Friday, October 16, 2009

Spitblood Predictions: Colorado State

It's prediction time once again! Colorado State, losers of three straight, will attempt to win for the first time ever in Fort Worth tomorrow. After three straight games of playing in miserable conditions, it finally looks like the Frogs will be playing in pleasant weather.

So how will it shake out? says the Frogs will win, 31-17. But I want to know what you think. You know the drill- leave your predictions in the comments section. Let me know what you think the final score will be, along with a predicted Player of the Game for offense, defense and special teams. And since we discussed attendance yesterday, go ahead and give that a guess, too.


Lyle Lanley said...

I think our boys were mad that they slipped in the AP Poll last week, and that they really come out firing on all cylinders tomorrow.

42-13, Frogs.

Offense: Matthew Tucker with a break-out game.

Defense: TJ Johnson...2 int's and a sack!

Special Teams: Gotta be Kerley, right?

Attendance: A disappointing 32,000

THEFINCH said...

31-3 Frogs

Offense: Jimmy Young, 100+ receiving, 2 TDs

Defense: Tank Carder

Special Teams: Tanner Brock

Attendance: 33,334 (in the 1st half)

Mr. Bubbakins said...


Ross Evans misses 1 PAT

art vandalay said...

49-10 frogs

offense: Dalton 19 of 24 for 240 yds. 2 passing tds and one rushing.

defense: Frogzilla 3 sacks and forced fumble

special teams: kerley

Attendance: 34,500

VikingFrog said...

Frogs: 44

Ewes: 13

4 offensive touchdowns, a pick 6, and 3 field goals.

The ewes get a pair of field goals and an insignificant touchdown. (even though they are all significant)

Offense: Young explodes

Defense: Armbands

ST: Kickoff team gets a touchback

Attendance: 29,000 (I don't have high hopes) too many Austinites make the trek to Dallas

CounselorFrog said...

35-10 Frogs

Offensive: Luxury Tax
Defensive: Darryl Washington
Special Teams: Kerley
Attendance: 37,000 first half; 13 second half

Texas Hammer said...


Offense - Tax

Defense - Zilla

ST - Kerley


Charlie said...

TCU 34 - CSU 10

Offense- Andy Dalton
Defense - D Washington
Special Teams - Kerley

Attendance - 32,549

shortnkerley's said...


Offense- Turner with 3 rushing TD's and 80 yards.

Defense- Priest. Pick 6.

Special Teams- Rosstard Evans. 2 field goals.

Attendance- 29,001. Originally thought to be just 29,000 but a mysterious semi-Asian kid named Falcon is found hiding in Colorado State's locker room towards the end of the 3rd quarter.

Mankdog said...

Frogs 38-10

Offense: Dalton 3 pass TD's

D: Tank

Special Teams: Kelton with a 40+ yard punt average

Attendance: 1 less than normal due to a stupid engagement party in SA

buffalo said...

28 - 7

O: LT (Lux Tax)

D: Carder again, just like last week.

SP: kerly fries!

attendance - 36K (1st half)

Texas Hammer said...

An engagement party...really?

Jasmine said...


Off: The Read Headed Stranger will rush for 2.

Def: Tank doing some Mutton Bustin, I feel a safety coming on.

Special Teams- Kerley.

Attendance- tricky one, good weather, yet many suffer from the red river rash.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Using a highly technical process... I'm going Frogs 41, Rams 14. CSU has a highly unique defense where they don't defend the pass or the run. It also appears they don't play special teams coverage too often, either. With the good weather, and the dialed up disrespect rage on our sidelines, this should be really fun.

Offense: Turner - after last weekend he'll be looking to put the ball in the end zone on every possession.

Defense: Going outside the box here - CSU isn't going to be able to run the ball, and they'll surely have memories of last year when they should've beaten us save for some dropped deep passes. Those same two dudes are defending the receivers again this year, but this time they'll be ready. Going with Nick Sanders for a pick in this one in his triumphant return. Also, have to prop up the 903 when able.

Special Teams - As mentioned, CSU has big issues on special teams coverage. Dare I speak his name?

Attendance - I'll go with a lower end 30,000. UT/OU will screw with us some, but hopefully having a nice weather game will prove us wrong. As a side note, SMUs announced attendance for the big win last weekend? 15,000. Gooooo.

shortnkerley's said...

yeah, GJ Kinne really damaged the 903 rep Wednesday and it needs to be restored. I change my defensive MVP to Wayne Daniels based solely on that reason.

tcumurphish said...

I predict a 27-14 Horned Toad victory and that I will be the drunkest fan in attendance.

fwg4530 said...

TCU 45, csu 7
(their 7 points will come from their defense on a fluke play)

Attendance: 30,000
The ut/ou will take some of our lesser fans away.

BuckNasty said...

1 Missed PAT.
Offense- Offensive Coordinators
Defense- Hughes
ST- Evans, if he can put at least one in the end zone. If not, then Kerley.
Attendance: Piss Poor

D said...

Frogs - 38
Rambox - 10

O - Hicks 1. Young 1. Turner 2. Wesley 1.

D - Jerry. Priest and Teej for picks.

SP - Jermo

Att. 32,499

D said...

Best TCU Football coverage in America =

Keep it up boys, brohams, and chachskys. The spitblood revolution is coming...

fwg4530 said...

I think my 45-7 prediction came the closest ...

"fwg4530 said... TCU 45, csu 7
(their 7 points will come from their defense on a fluke play)

Attendance: 30,000
The ut/ou will take some of our lesser fans away.

October 16, 2009 3:48 PM"

shortnkerley's said...

No, see it's a Price is Right type deal, which means closest without going over. Unfortunately, you went over by a point on both offense and defense, so you are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. I have to give the victory to Mr. Bubbakins for not only being pretty close to the final, but also calling the Evans missed extra point. Don't toot your own horn. Good effort though.