Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homecoming Week is upon us

While the 38-7 win at BYU was among the most memorable and important wins for TCU in quite some time, it won't mean anything if the Frogs do not continue to approach every single game as if it is the most important game of the season. And really, from now on, every game IS the most important, because one slip up and all the hopes and dreams of what may come with an undefeated season fly right out the door.

If you judge UNLV, the Frogs' Homecoming opponent, by their 3-5 record or their defensive struggles over the past month, then you probably aren't losing much sleep over this Saturday's game against the Rebels. But do keep in mind that, just last year, Arizona State was ranked #15 when UNLV went to Tempe and knocked off the Sun Devils in overtime. Should they be a threat to the Frogs? No, but any of the 5 teams remaining on the Frogs schedule are too good to be overlooked...remember San Jose State in 2000 or SMU in 2005.

While Coach Patterson, his staff and the players concentrate on staying focused on beating UNLV, we the fans have a job, too- fill the shit out of Amon G. Carter and make some noise. If the Frogs continue to win and climb the rankings, members of several various bowl committees will start booking flights to come see TCU play. While the players will take care of impressing the bowl execs on the field, it's up to the fans to impress them with what's going on off the field- that is, they want to see how many tickets TCU fans will buy to their game, if invited, and how loud and boisterous they can be for those all-important TV cameras.

Through three home games this year, attendance is up 24% compared to the first three home games of '08. That's a great start, but averaging just over 34,000 per game is just not going to cut it for a Top 10 team that is trying to impress the creme de la creme of college bowl games. So for the remaining three home games, buy your tickets early, get into the stadium BEFORE kickoff and yell until you lose your voice when the Frogs are on defense. The Utah game ought to be a sell-out, but this team needs support before that- let's sell it out for UNLV!


VikingFrog said...

I have no idea how the bowl rep situation works. But would there be a possibility that they would be in town the weekend after Thanksgiving?

I have a feeling that could be an abysmalshowing at Amon G, with it being the wekend after Thanksgiving playing a team that could be(from the looks of it) 0-10.

LENEtown Fizzle said...

you gotta think if they are going to come to any game it would be the one on Nov. 14th

Lyle Lanley said...

There will probably be folks at all 3 games. And even if they're not there, they are most definitely paying attention to the attendance numbers.

That New Mexico attendance debacle is a bridge we can cross when we get to it, but I think us spit-blooders need to pool some money to donate to Purple People Seaters for that one.

cdjjjd said...

A top 10 program like TCU deserves a full house for every game. If the Horned Frogs want to play with the "big boys" they have to show they belong. And they have by winning.

Not its time for the fans to live up to their end of the bargin: Go to the game; Get Loud and have some fun!

Texas Hammer said...

I've discussed this ad nauseum on "that other site" to no avail, but thought maybe our group had a little more sense.

We're roughly 10k fans short of a sellout each and every game. There are two different programs that accept ticket donations and make it possible for underprivileged kids to attend TCU games - Project Purple and Purple People Seaters.

I've been in contact with the PPS guy and he informed me that it's $25/kid per game (6 home games = $150). Apparently that gets them a ticket to the game, Frogs t-shirt, a hot dog and a coke. I don't know about Project Purple but I'd assume it's a similar deal.

Finch needs to help me out here but I'd guess we have roughly 50 people that hang around here on a daily basis. If everybody on here pitched in $25 or even $50 we could send a couple hundred kids to the remaining home games.

Look at it as you wish, but it not only helps TCU with its lackluster attendance it more importantly helps out underprivileged kids.

Let's spread this around and try to get companies to donate or at least match our donations. I really think this could be the answer to our attendance problems.


THEFINCH said...

we average 900 visitors a day, but that's with typically slow weekends, and they aren't unique visitors, so taking into account that people visit the site roughly 3 times a day, i'd venture to day we have around 300 followers, fuzzy math, maybe, but a decent guess.

lets just agree that we could do a favor for alot of kids in the metroplex, and help out attendance numbers, but you have to be careful of your motive here, it's all about the kids, right?...