Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Final thoughts on the Air Force game

-I think the first thing that comes to a lot of TCU fans' minds when thinking about this game was ball-security. The Frogs fumbled three times (losing two of them...after fumbling twice last week against SMU) and dropped WAY too many passes. Obviously the frigid temperatures and precipitation might have played a role in this, but by turning the ball over three times the Frogs nearly gave the game away. This cannot continue to be a problem.

-Kudos to snapper Clint Gresham, holder Bart Johnson and kicker Ross Evans for making both PAT's as well as a 27-yard field goal and a 38-yard field goal. In that kind of weather, those are definitely not automatic, and they proved to be the difference in the end.

-Another week, another HUGE hit by a true freshman on a punt return. While it didn't spring Kerley for a touchdown, Jurell Thompson's block in the 1st quarter did get him about 10-15 extra yards. When you get hits like that from such young players, the future looks bright.

-How much did that head ref look like Paul Simon? You can call him Al.

-Dalton looked as un-phased by the weather as anyone. He showed just how valuable a three-year starter at QB can be when he side-stepped a defender along the sideline on 3rd down and threw a rope (as he was hit by another Falcon) to Logan Brock, who made a fantastic catch and toe-tap to pick up the 1st down.

-Pretty nice night for Anson Kelton, with a 72-yard bomb and another punt being downed on Air Force's one yard line by Colin Jones.

-The team-first mentality of this squad was on display on Kerley's two-yard touchdown run, when he picked up a pancake block from Joseph Turner that allowed him to get to the edge. How many teams have a starting tailback that throws blocks like that?

-The announcers on CBS-College really weren't at the top of their game all night (really guys, how long do you need to talk to Chad Hennings?), but their lack of research was pretty evident in the 1st quarter when Jimmy Young made a catch down the left sideline and the play by play guy said "that's reminiscent of his go-head touchdown catch against Clemson." Uh...that was Antoine Hicks.

-They also, at one point, mentioned that TCU's running back by committee approach was new, since "Aaron Brown was pretty much a one-man running game last year". Really?


LT4heisman said...

Ugh. The Chad Henning interview was torture.

CounselorFrog said...

They didn't even call the game during the interview which was actually better than hearing those guys butcher the calls. I am going to lighten up on Kelton, he did a good job in those terrible conditions. With an average of 40 yards and punts downed at the AF 1 and 9, he has redeemed himself....for now.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

sharples is probably the worst kicker in the ncaa....other than that, the frogs are greattttt

LENEtown Fizzle said...

congrats on getting to watch the game jerks, ATT u-verse did not carry coverage. bastards

Little moe with the gimpy leg said...

dont know if yall have seen this but good article written by an air force fan. A friend of mine sent this to me.


prob need to cut and paste it/

buffalo said...

moe, great article. i can only assume this was based on the always classy actions of WWHD, who was in attendance.

Texas Hammer said...

Aaron Taylor is a fucking joke who talks out of the side of his mouth. Typical Notre Dame homer.

Where's Trev Alberts when you need him?