that I've known that have lived in Virginia tell me this is a hilarious rivalry because these two schools have just about zero in common. It's basically SMU kids vs. aggy. With UVA Coach Al Groh on the hot seat before this season even started, there's a good chance that this will be his last game as the coach of the Wahoos. Will his players send him off in style, ala Ron Zook vs. Florida State in 2004 or Dennis Franchione vs. Texas in 2007?

SMU (6-5) vs. Tulane (3-8) (2:00pm Saturday)
-Who cares about this game less than I do? Most likely the alumni of these two schools. Even though the Mustangs appear headed to their first bowl game in 25 years (although with a loss and a win by Marshall, that would be in serious jeopardy), I can't imagine more than about 15,000 showing up for this one.

San Diego State (4-7) at UNLV (4-7)
(8:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-What a power-down. I'd rather watch women's basketball.

New LB Recruit?

Is it to early to start recruiting this kid (#36)?

Coach Patterson goes skydiving.

Not sure if any of yall knew this happened, but this is the Video of Patterson skydiving. Pretty cool coach if you ask me.

Good readin'

Without a doubt, the rash of media attention that has been given the TCU football program lately has been a breath of fresh air. But for all of the Tim Brandos and Desmond Howards of the world who have become TCU fans this season, it's especially satisfying to have this season put into perspective by a lifelong Frog fan and friend of Spitblood, as it was in this week's Fort Worth Weekly by Caroline Collier: The Frogs Rise Again.

GP Named Coach of the Year Finalist

GP Named One of Three Munger Award Finalists

Also, don't forget to vote for Patterson in the 2009 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Poll. He has made it into the top 15 which means he will make it to the final coaches evaluation but we need to keep him there.

Vote Here

Also here is a good blog enrty from ESPN Dallas about why GP should be Coach of the Year

Patterson Should Win Coach of the Year

Morning Dump

Zvonko Buljan leads TCU men by Colgate Star-Telegram

One coaches take on Texas-TCU Dallas Morning News

Super Frogs: Making the championship case for TCU Dr. Saturday

Johnson: TCU can play with anyone My Fox DFW

TCU keeps hope alive for national title game WFAA

Respect for the Lone Star unbeatens, Texas and TCU Examiner

BCS fight heating up with new participants Deseret News

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Game Awards - TCU v. Wyoming

With the approaching abyss known as finals right around the corner, this edition will be brief.

Deffensive Player of the Game

I love how teams are so scared of Hughes they think it will be better to go against Daniels, bad move. Daniels was part of the dominating line that only allowed 84 yards rushing. WD had 6 tackles, 1 for loss, 1 fumble recovery, 1 sack, and one very nice block on the McCoy return TD.

Offensive Player of the Game

We have been waiting for a Matthew Tucker break out game all year and we finally got it. It is fitting that it came the week after Wesley had his most dominant performance of the year. This two headed monster is scary. Tucker finished with 134 yards on 11 carries with 2 TDs.

Special Teams Player of the Game

Greg McCoy stepped up nicely in the absence of Kerley in the first half. See below...

Play of the Game

I haven't seen a team that really knows when to crush someone's spirit like this one. Last week it was the three TD's in 2 minutes, and this week it was Greg McCoy taking back the kickoff to go up 17-10 on the way to scoring 35 straight.

Superfan of the Game

Well WWHD is now one game away from completing the epic quest of making it to every single regular season game. I believe it would take an act of god like the stadium falling into a sinkhole to keep him from completing this feat. He was accompanied this time by our own Texas Hammer and I am sure they represented us well.

Undefeated Bukkake - Recap AND Preview.

Mark Mangino at the Pregame team meal.

As expected, not much excitement out of the undefeated teams. Brief rundown.

#1 Florida 62, Florida International 3. The Gators rolled up nearly 600 yards of total offense and Tim Tebow broke the SEC rushing TD record with his 54th in the romp. In the words of the great Zack Galifianakis, "File that under who gives a shit."

#2 Alabama 45, Chattanooga 0. The backups got to get their hands dirty in a game that was decided long before the opening kick. Bama held the visitors to 84 yards of total offense. Hope the payday was worth it - I'm sure it was.

#3 Texas 51, Kansas 20. UT fans now have the lasting image of Colt McCoy firing the cannon and banging the big drum as he walked off Joe Jamail field for the last time to beat off to for eternity. All jokes aside, McCoy did set the NCAA record for wins with 43, passed for 4 TDs and nearly 400 yards, and went home and let Jordan Shipley fluff him before mounting his girlfriend in his last home game as a Longhorn.

#5 Cincy - bye.

#6 Boise State 52, Utah State 21. The end result may have been ugly, but this one actually wasn't decided until close to halftime. That may not sound all that convincing, but when you're playing a 3-7 WAC team in primetime and are fighting for an unlikely shot at the BCS, you need to get up in that ass from the opening whistle.

As a bonus treat, and because I've got an hour and change to kill before the end of the workday, I'm going to throw out a preview of the Thanksgiving week games just to whet your whistles a bit. So much for that work/deferring talk from earlier, eh?

#1 Florida vs. Florida State. Sat. 2:30PM CBS. Could be dual career sendoffs here - Tim Tebow's last game at the Swamp and what could be Bobby Bowden's last game as the HC at Florida State. All word out of Tallahassee is that Foghorn Leghorn saved his career by defeating Maryland this past weekend and getting the 'Noles bowl eligible, but, could a win over his archrival convince him to go out on a high note and cede the team to Jimbo Fisher in 2010? On the flipside, could Tebow and the Gators be looking forward to their meeting in ATL with Alabama next weekend and slip up against FSU? I'm thinking the Gators win here, but as with all of these rivalry games, it's best to stay away from hasty predictions.

#2 Alabama at Auburn. Fri. 1:30 PM CBS. Two things stick out to me about this game - one, Ark/Lsu has held the 1:30PM post Thanksgiving time slot on CBS for years and was the one bright spot on that Friday while you're trying to evacuate all of the turkey and dressing from the day before. As the Hogs usually got up for this game much more than any other the rest of the year, it definitely made for some interim-bathroom excitement. The second thing that sticks out is how Auburn habitually bitchslapped the Tide in the aught years, pre Saban, and with a semblance of an offense at times this year, could Gene Chizik completely derail Bama's championship hopes and elevate himself to god status? Probably not, but he's going to have to beat them eventually if he wants to keep that steady paycheck.

#3 Texas at aggy. Thurs. 7:00PM ESPN. In another game that went from a Friday morning staple to a Turkey Day Sneak Treat, UT looks to close out a perfect season in Kyle Field for the second time since 2005. Several variables here - one, aggy actually gets pretty fired up for this one and has pulled off upsets when they've had no business doing so - read: 2 of the last 3 years. Second, 10 years ago the aggys foolishly constructed bonfire collapsed, killing a handful of students in the week leading up to the game. aggy went out that week and beat UT... then lost the next six years straight. Could the 10 year anniversary of said bonfire plus the chance to destroy UTs season and Colt McCoy's Heisman dreams at the same time be enough inspiration to pull the upset? I'm actually not counting the aggys out of this one - mostly because I really, really, really want Texas to lose so much that it has completely clouded my rational methods of deductive reasoning. It's very unlikely, but if aggy pulled this off and spring boarded the Frogs to Pasadena, I swear I'll never say anything cross about the dog worshippers ever again.

#5 Cincy vs. Mike Schultz, PHD. Fri. 11:00AM ABC. In the game that you will watch only until pregame for Alabama/Auburn starts, Cincy gets a pillow fight at home before heading to Pittsburgh for the conference championship next week. The Illini are 3-7, but actually put together a 2 game win streak over conference foes Michigan and Minnesota before falling to Northwestern this past weekend. What bearing does this have on this game? None. Will Schultz win one for the Frogs? Nah. Cincy will win by a lot.

#6 Boise State vs. Nevada. Fri. 9:00PM ESPN2. In the game that was the biggest game of the year in the WAC in the preseason, quickly went off the map after Nevada was smoked by Notre Dame, and is now once again the defacto WAC Championship once Nevada figured out they had legs and could use them, the Wolfpack will travel to the smurf turf hoping to curb stomp the Broncos season. Boise is likely headed Poinsettia-way, or even, gasp, the Humanitarian Bowl, but a win here would at least keep them in the race for a BCS at-large bid, pending an Okie Lite loss to OU on Saturday. This one could potentially be a scoreboard shattering affair, especially as the last time the two teams met in Boise the game went to 4 OTs and ended 69-67 in Boise's favor. Normally I'd love to see Boise go down here, but I think having two no loss non AQ teams throws another wrench in the system and bodes well for the MWC in the future should the Broncos be asked to join. Regardless, I probably will not watch this game.

Last chance for a miracle folks, or "armageddon" as some folks like to call it. Aggy is our most direct chance to Pasadena, but don't count out an SEC upset by any means. Should be a fun weekend and there is a great slate of games to watch outside of the top 6. Perfection Week continues. Go Frogs!

Strength of Schedule Watch: Week 12 recap

While the Frogs took care of business again, it was also a mostly successful week for Frog opponents:

Clemson 34, Virginia 21

-With the win, Clemson wrapped up the ACC's Atlantic Division and will play Georgia Tech on December 5th with a trip to the Orange Bowl on the line. They also moved up to #18 in the BCS rankings. Nice work, Tigers!

BYU 38, Air Force 21
-Max Hall threw for 377 to top 3,000 passing yards for the 3rd consecutive year as the Cougars notched their 9th win of the year and moved up to #19 in the BCS rankings heading into The Holy War against Utah.

Utah 38, San Diego State 7
-Speaking of the Utes, they coasted to their 9th win of the year with a blowout of San Diego State, which eliminated the Aztecs from bowl consideration. Utah is #21 in the BCS rankings.

New Mexico 29, Colorado State 27
-The Lobos finally found a legitimate offensive weapon in Freshman tailback Demond Dennis, who ran for 133 yards, and UNM kicker James Aho kicked a 27-yard field goal with :12 seconds left to give the Lobos their first win of the year. Not that a 1-10 team coming to Fort Worth this weekend is really going to boost the ol' SOS, but at least it's not an 0-11 team, right?

Texas State 28, Sam Houston St. 20
-Bobcats QB Bradley George threw two touchdowns in the second half as Texas State came from behind to beat Sam Houston. With the win, Texas State ends the season 7-4, coming up just short of making the 1-AA Playoffs.

Marshall 34, SMU 31
-With a CUSA Championship Game berth within their grasp, the SMU rush defense decided to take the day off, as the Thundering Herd trampled the Ponies for 262 yards on the ground. SMU still has a sliiiight chance to win the Western Division of CUSA, but more likely appear headed for the Hawaii Bowl.

Game 11: Wyoming Cowboys

Godspeed, Wyoming-Fan-In-Barrel.

"My childish opinion is that their defense is a lot stronger than Texas'. They weren't as successful against our defense in the first half, but our defense is strong. What they were able to do defensively was a lot more than Texas..They are the fastest team we have played all season." - Wyoming quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels

I just wanted to go ahead and throw that out there for all the Dick Justice’s and Purple Pansy’s of the world. In fact, I bet you could ask all three Wyoming QBS the same question – yes, much like last year’s game, we forced Wyoming to turn to their third string QB in order to gain some momentum, albeit not due to the QB eating Robert Henson this time – and you’d get the same response. Oh, I’m sure they’ll say, “Well, they’re just saying that because that game was SO long ago and because it speaks highly of their conference,” but if you’ll recall, Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham said something similar last week, so that logic only goes so far. I plan on doing a brief recap here momentarily, but I think we need to take a few minutes to reflect on this season and look at the week coming up.

Right now, the team is tied with last year’s team for the season record in points scored. Presuming we can eke out just a safety this weekend, or just kick extra points instead of field goals to level the playing field a bit, they will hold the record outright. Andy Dalton is one game behind the team QB record for victories in a career. He can tie the record with a win this weekend and break it with a win in the bowl game… or, if for some reason that fails, he, you know, has 12 more shots at it next year. So yes, given the juggernaut that our offense will likely be next year as well, Dalton could potentially beat Sam Baugh's record by 13 wins. Not too shabby for the ginger red man, especially since he still has his share of detractors out there. Also, with a win Saturday this group of seniors will overtake last year’s group by one win for the winningest senior class ever. I’m just pointing this out because half the student body just got on the bandwagon during Utah week and was probably unaware. So, even though the prospect of an undefeated season and BCS berth are the main storylines to think about this week, I just wanted to point out that there are several other major culiminations at stake.

As for the game this past weekend? About as expected, although it sure didn’t look that way at first. I only have one day of work this week, and when you combine that with there actually being progress related tasks I need to accomplish before heading out today, I’m going to have cut corners with the recap and make it similar to lyle’s final thoughts piece. So for that I apologize in case any of you forgot there was a game and solely depend on my biased statistical rundowns to catch up.

  • What is the deal with all of these red zone turnovers? This has been an issue all year – see: Air Force, Utah – and is just absolutely astonishing. We would’ve obliterated the scoring record weeks ago without them, and we’re very fortunate that our defense is stout enough to hold off opposing offenses until our own can get on track. Not that anyone should complain about a 45-10 win, but it easily could’ve been 59-10 in the third quarter without even breaking a sweat. A few lapses like that shouldn’t be a difference maker against the Lobos, but they would hurt us in BCS game and, let’s face it, who expects us to lose one of those this year?
  • · Round peg, meet round hole. That’s pretty much been how our running attack has fared this year, as it seems like each week someone new steps up and takes charge. Most weeks it is Joseph Turner, but last week Ed Wesley took charge, and this week, with Wesley struggling a bit, Matthew Tucker was the guy to get it done. 134 yards is great. 134 yards and 2 TDs on only eleven carries is quite another. Probably not coincidentally, Wesley got his 140+ last weekend on only 12 carries. If you watched Tucker’s 33 yard burst in the first quarter, not to mention his 48 yard TD run in the third, a significant amount of praise is due to the O line who, it should be mentioned, had 0 penalties this week. On the first run, Marshall Newhouse absolutely devoured two linemen and blasted open a huge hole making it extremely easy for Matthew to pick up the yards. Also of note should be Andy Dalton, who, along with his great protection, took what the defense game him – read: a lot – and gashed the Cowboys for 88 yards on the ground, a personal best. Joseph Turner also rushed 9 times for 69 yards and two scores.
  • I know I have mentioned it before, and the Star Telegram ran a great piece last week about them, but there isn’t enough that can be said about our offensive line this year. I think they’ve given up 9 sacks this season, which is less than 1 per game for you math whizzes out there. There were no penalties for the entire team this week – a first this season – but, seeing as how false starts and holds are your most common penalties, a lot of credit should be given to these guys who came into the season with a lot of question marks. Josh Vernon did leave the game with a knee injury – did he return? I don’t recall – so hopefully that is something that can heal before the bowl game, but I have no doubt that if he isn’t able to play, his replacement won’t miss a beat. We have now rushed for 300+ yards in four straight games as well as rolled up over 500 yards of total offense in those same four games. The best part? We only lose one of them next year, although it is Marshall Newhouse who is the anchor of the line.
  • Another dominating day for the defense as well. Overall, the Cowboys offense, who was admittedly not much to rave about, tailed 178 yards. Yes. 178. In fact, throw out the 81 yard scoring drive – their only one of the day – and it’s less than 100. As Gil LeBreton wisely pointed out, this was 95 yards less than Texas gave up to the same Wyoming team who was far worse then than they are now. Again, just some food for Pansy. Daryl Washington led all tacklers with 11, but the player of the game may have been Jerry Hughes bookend Wayne Daniels who had 6 tackles, but one of those was a sack and he recovered a third quarter fumble which led to a score and put the game out of reach. The D also forced the Cowboys to punt 9 times, forced the above fumble, and had an INT. Oh yeah, and they only allowed five first downs all game. The scoreboard won’t show a shut out, but this was about as close to one of those as you can get without it actually being one.
  • The return game – but not how you imagined it. I think everyone has been waiting for Greg McCoy to do something big seeing as how most teams are smart enough to kick away from Kerley, and he made the most of it this week. With Wyoming having just returned an Ed Wesley fumble 98 yards for a score, tying the game at 10, team and fan morale was at an all time low and, although you had to think we would pull away eventually, I don’t think anyone could help but have flashbacks to tragic games of the past. Enter Greg McCoy, he of the 81 yard kickoff return for a TD, not to mention a late game acrobatic interception. Watching the replay last night, McCoy wasn’t even touched on the way to the end zone. GP will be the first to tell you that the team REALLY needed that and that it was absolutely the spark that ignited the team to victory. It fired the defense up on their next series to hold Wyoming to a 3 and out, and then the Kerley TD on the next play essentially ended any hopes of a Cowboys upset. Speaking of Kerley, pretty sure everyone watching the game thought he was going to break that punt return in the third, but was tripped up right at the last minute. I also bet most of you had to change your underwear after you saw him writhing in pain in the end zone after the Dalton INT. Fortunately it wasn’t anything major.
  • Dalton’s haircut. By now I’m sure everyone realizes that Dalton got the Ryan Christian treatment on his skull due to losing a bet with Kerley, but whew, what a strange sight to see before having that knowledge. If he can continue winning games like he does, dude can get a Justin Timberlake perm for all I care.
  • Kickng Stock: Kelton down, Evans up. Ross only had one FG attempt all game, but he made good on it, and made all of his extra points. Kelton, on the other hand, did not do so well, punting thrice for a 31.7 yard average. The only way this is acceptable is if he made a deal with the devil where the defense can be impenetrable all season, but his punting will be abysmal. I’m actually banking on this theory.
  • The new GP. I wanted to save this for last just because it’s been such a shock to see, but have yall watched GP in his post game interviews as the season has progressed? Sure, he was as hoarse as ever at halftime of the game, but afterwards… was, was that a smile I saw there, Gar Bear? That’s right, GP has not only been praising his team in post game, on field interviews – something that every coach in America hates – but he’s actually cracked a few smiles. This after he railed on the team in practice this week for their sloppy execution. Could he be turning over a new leaf? Let’s hope not – I like my Patterson like I like the wings I enjoyed during the game: spicy, gristled, and leaving opposing teams/intestines running for their lives after 3 hours together on a Saturday. Still, seeing how satisfied Gary is with these guys makes me feel a little bit more grounded in my extremely biased assessments.

Really, a routine win for the Frogs, although it had no business being close early on. Seriously, and I’ll never speak another ill word of him again, but Dalton has now thrown 3 INTs either in the end zone or right outside of it, and that is just something a championship QB cannot do. His vision is usually so crisp and he rarely makes a dangerous throw, but I think Fuente and Anderson need to reevaluate their play calling when deep in the red zone. I mean, it’s not like we don’t have a top notch rushing game with a brusing back in Joseph Turner who is a yard after contact machine. Also, all of his INTs down there have come when we’ve tried to jumble the middle of the field and hopefully catch the defense off guard, when Dalton obviously has more success throwing a swing pass or a fade in those situations. That’s all I’m going to say though, because I love the guy and can’t wait to have him back for another season.

Heading west for the holidays starting tomorrow, so the odds of getting both an undefeated preview and a game preview are very slim, but if I have to defer, it will obviously be to the game preview – although how much is there to preview of a 1 win team? Regardless, if I don’t get anything back out this week, hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you all Saturday.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dalton, I love you but...

The Mohawk??? Let's hope this is a trend that ends when we play a formidable opponent. I know y'all cant see it, but "TCU" is carved into the other side of his head. I don't wanna spread hate, but we are better than that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Spitblood Predictions: Wyoming

Friday traditions. When you were a kid, you're parents let you have a friend over to spend the night and order a pizza before watching TGIF. In high school, you had your school's football game before driving around doing nothing trying to find some booze before hitting up Taco Cabana right before curfew. In college, you had to nurse your hangover from Thursday night by not going to your Friday classes and then probably getting stoned. Now, though, you have to work like a sucker...but at least you have Spitblood predictions.

You know the drill: What's going to be the final score? Who's going to really stand out on offense, defense and special teams? If Ed Wesley is hurt, as is the rumor, who absorbs his touches/yards?

Also...since nearly nobody out there actually has The Mtn...let us know where you'll be watching the game.

Game 11 Preview: Wyoming Cowboys

Default Wyoming post pic

Another weekend, another biggest game of the year, this time it’s the Brokeback Bowl and, in truth, Heath Ledger’s corpse might have a better chance of surviving this one than freshman QB Austyn hyphen last name because, hey, at least he’s already dead. Seriously though, Laramie is a tougher place to play than most of us want to give it credit for – it’s the highest stadium altitude wise in the country, the Cowboys fans are apparently among the most vile, inbred, uneducated, and rambunctious around and, although you may not believe me, a team that was supposed finish dead last in the conference is now 5-5 and in reach of a bowl bid. It’s also not like they haven’t played a quality opponent this year, as Texas went up there in September and struggled for a half. I don’t expect us to have the same issues that the Horns did, but we’re not at the point in the season where we can take a team lightly, at least not until next week. note: I will almost immediately contradict this point.

Offense – By now a lot of you have probably heard the dirty, filthy rumor that Ed Wesley is done until the bowl game and is in need of a knee scope. While this may be true – I haven’t seen it 100% confirmed yet myself – in all fairness, if there’s a time for him to rehab a bit, it’s now. For one, Joseph Turner and Matthew Tucker are more than capable of filling the void, and we’ve all been waiting for Skye Dawson to have a chance to break out, so this could be it. Also, we haven’t thrown out the WildFrog wrinkle since BYU, and now that we’re playing a man down, this could be a fantastic opportunity for Fuente and Anderson to open up the playbook. Lastly, and most importantly, WHHD and TexasHammer are going to be in attendance and running on enough barenjager to fuel a locomotive, so if the offense somehow goes stagnant, I fully expect their presence alone to be enough to push us over the top. Bottom line, I’m not all that worried about Wesley missing this game or the one next week.

Enough about that though, let’s take a peek at the Cowboys and what they have on offense this season. As mentioned, they are starting a true freshman at QB who hasn’t been TERRIBLE, but hasn’t been great either, tossing 7 TDS and 3 INTs on the season. Overall, the Cowboys passing game ranks 93rd in the country with 201.3 yards per game and, while TCUs passing attack is the weakest point of our offense, we still best them by 20 yards and 21 spots in the rankings. The run game is also not going to impress anyone this year with the loss of Devin Moore as they are currently 79th in the country with 135.6 yards per contest. Overall, Wyoming has the 103rd ranked offense in the country and the 71st ranked points scoring offense at 17.6. Before coming from behind to beat San Diego State last weekend, the Cowboys played the meat of their conference schedule – at AFA, at Utah, vs BYU – and were outscored 84-10, although I’ll be fair and point out 52 of those came to BYU and they had very respectable losses to the other two. Are you scared of that? I’m not really, and I’m hungry, so let’s close this up.

Edge – Frogs

Defense – On defense, Wyoming is admittedly much more competent than they are on offense, but not much more. They give up 26.6 points a game – if you’ll recall, they only score 17.6, so crunch the numbers – and 387.2 yards total. Of those yards, 235 come through the air and 152 on the ground. That rush defense actually places them in the upper half in the country – and I use that very loosely as they’re barely on the cusp of that upper tier – and not having arguably our most explosive weapon in Ed Wesley certainly plays to their advantage. Unfortunately, that pass D does NOT play to their advantage, and, even though we’ve beaten teams on the ground more than through the air this season, going against this unit under these circumstances should be a big chance for Dalton and Young to shine. You may recall JYs performance last year against these guys – I’m pretty sure he remembers it as well. Do I expect him to automatically go out there and replicate what he did last year? Of course not, but he surely has the confidence, and he knows that the passing game is going to have to pick up some slack this week, so I expect Young to get more looks than he has in past weeks. Wyoming does pick off their share of passes though – 10 on the season – so it’s not like Andy can just fling the ball around like some sort of Brett Favre robot, but I think if we’re going to beat this team, the air is where it will have to happen.

I think I gave a pretty good recap of the current state of the Frogs defense in my anti-UT post earlier in the week, so just get the facts from there.

Edge – Frogs.

Special Teams – So far this year, the Air Force game has been the only one that we directly won due to special teams. They also had a really good defense and the weather was far worse than it is forecast to be this weekend. I don’t think they are going to make the difference this weekend.

Edge – N/A, but probably Frogs.

Overall – Sorry for the more half assed than usual pregame, but it’s lunch time, and I just am not afraid of losing this game. In the past, with our mostly one dimensional teams, we haven’t been able to JUST show up and expect to win, although in a lot of cases our defense made that possible. Now? I really think we can do that against an inferior team. Their terrible offense isn’t going to blow anyone away, and even with Wesley out, there’s no way we won’t put at least our season average on the board. Have all the big wins made me a bit of a complacent fan? Yes, but can you blame me? These next two weeks are just an appetizer for the main course in January. Feast, Frogs, Feast!!

The Pick – TCU 48, Wyoming 0.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oregon State at JerryWorld?

Been awhile since I've posted, but I'll be back after it once this semester ends. Got some good stuff today though. Today, there was a welcome party for Chris Del Conte for a lot of city of Fort Worth bigwigs. At the party, one of the Cowboys Stadium higher ups said the stadium would be proud to host the Horned Frogs next year.

Right now, the university is in final talks with a Pac 10 team for the game. It is NOT UCLA or Cal, who I was told wanted no part of the deal. It would be on Labor Day, much like BYU this year.

Stay tuned...

Strength of Schedule Watch: Week 12

Game of the Week:
Clemson (7-3) vs. Virginia (3-7) (2:30pm Saturday, ABC Regional/ESPN 360)
-I guess you never really want to root too hard for one of your OOC opponents to lose, but Virginia hasn't done anything all year so I say forget them. With a win here, Clemson would clinch their Division in the ACC and would be on their way to the ACC Championship game for the first time ever. Clearly, we should all be big Clemson fans in this game and for the rest of the year.

SMU (6-4) at Marshall (5-5) (3:30pm Saturday)
-With just a home game against hapless Tulane remaining for the Mustangs after this weekend, this tough road game against the Thundering Herd represents their biggest obstacle towards getting to the CUSA Championship game. Who would've thought they'd be in this situation?

Air Force (7-4) at BYU (8-2) (2:30pm Saturday, CBS-College)
-With the Cougars currently ranked in the Top 25, we all hope they can take care of business against the visiting Falcons. But judging from TCU's visit to each school, I'm not so sure that Air Force isn't the better of the two squads. A win here for BYU goes a long way towards sending them to their 104th consecutive Las Vegas Bowl and actually, keeps their extremely slim hopes of a conference championship alive.

San Diego State (4-6) at Utah (8-2) (3:00pm Saturday, Versus)
-The big question here is obviously how the Utes respond to the curb-stomping they took in Fort Worth last Saturday. Obviously, since they are in the Top 25, we would all prefer that they stay that way. But with an SDSU win, the Aztecs would keep alive their slim hopes of being the 5th (or even 6th) bowl-eligible team from the Mountain West.

Colorado State (3-7) at New Mexico (0-10) (5:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-Talk about a pillow fight! The Rams have dropped their last 7 games, while the Lobos are mired in a 14-game losing streak that extends back to last October. Neither of these teams are going bowling this year, so I suppose I'd like to see New Mexico get off the schnide before they come to Fort Worth next weekend. They did put up a pretty good fight against BYU last week, so maybe this is their week.

Texas State (6-4) vs. Sam Houston (5-5) (2:00pm Saturday)
-I'm definitely too lazy to look into tie-break scenarios in the Southland Conference, but I believe with a win and some help the Bobcats still may have a prayer of going to the I-AA playoffs. You probably care even less than I do.

UNLV (4-7) is off this week and without a coach after Mike Sanford was fired.

Remembering the Frogs' previous trips to Laramie

With the Frogs making their third trip to Laramie as a member of the MWC this weekend, let's look back at the last two:

October 8, 2005: TCU 28, Wyoming 14
-With their fluke loss to SMU well behind them, the '05 Frogs were 3-0 in their first-ever Mountain West campaign (and 4-1 overall) when they made the trip to Wyoming to meet the 4-1 Cowboys. The Frogs got on the board first with a 1-yard touchdown by Robert Merrill, but the Frogs offense would not control the game by any means. Wyoming out-gained the Frogs by 36 yards, but Cowboy QB Corey Bramlet threw four interceptions and Robert Henson returned a Wyoming fumble 22 yards for a score to help TCU escape with their 5th victory of the year.

October 6, 2007: Wyoming 24, TCU 21
-After the early-season losses to Texas and Air Force, the '07 Frogs looked to be getting back on track having beaten SMU and Colorado State heading into their trip to Laramie. But this would prove to be yet another of the "What if?" games that plagued the entire 2007 season. Trailing 7-6 at the half, the Frogs fell apart in the 3rd quarter and found themselves behind 24-6 with 8:00 minutes left in the game. But then Andy Dalton threw touchdown passes to Ervin Dickerson and Bart Johnson to close the gap to 24-21. The Frogs then forced Wyoming into a three & out and got the ball back at their own 20 with 1:17 remaining and no timeouts. Dalton completed passes to Jimmy Young, Bart Johnson, Walter Bryant and finally Aaron Brown to set up a game-tying 48-yard field goal attempt by Chris Manfredini. Unfortunately, the kick hit the right upright and the Cowboys prevailed.

New Richard Justice Blog

He finally says something right.

Someone Should Tell TCU Fans, I'm Just a Douchebag

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