Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DCTF - Texas Power Poll Week 7

"If you live in the state of Alabama or Florida right now, you're feeling pretty good about your top teams. But in the state of Texas? You're probably feeling sort of ... well ... blah.

Yes, Texas won its annual rivalry game with Oklahoma -- a critical, season-making victory. And as Adam Hochfelder said, "Florida wins a low-scoring, hard-hitting affair with LSU and it is a gritty, gutty SEC win. Texas wins a low-scoring, hard-hitting affair with OU and the media declares it an under-achiever." There may be truth there. But even so, that ugly victory didn't make any fans feel particularly safe by predicting Texas as a national title winner.

TCU looked very sharp in dispatching of Colorado State, as did Texas Tech in toppling ranked Nebraska and Houston in beating hapless Tulane. But the rest of the state is mourning a brutal week 6, as every other team aside from UTEP (which was off) lost in brutal fashion. SMU and UNT both choked away games that they should have won, A&M got taken to the woodshed by a bad Kansas State team and out-gunned Baylor couldn't keep pace with Iowa State.

So where do we go from here? Well, it's still tough to tell. There's a lot of games to be played. But as of right now, everyone looks merely average. What will Week 7 bring?"

First Place Votes in Parenthesis

1. Texas (5)
2. TCU (1)
3. Texas Tech

8. The Aggie Yell Leaders (not really but it would be funny, it's just the football team)
9. North Texas
10. Rice

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