Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Figure your shit out early

If you remember my rant about the horrible TV situation for the Clemson game and my warning to everyone to figure out their game-watching situation early, let me echo that sentiment for this weekend's game against BYU...at least for those of you with DirecTV.

Because DirecTV has blacked out Versus while the two sides continue to negotiate a new carriage contract, you won't be able to watch TCU vs. BYU at home if you're a DirecTV customer. And if you're planning on just going to any old sports bar to watch the game, remember that most sports bars also have DirecTV because of the NFL Sunday Ticket. So you'll want to figure out where you're watching the game now before you end up frantically trying to find a place Saturday evening.

In case you are one of those affected by this and you don't have a friend with Dish Network or standard cable, the TCU Alumni Association has planned watching parties for the following cities: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio, New York and Washington DC.

Yes, yes, the MWC's TV contract pretty much blows, since as of now there isn't a single cable/satellite provider that can give you all three networks (Versus, CBS-College and The Mtn) that carry MWC home games. This Saturday's TCU/BYU inconvenience is almost a punishment for those of you that switched to DirecTV to get The Mtn. But hey, it could be worse- you could have to go to a wedding Saturday night like I do. Or you could be a fan of Tech or A&M...their game on Saturday isn't on TV at all.


CounselorFrog said...

I cant believe I have had to watch their terrible channel with their godawful camera work and their brain dead commentators for the last two freaking years and this is how they and DirecTV repay us. By fisteffing us right up to the damn top of the skull. I mean come on, I am irate.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I think they might be showing desperate housewives reruns at sportsbars in santone during the game.