Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gary Patterson Show Recap

Here are the highlights from the Gary Patterson show tonight at Railhead

About the BYU win
  • The win was a very exciting thing to be apart of; Tax made a great play on the fade to the endzone; the hitch and fade to Hicks was a great play by both Dalton and Hicks.
  • Coach was very impressed with our lack of penalties during the game. This is something the team has improved on this season (we have cut down on penalties 60% as compared to last year).
On the Offensive Line
  • Coach said the oline never gets as much credit as they deserve. If you dont notice them, then they are typically getting the job done (as with a good ref - not said by Coach, but added by me).
  • The guest tonight (along side Coach P.) was Jake Kirkpatrick. Jake said it has been tough to take over for Blake Schlueter, but Coach feels like he has stepped up. Believe it or not he didn't start playing football until he was a senior in high school. Jake also commented on who the toughest frog is to guard in practice is Corey Grant. He can also dunk a basketball for any that want to take him on in one on one.
On Internet Marketing
  • Coach P is excited about how many people have gone out of their way to try and get people into the games using the internet. He is always excited to see large crowds, and mentioned that when he first arrived we were averaging just 17K fans and now we are averaging 33K.
  • On the subject of fans, Coach mentioned the three games where the fans had the largest influence; BYU '08, Tech '06, and Cincinnati '03 (the game before Southern Miss). He said the fans had a significant impact on all three of those wins. He also mentioned that he would love to see some more of the middle age fans in the game. They endured a lot of bad times during those down years, but he would like to see them now get to enjoy the good times.
  • Omar Clayton is a very good QB who we have to contain because he has developed both the run and the pass into this game. Ryan Wolfe must be contained since he is the active leader in career receptions (almost) and yards. The D-Line of UNLV is very good and underrated, and their linebackers have really stepped it up against Utah and New Mexico.
  • The keys to the game are the usual; don't let the ball get over our head, limit all turnovers, and score early.
Final Thoughts
  • This would be the 38th win for this group of seniors, and would take us to 4-0 in conference which would put us on the inside track of the conference title.
  • Coach Patterson is 8-0 in homecoming games. He said the fact that BYU scheduled us as their homecoming is what "really made him mad". He also said that as long as they keep "hunting together" things will go well, and never willing to give out too much credit, said that this team is far from being a "mature" team. Maybe in a year they can achieve that title.
Go Frogs, Spitblood!


THEFINCH said...

good work counselor, thanks for the rundown. i always wondered how these thursday railhead events went. were there any hot alcoholic beverage promoters this time??

ray ray said...

Nice work. appreciate it. Lets go out and cover...and go over.

CounselorFrog said...

Yes, the Budweiser girls were present and were passing out free Bud Light, Budweiser, and Ziegenbock. It was nice.

D said...

It was beautiful. A good five minutes was spent on telling a story about a church group vowing to have over 50 people come in response to a mass e-mail. (started by sb buzz).

Did I mention I love you guys and gals? because sb is non-sexist and loves both sexes.

Thank you all and keep on supporting the fighting frogs.

It was a beautiful week. We've raised over $2000 in two days for the ppseaters, and that fact makes anyone proud.

thank you fans for being here, checking out this site, and being a great horned frog fan.

If any of you readers have the power to, please be there in the stadium at kickoff time (3:00).

Gary said tonight that he's proud of his fans, and returning the favor would be more awesome than the invention of the nuclear bomb.

Go frogs, and lets kick those rebels in the fucking mouth...


-yes, that's my first name and i'm not hiding behind a fake name for those curious killer frogs.

tcumurphish said...

Did they actually mention spitblood?

Rabble Rouser said...

Can someone explain to me why Jimmy Young's nickname is Luxiry Tax? I'm relatively new to the board and when I asked a friend during the BYU game all he could tell me was that SB's explanations for the origin of the nickname make no sense whatsoever and he couldnt recall even the basic premise. Little help?

Texas Hammer said...

That's what his name is on Facebook...Jimmy "Luxury Tax" Young.

Some have said though that he shortened it to "Tax".

buffalo said...

Yes, its now just "Tax"

No idea the origin. I believe its because one day He'll be collectin' mo money than the IRS.

Hypothesis and suggestions are welcome...

CounselorFrog said...

As the Hammer said, Jimmy gave it to himself on facebook.

VikingFrog said...

Because he's our new LT

When ones starts to fade another rises up.

It's like matter.

It cannot be created or destroyed.

Think how good Tax will be next year if Tomlinson continues his slide.