Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DCTF - Texas Power Poll

"How many Buffs does it take to unscrew a Longhorn from the top spot in our Power Poll?

Apparently, not that many. Texas' lackluster performance against Colorado this weekend not only cost it a spot in the AP rankings (it was surpassed by Alabama), but the Longhorns also lost a top-spot vote from our panel, and TCU's narrow victory on the road against Air Force has the Frogs one step closer to forcing a tie with their in-state cousins.

As for the rest of the group, no one has really done much to separate themselves from the pack. Yes, Houston beat Mississippi State (on the road) this weekend, but in our mind, the Coogs are still tinged with the UTEP blues. Texas Tech dismantled Kansas State, but that means relatively little -- and Tech is still saddled with two losses to in-state programs. A&M lost, Baylor lost and UTEP lost. UNT and Rice may not win again all season.

So that brings us to little SMU, as the Ponies have forced a sixth-place tie with the Ags following their win over East Carolina. If SMU keeps up that kind of production, it may see an even further jump -- especially considering A&M and Baylor are entering tough stretches on the schedule that could drop them far below .500. Right now, we're just dying for a group that can put a little heat on the Texas-TCU dynamic duo.

Any takers?"

First Place Votes in Parenthesis

1. Texas (4)
2. TCU (2)
3. Houston

9. North Texas
10. Rice


Texas Hammer said...


Pretty sure AF's ground game would've hung 70 on those clowns.

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clap clap clap clap clap