Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top 25 Preview: Half Assed 'N Hasty Edition

Hasty Blogmanship meet Hasty Craftmanship

I was going to wait and do this when I got back in town from a work trip to Chicago on Friday, but it looks like we have hate treats early this week when Boise State travels to Tulsa to take on the (fill in Tulsa team mascot here) in what is one of the few genuine upset chances on the Broncos schedule. Some decent games on the slate with movement potential for the Frogs so let’s knock it out.

#3/2 Texas vs. #20/18 Oklahoma. This year’s Red River Rivalry was supposed to perhaps be the biggest one of all time with the winning QB emerging as the sure fire Heisman winner. Now? Not so much. This one looked like Texas in a relative cakewalk, but with the return of Sam Bradford, UT possibly starting a third string RB, and the general mayhem that typically occurs in this game, I’m not touching a prediction. Regardless, it’ll be a nice 11AM appetizer for the Frogs game so arrive early.

#4/4 Virginia Tech #19/20 Georgia Tech. The Hokies seem to be hitting their stride in ACC play and this is really their last hurdle unless Virginia turns out to be somewhat for real, which they aren’t. GT almost lost to a terrible Florida State team last weekend. Still, an upset here would give the Hokies two losses and kick them down the pecking order in the polls.

#5/6 Boise State at Tulsa. We all hate this ranking – heck, it seems like a lot of media members hate this ranking even though they’re the ones that vote them. Some will say the Louisiana Tech game in a few weeks is Boise’s biggest hurdle, but there’s no doubt that Tulsa is our biggest hope. That and Oregon to lose about three more games. Get your hate gear on.

#6/5 USC at #25/25 Notre Dame. Notre Dame fans will remind you of the game in South Bend a few years back with the “Bush Push” and suggest that this year’s team could be up to the task of beating the Trojans. These people are what we in the blogosphere call “dumbasses.” I’ll root for ND in this one simply from a rankings standpoint, but I’m not happy about it. If one stadium this year could get swine flu’d for a game, you’d easily want it to be this one.

#7/7 Ohio State at Purdue. Man, Purdue is really, really awful. Don’t expect anything too out of the ordinary in this one. If Ohio State’s defense plays up to its current potential, this one should be a shut out. Mike Schultz is the only thing keeping Purdue out of the Big Televen basement.

#8/9 Cincinnati at #21/21 South Florida. In what many are hailing as the defacto Big Least Championship, Cincy led Tony Pike will get a shot at the surprisingly competent South Florida Bulls. This game is your Thursday night pupu platter so that’s the main reason it could be relevant, plus it should be a decent game. Last night I went to the U2 concert and Nick Lachey was sitting in a box right above my seats and it reminded me how strange it was for him to choose Cincinnati as his favorite school, especially when he later acted like he was the biggest USC fan in the universe. Yes, I’ve seen most of the episodes of the Nick Lachey/Jessica Simpson show. Moving on.

#9/11 Miami, FL at UCF. CUSA football. Catch the excitement.

#11/12 Iowa at Wisconsin. Ugh, did we really lose ground to Iowa? The Big Televen is SO bad, but unfortunately their scissoring routine with ESPN will always keep them in the forefront of football discussion. Realistically, I’d put the Big East above both Televen and ACC. What am I trying to say? Iowa will probably win this one and the rankings will continue to be hilarious stupid for another week.

#14/13 Penn State at Minnesota. Fortunately Penn State’s loss to Iowa continues to keep them down in the eyes of voters, but they’re still right on our heels. Fortunately no one cares about Minnesota. A win from the home team would be big news for us, though.

#15/17 Nebraska vs Texas Tech. Who says Mike Leach only raises system QBs? Tech fans are already calling for Potts to be replaced – and, in all fairness, dude did lose to Houston – but I don’t think Leach is going to pull the trigger just yet… but the man is so crazy you could also see him suspending the fans from the stadium for their next home game for being dissenters. Regardless, I think Nebraska is relatively under-ranked, and Tech taking their frustrations out on a miserable Kansas State team shouldn’t be directing the Big 12 South through Lubbock by any means. Should be fun to watch, regardless.

#16/14 Oklahoma State vs. Missouri. Now that Ole Miss has busted their Nutt, Okie Lite is hands down the most overrated team in the country. Despite the game being in Boone Pickenswater, I think Missouri takes notice.

#17/15 Kansas at Colorado. Yikes Colorado is bad… however, with Cody Hawkins being benched this week, could that move be the one that turns around their season? Survey says… not a chance. Kansas continues to roll through the easy half of their schedule en route to a dismal finish.

Like I said, sorry to be so hasty with the post, but the schedule demands it. Still though, lots of movement potential here as long as the voters don’t go all statutory on us. OU could very well beat Texas, you never know when Georgia Tech will decide to play defense for once, and South Florida has been dark horse personified this season. Take those games, pray for a Boise tumble, and big, big things could happen. I wouldn’t expect it, but there’s always a chance. See you guys Saturday. Go Frogs!


LENEtown Fizzle said...

U2 sucks

art vandalay said...

The only way I would go see U2 would be if i was there with johnny drama on his birthday

Sir Wesley Willis said...

String cheese incident sucks
you'd also go if yougot free tickets

LT4heisman said...

I'd be interested to see where Notre Dame would go in the polls if they actually won. #1, #2 in the country?? They would most certainly be a better team than the Frogs.*

*please note computer sarcasm.

LENEtown Fizzle said...

did nickleback open up for U2?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

yes nickelback did open, because a shitty early 2000s rock band that, for all I know, isn't around anymore would be a perfect opener for a band who, while not as great as a lot of people at the concert would tell you they are, has been around for 30 years and sold millions of records and plays music that is in no form similar to that of theirs would be a perfect fit for one another. Hush up, jam boy.

LENEtown Fizzle said...

I can't believe you got to see nickleback, that was just a guess

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Oh yeah I forget sarcasm doesn't work online. No, they did not open

LENEtown Fizzle said...

yea im the one not catching the sarcasm

D said...

The sound of F-18's going mock speed over The Carter.

And Max says:

"Let the Wild Rumpus Start!"