Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just because there's never a bad time to kick your rival...

A typical Friday evening for an SMU coed

Sorry, this isn't exactly football related, but since it deals with SMU and it's negative, I figured it wouldn't fall upon deaf ears. So I log onto the Dallas Morning News today so I could read about the Mavs shocking dismantling of the Lakers - insert negative comment about the Spares here - and this headline stuck out to me: "Drinking Citations, Overdoses up at SMU." And here we all thought after locking up SMUs favorite portapotty corpse discarding drug dealer and getting the Bush library, SMU was finally rid of that past of theirs. Guess not. The best part? Of the 11 overdoses so far this year - ELEVEN! IT'S ONLY OCTOBER! - 9 were freshman, showing that SMUs future as the drug capital of the south is completely secure. SMU always tries to tout their education as being top notch and so much better than TCUs, but at least our students are smart enough to, you know, not die.


Austin American Statesman With a Frog Article???

Being an Austin native (i know that makes some of you cringe), and reading the Austin American Statesman growing up, I can tell you that it is very rare that they publish an article that even mentions the Frogs.

Cedric Golden just posted this article for tomorrow.

Unbeaten Horned Frogs can't afford to blink

I have never been a big fan of Golden, and he clearly has not done his research, and felt obligated to write an article about the #6 team in the country that him and his staff usually get away with completely ignoring.

I will be North bound on I-35 (please no Pat Green references) at 8:30am, see you in the lot. Go Frogs.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Frog Talk / Ask-a-Frog: The "You don't know who you're dealing with" Game

Capt'n S. "Pretty Normal" Nix

Man, lots of hate going around this week. Yesterday we saw a middle age man declare both cyber AND real life physical warfare on a recent college grad VIA HIS FACEBOOK ACCOUNT...AND he's a Frog fan...AND it was all over a charity to help the Frogs. Man, crazy times...I for one am reserving my hate for UNLV- so let's get to it, and for those new friends who've never read a Frog Talk installment, I'm going to apologize for our two guests ahead of time, they are vulgar, sexist, maybe vile, and absolutely offensive.

FKASchultzHater: Dictionary Definition: "Scott Nix'ed": Whenever a person, typically an older man with small man's syndrome, is given power or perceived power, and uses it to demean, control, and insult other people providing himself with some sort of personal gratification that he is not getting anywhere else in his life...

Disciples of GP: Often they overestimate their power, and their charming personality is usually accompanied by a ridiculously uncalled for threat. Reason, quick wit, and the suggestion of a spelling contest can usually unnerve them. Have you ever been "scott nix'ed"?

FKASchultzHater: Yes, 5 weeks ago, it's 8am and I am on the way to work, I get pulled over, I am a little far from the curb, so I move over a couple feet, cop walks up, protruding belly and "power" mustache on display, and claims I might have been evading arrest. I explain I was just trying to get further off the road and "evading arrest" is a bit crazy.......he then accuses me of drinking (8am). He slaps me with a speeding ticket and insurance ticket (expired card of course). He actually asks me "what is in my coffee" after I volunteer a breathalyzer test, he smirks, gives me a "I'm gonna let you go this time" look and 'waddles' back to his car. It took 30 mintues. This was 5 weeks ago....I got "Scott nix'ed". How about you?

Disciples of GP: Airport Security and the TABC seem to have institutionalized that behavior. Of course your reference to the cop power trip is all too familiar, ask Ryan Moats. Do you realize this game is on Halloween...spooky scary...will there be a lot of costumed goblins in the stands?

FKASchultzHater: Not sure, but I know at least 15 students will be dressed as gay cowboys...

Disciples of GP: Yeah, what is up with those guys? Looks like they're trying to create the UT Silver Spurs/Cowboys here at thanks, if you want UT traditions grab your frisbee golf disk and Nancy Pelosi coffee mug and take your smug hybrid driving ass down to that Cal Berkeley sleeper cell in Austin. What do you know about this broke back group?

FKASchultzHater: From what I understand they will be holding the first recruitment in the spring "open to everybody, including women" Seriously it looks like they consulted a gay hairdresser for costume design. I bet the pledgeship will consist of some sort of community service point system, where they give you smiley faces on a chart every week. At least they're trying to do something positive for the Frogs...I guess...

Disciples of GP: Yeah...I guess. What girls will UNLV bring to the game? How do I hit on them?

FKASchultzHater: Remember going to the Clubhouse? Probably not, but you can sit outside and smoke cigarettes with the dancers. It was there I learned that sometimes you can just say anything....and the girl can say anything, and true, untrue (dancers: "med students"), and after that night, it doesn't, just say anything you want, clever, funny or neither – whatever. Just nothing offensive, cause med students are great.

Disciples of GP: It may be cliché, but how can you not talk Vegas when you talk about UNLV?? I mean how can you possibly spend the crazy days of your college life in a city where- "last night I blew my life savings playing blackjack and had sex with a Nubian street hooker using a shower cap as a carney"- is so commonplace, that the entire city embraces a nationwide "what happens in Vegas..." marketing campaign to encourage that behavior?

FKASchultzHater: I can only handle Vegas for 3 days and then I have "the fear" for a month, I come home broke and morally hungover, if you go to school there, you are living on a level I will never know.

Know Thy Enemy:

Disciples of GP: I'm pretty sure if we got to know UNLV fans we'd hate them. With 28k students, Tumbleweed Tech (as they used to be called until Texas Tech got an injunction) has a long and illustrious football history that began in 1968- since then they have been to 3 bowls (2 of which were the Vegas Bowl).

DFW actually has some 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon relationships with these desert people. For instance, Walker Texas Ranger "Jimmy" Trivette teaches at UNLV, Leon Lett jst earned his degree (a ringing endorsement for any academic institution), Shawn Marion played there, and so did local pro golfer Chad Campbell, but who is your favorite UNLV personality in these categories?

-Football: Randall Cunningham or "Ickey" Woods

-Music Industry: Suge Knight (played football) or Flo Rida

-Basketball: Jerry "Tark the Shark" Tarkanian or Larry "Grandmama" Johnson

-Person to drink with: Adam Scott or Jimmy Kimmel

FKASchultzHater: "Ickey Shuffle", Death Row Records, Shark, and of course Kimmel- and I hope no one reading this would choose Scott over Kimmel....Hey, isn't the UNLV mascot a confederate rebel? How do they get away with that?

Disciples of GP: 'Hey Reb!', their mascot, was originally a black and white anthropomorphized wolf in a Confederate gray uniform named Beauregard. This was chosen as a jab at the mascot of in-state rival University of NV, Reno, which had a similar mascot but in a Union uniform. This is all rather ironic b/c the state of Nevada didn't even exist during the Civil War (it was part of what was regarded as "Utah Territory"). Anyways, Beauregard stayed until the 1970s, when a group of black athletes pointed out that it was racist. The athletic department toyed w/ rebranding to a sexual pun and calling the team the Minutemen, but ultimately decided on a Colonial-like Rebel..."Hey Reb!". The lesson: "Rebel" is ok as long as it's Colonial and not Civil War. Interestingly, this new "Colonial" Rebel still has a grey hat...and his colors are red...which if I recall my "Colonial" history correctly...weren't the British the redcoats, not the Colonialist Rebels??? If I'm not mistaken, this new 'Colonial' Rebel is still Beauregard, but 100% human instead of part wolf and part maybe the lesson is racist wolf-human mascots are not ok...I'm not sure...

FKASchultzHater: Let's play a game- You might be a Scott Nix if.......

-You yelled at a baby making too much noise at a restaurant that's not your own

-You give overly strong and uncomfortable handshakes to everybody masking your inner weakness

-In little league baseball, you paid the refs to call strikes while your son was pitching

-When people think of you, they think of this guy

Game 8 Preview: UNLV Rebels

Even the Gambler can't pull for the home team in this one.

In the wake of yesterday’s little skirmish between ourselves and the KFCs, some of you may have forgotten that, hey, we have a game this weekend! By normal standards this isn’t a huge game, but when you’re the 6th ranked team in the country, I suppose every game becomes the biggest game of the season, and UNLV, despite their record, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sure, we’ve won every single game against them since joining the MWC, and yes, we’ve beaten them by a lot of touchdowns in those games – including the 51-3 pasting of 2005, otherwise known as the time Jeff Ballard tea bagged an entire division 1 football team. Still, as lyle has pointed out, these are the times when highly ranked teams have to be the most careful because even a bad team can catch fire in a bottle.

Before I get into it though, I definitely want to give a big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the spitblood Purple People Seaters fundraiser. Despite all of yesterday’s muckraking – or, perhaps, as a result of it – you guys really have come through for a great cause and we thank you. $1000 after the first day blew my mind, and I figured everyone had donated that day and the contributions would level out, but we doubled that the next day and it looks like $5000 before the New Mexico game is a bit short sighted. A very special thanks goes out to Mr. Scott Nix who, thanks to his elitist, immature and fascist ways, is directly responsible for driving a record number of visitors to our site yesterday, and, although I can’t be for certain, I’d have to imagine some of those newcomers were also in on the donations. I think I mentioned it in the comments, but just wanted to be sure everyone knows that Killerfrogs does a morning dump of their own which includes articles from the Skiff. I’ll give you two guesses about whether or not they included the Skiff article praising us or not, and I’ll spot you the first one if your guess was “yes.” The fact is, at the heart of it all, they know we’re doing a great thing and it’s pretty sad that they’re too proud to acknowledge it. If the definition of being a “punk” and “trash” is going out and raising money to help our team and underprivilidged kids, then perhaps there is hope for young Latarian Milton and his hoodrat friends. Anyway, I’m not running my mouth/fingers behind a computer, I just wanted to bring that to light. On with the preview.

Offense – Every year it seems like we hear that UNLV is going to be the team that breaks up the MWC triumvirate, and every year it seems like they hit a bump in the road/schedule and fade into oblivion. I have no doubt that Omar Clayton is a solid QB; we just haven’t seen it yet. They do have Ryan Wolfe, though, and there’s no denying that he can play and he may end his career as the most prolific wide receiver to ever play in our conference. The problem with that situation, though, is that Wolfe has to have a quarterback throw the ball to him in order to make plays, and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of time our defense gives Omar Clayton to get passes off. For the year, UNLV sits pretty middle of the pack on offense, averaging 382 total yards and 27 points a game, good for 57th and 59th respectively. They do have a decent passing game as they average 272 yards, 29th overall, but their run game leaves a lot to be desired – 120 yards, 94th nationally. Statistically, they’re a poor man’s BYU, and that doesn’t bode well for anyone. Omar Clayton has 1663 yards and 10 TDs on the season, but has thrown 9 INTs. Wolfe has 61 receptions for 657 yards and 2 TDs. That’s good for a 10.8 yard average per catch, which ain’t too shabby. Running back Channing Trotter leads the team in rushing with 422 yards on the year and 7 TDs. If you do the math, that’s about 53 yards per game, which probably won’t cut it against this defense.

Since we do it every week, I’m going to give a quick rundown of what we do, as it hasn’t changed all that much. TCU is 22nd in overall offense, 69th in passing offense – the Dalton haters use that stat as lube – 13th in rushing and 16th in points scored. Do we win in all the head to head aspects? Yes. Are there any real wild cards to consider? Actually, yes, and they’re pretty big.

Number one – Omar Clayton revenge factor. Omar Clayton’s career has been plagued by injuries, but last year the Rebels were having a pretty decent season and headed towards bowl eligibility when the Frogs came in town and left with a win… and Clayton’s ACL. I can’t remember who put the hit on him, but I do know that it ended his season. Depending on what kind of player he is - and I like to think he’s not as skittish as Max Hall, but who knows - this fact will either drive him to come out and show us up, or will keep him spooked and scrambling all night. I don’t know that he has the skills to make things interesting, but it’s amazing what inherent inspiration can do for a player.

Number two – complacency. I know, I know, GP is a fantastic motivator and doesn’t overlook anyone, but with a potentially tough test coming up in San Diego next weekend, not to mention the weekend following, this is the Frog’s last chance to really let one get by them. We’ve been plagued by slow starts all year until last week, and this would be an easy game for us to fall back into that trap. Even if it happens, do I think we have the offense to overcome it? Well, duh. Still, something to look out for just in case our defense does the unthinkable and takes a few early drives off.

Edge – Frogs.

Defense – Typically in these things, I try and make a case, no matter how small, for the other team in comparison to the Frogs. Sometimes it’s easy – such as the BYU game – but other times, it’s hard – such as the Texas State or SMU games. I gave these guys the benefit of the doubt offensively, but I simply can’t do the same here. Nevermind that our defense is solid; these guys don’t even come close. It’s almost quitting time, so let’s just go head to head here. Points D: TCU – 12.7, UNLV – 32.9. Total D: TCU – 246.6, UNLV – 433.8. Rush D: TCU – 85.29, UNLV – 190.13. Pass D: TCU - 161.29, UNLV – 243.63. So… yeah. They have a pretty solid linebacker in Jason Beauchamp… and that’s about it. I mean, they’re easily the worst defense in the conference, and very, very close to scraping bottom in all of division I. I really don’t feel like I need to justify this call.

Edge – Frogs.

Special Teams – Hey! They got us in something! The punting average numbers are pretty diverging as TCU averages 36.3 yards per punt, which is just about dead last nationally. UNLV is actually close to the top in this, with 42.6. They even have fewer punts than we do, which is strange given their offense isn’t particularly daunting.

Kicking, Ross Evans has admittedly been better than we give him credit for, although I don’t see how you can miss PATs like he does. For the year, he’s 7/8 on FGs, but 28/30 on PATs. He hit all 5 of them last week, though, and it looks like he’ll have even more opportunities this week, so let’s hope he makes the most of them. On the season for the Rebels, Kyle Watson has hit only 8/11 field goals, but has made all 26 of his PATs. I’m going with the push here.

Returning, do I speak his name???? Kerley didn’t have a lot of opportunities to field punts or kicks last weekend, but he still averages 16.8 yards per punt return with the two TDs and 27 yards per kick return. Greg McCoy averages 33 yards per kick return, which is awesome. Ryan Wolfe returns punts for the Rebels, but hasn’t made the most of them, averaging only 6.7 yards per return. It should be mentioned that Rebel punt returners have only returned 6 punts, which suggests that their opponents are mostly scoring on them rather than punting the ball away. Returning kicks, Deante Purvis looks like the man, as he averages 24 yards per return with one TD. Umm… yeah, think you know how I’m voting.

Edge – Frogs.

Overall - I know I shouldn’t be overconfident, but I’d be lying if I said the hardest part was picking a winner of this game instead of saying that hardest part is picking how much the Frogs are going to win by. Comparitively speaking, UNLV got smashed 59-21 by BYU at home. So, if you look at it that way, you’d have to say we’re going to win something like 90-10 – but, we saw how trying to draw those comparisons worked out for Tetch against aggy last weekend, so let’s shy away. On the year, UNLV has only given up 11 sacks, but we have totaled 26 as a team, so something has to give. These guys are going to try and pass the ball on us because, honestly, they won’t be able to run it as they haven’t run it on anyone all year. It’s hard to compare this game to last week because Omar Clayton isn’t a big, lumbering robot QB like Max Hall and will tuck the ball and run if necessary. This is something we will need to keep an eye on and I think we’d be well suited keeping a linebacker in as a spy on obvious passing downs so they don’t beat us with scrambles or screens. Everything is going to hinge on how well our secondary handles Ryan Wolfe, but seeing as how we completely shut down a solid passing attack last week, I don’t see them doing anything too extravagant.

When the Frogs are on offense, though, is where the difference will be made. The spread is 35 points for a reason – our offense should have a record day against this soft defense. Unless we have a brain fart or are simply content to milk a mediocre lead, there’s no reason why we can’t score 60.

I’ll give UNLV the benefit of the doubt and say they may score a few points… once we pull the starters. Frogs roll BIG in this one.

The Pick – Frogs 49, Rebels 10.

Looks like there could be a rumble in Lot 3 tomorrow – I suggest you be around to see how it plays out. Go Frogs!

Spitblood Predictions: UNLV

You know who you are. Don't worry, I'm not going to rat you out, but I do know that one of you stole a sports almanac from the year 2015 and is planning to sneak back to the past to give it to a younger version of yourself, thereby enabling you to build a massive fortune through gambling. I just thought that maybe before you do so, and end up opening your own casino and marrying Marty's mom, you could throw us all a bone and tell us about tomorrow's game against UNLV?

Just let us know the final score, and who's going to stand out on offense, defense and special teams. And since attendance is always an issue with TCU, let us know what the crowd is going to be like, too.

Vote for Jerry Hughes for the Lowe's Senior Class Award.

Jerry Hughes accepting the Bank of America 2009 Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Award as a Local Hero of Tarrant County

"The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award is presented each year to the outstanding senior NCAA Division I Student-Athlete of the Year across nine different sports. The acronym “CLASS” stands for Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in School™.

The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award celebrates the loyalty of seniors that honor a four-year commitment to their university. The Senior CLASS Award™ recognizes these student-athletes for great achievement during competition and in their community while staying in school.

Award winners are determined by a selection process that includes, NCAA Division I college coaches in each respective sport, national media, and fans. The voting process determines the winner in addition to a Senior CLASS All-America Team.

Public fan voting via text messaging and on the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award web site takes place each year during the month leading up to the NCAA Championship."

Vote Here or you can text your vote to 74567

Have GP's words fallen on deaf ears?

Earlier this week, Coach Patterson put the call out to fans to fill up Amon G. Carter Stadium for the three remaining home games...but have fans heeded his word?

Sure, there was the outpouring of support for Spitblood's drive to raise money for Purple People Seaters. $2,200 in two days is pretty good for a "two-bit" website such as our own. There was also a word-of-mouth initiative that thousands of Frog fans have gotten on board with on Facebook, urging fans to "Get your ass in the stands". Additionally, there is just a general, un-quantifiable (that's a word, right?) buzz about the remaining games amongst die-hards and casual fans alike that gives you the feeling that the atmosphere surrounding the last three home games is going to be different.

But after I went to the website for the TCU Ticket Office this morning and ran a check to see what the best seats available in every section of the stadium were, I was pretty disappointed. Sections D & E are the only sections in the entire stadium that are sold out, and most sections have a depressing amount of open space still available. When I compared the results of my search to what had been the results of a similar search made the day before the Colorado State game (by an "ACrooFrog", found in a thread over on The Eastern Bloc), I found that the figures are nearly identical. The attendance for that CSU game? Just over 31,000.

So what are we to read into the situation? Have GP's words really just fallen upon deaf ears? Is it just completely impossible to get a decent crowd at a TCU football game? I find that really hard to believe, because like I said earlier, there does seem to be a general buzz about this team. A quick look at the best seats available for the still-weeks-away Utah game would indicate that game is well on it's way to selling out.

But what about the UNLV game? In the Star-Telegram article in which GP made his plea, a TCU representative stated that they were expecting a crowd "of about 35,000". You would think that Patterson's words, combined with the word-of-mouth effort of mass-emails and facebook peer pressure would be worth at least 4,000-5,000 fans on top of that, right? But the ticket sales being very comparable to the CSU game certainly do not bode well. Perhaps there will be a good solid number of people who buy their tickets as they get to the stadium tomorrow. I certainly hope that's the case, but however many fans end up in Amon G. Carter to watch the Frogs take on UNLV tomorrow, they need to be ready & willing to make it sound like there are more.

Odds from Vegas

Full Story Here from Kansas

An interesting poll came across the desk earlier this week. Not the lists of the BCS, Harris Interactive, USA Today coaches or The Associated Press. Not any of the computer polls.

This one originates in Las Vegas, is established by oddsmakers and has Oklahoma tied for fifth in the nation with TCU.

What this means is the folks to set the betting lines would make Oklahoma a favorite on a neutral field against all but four teams — Florida, Texas, Alabama and Southern California. It doesn’t care that the Sooners are 4-3 and absent from several other polls.

The article was written for Oklahoma obviously, but since they are tied at 5th the same could be said about TCU.

Complete Poll Here

SpitBlood and Purple People Seaters in The Skiff

In just two short days the great readers and contributors of SpitBloodTCU have raised over $2,000 for underprivileged kids in the Fort Worth area and made strides towards filling Amon Carter for our Frogs.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed as documented by today's Skiff article, Group takes donations to raise game attendance. The article praises our efforts and features a great quote from our leader that really highlights the intentions behind our endeavor:

"If we can fill the seats (and) it costs $25 and you're making a kid's day, it has motivated a lot of people to help out," (THEFINCH) said. "It's helping two causes, but first and foremost we're helping out underprivileged kids around the Metroplex."

Hopefully this will only help bring in more donations. We've done, I think, better than expected so far, let's keep the momentum rolling.

Spit Blood!

Purple People Seaters Update

Thanks to all of those who contributed yesterday in Spitblood's efforts to help out underprivileged youth and also get people in the stands for the remaining home games. We had an amazing day, and I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

Our total after two days is a remarkable $2,200
The tracker is on the sidebar, notice the pyramid, just like Patterson would like it.

See the original post here if you are unfamiliar with the Purple People Seaters program.

You can make a donation by clicking on the donate button on the right sidebar.

Thanks to a certain someone's meltdown on that other site, and a blast to the TCU Alumni Group on LinkedIN, donations were rolling in yesterday.

Happy Friday, are you feeling generous?

Morning Dump

Group takes donations to raise game attendance TCU Daily Skiff

TCU's Hughes also a star off the field Star-Telegram

Pyramid shows TCU no sure bet yet as BCS buster

TCU not sure BCS buster yet AP

Back on track Clayton gets another shot at TCU Las Vegas Sun

Maybe we've all been wrong about the Mtn. Deseret News

Seahawks lose Tatupu for season Sports Network

Quincy Butler is up next as Rams corner
St. Louis Dispatch

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gary Patterson Show Recap

Here are the highlights from the Gary Patterson show tonight at Railhead

About the BYU win
  • The win was a very exciting thing to be apart of; Tax made a great play on the fade to the endzone; the hitch and fade to Hicks was a great play by both Dalton and Hicks.
  • Coach was very impressed with our lack of penalties during the game. This is something the team has improved on this season (we have cut down on penalties 60% as compared to last year).
On the Offensive Line
  • Coach said the oline never gets as much credit as they deserve. If you dont notice them, then they are typically getting the job done (as with a good ref - not said by Coach, but added by me).
  • The guest tonight (along side Coach P.) was Jake Kirkpatrick. Jake said it has been tough to take over for Blake Schlueter, but Coach feels like he has stepped up. Believe it or not he didn't start playing football until he was a senior in high school. Jake also commented on who the toughest frog is to guard in practice is Corey Grant. He can also dunk a basketball for any that want to take him on in one on one.
On Internet Marketing
  • Coach P is excited about how many people have gone out of their way to try and get people into the games using the internet. He is always excited to see large crowds, and mentioned that when he first arrived we were averaging just 17K fans and now we are averaging 33K.
  • On the subject of fans, Coach mentioned the three games where the fans had the largest influence; BYU '08, Tech '06, and Cincinnati '03 (the game before Southern Miss). He said the fans had a significant impact on all three of those wins. He also mentioned that he would love to see some more of the middle age fans in the game. They endured a lot of bad times during those down years, but he would like to see them now get to enjoy the good times.
  • Omar Clayton is a very good QB who we have to contain because he has developed both the run and the pass into this game. Ryan Wolfe must be contained since he is the active leader in career receptions (almost) and yards. The D-Line of UNLV is very good and underrated, and their linebackers have really stepped it up against Utah and New Mexico.
  • The keys to the game are the usual; don't let the ball get over our head, limit all turnovers, and score early.
Final Thoughts
  • This would be the 38th win for this group of seniors, and would take us to 4-0 in conference which would put us on the inside track of the conference title.
  • Coach Patterson is 8-0 in homecoming games. He said the fact that BYU scheduled us as their homecoming is what "really made him mad". He also said that as long as they keep "hunting together" things will go well, and never willing to give out too much credit, said that this team is far from being a "mature" team. Maybe in a year they can achieve that title.
Go Frogs, Spitblood!

TCU/Horns in title game

Not a whole lot of info here, but it's pretty funny, Frog related, and has absolutely nothing to do with threats of bodily harm. And I posted a pic of Colt McCoy's girlfriend because I'm sad and lonely, not because I like demeaning women.

Headline writing 101

The League

I know this isn't directly Frog related, but it's football related. Fantasy Football related. Some of us love Fantasy Football AND love Frog football, so technically, in a round about way, it is Frog related. Whatever, just watch the damn clip.

Season premiere tonight on FX. If you're a "Sunny" fan, this will be right up your alley. Basic premise surrounds a group of friends vying for a Fantasy Football glory. It should be pretty funny.

Man Crush: Andy Dalton

I, for one, am tired of all this jibber-jabber about getting in fights with other websites. I knew we were all nerds, but shit! Anyways, as a way of showing our admiration and respect for the other entities of the TCU blogosphere, here is a link to a story by David Peterson, good friend of Spitblood, pondering Andy Dalton...Best TCU Quarterback Ever?

Mike Sanford: Meltdown

Since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of talk about UNLV going on, I did some rummaging around on youtube and found this. This is the Rebels' coach, Mike Sanford, completely acting his age after UNLV's last-second loss to Iowa State in 2006. Apparently, he wanted the refs to review the play. If I remember correctly, they had reviewed it and upheld the call.

Scotty V. Finch Part III

This will be the last installment of the saga, basically because I am tired of trying to communicate with this guy, and am tired of being threatened. But, I sent him a message telling him to leave me alone, quit wasting my time, nobody wants to fight you and to act his age (49). Of course Scott didn't listen and responded with this nonsense:
You have no choice now.......this is between You & me....not your pathetic Blog. If you think anyone cares about your 2-bit site other than a few are delusional. Rivals has 10 times the Class & Classy Guys who run it then you nimrods. No one cares about it but the 10 same bloggers. I have nothing against your is a fly on the wall at best. Sophomoric & Immature. an owner..... have no ethics. You are a piece of trash.

You have trashed the Letterman, TCU & KFC because of your jealousy. Little gotta back up those words.....& your alligator mouth will only get you so far!

As I said......this is about you & me now.....;)
*Our "2 bit site" averages a thousand visits a day and has seen constant growth for two and a half years
*Our following includes TCU fans and Alumni of all ages, not just "kids"
*If my site is a "fly on the wall" why do you spend time monitoring its activity
*We are not Rivals, we are a blog, huge difference. If I wanted to mirror Rivals I would have created a shoddy forum such as "that other site". It's called differentiation.
*Isn't the 49 year old trying to pick a fist fight with a 26 year old the true "piece of trash"
*Please explain to me how creating Spitblood makes me an unethical person

The Scott Nix Soap Opera Continues

Yet another Facebook message from my new pal.

"If 49 is old to you PUNK...I'm your Huckleberry.....We will see how tough you are in person. PLEASSSSSSSE...Bring your scrawny happy ass to me!"

"You are such a little girl........trying to cry for support..... cause you cannot stand up for yourself. Typical spoiled punk."

How am I crying for support? This guy is making a fool out of himself one message at a time. Thanks for helping Spitblood have one of the highest trafficked days in history.
Scott Nix, '82 Alum, Career Record: 2-9

btw, do you think this guy can take me?? Does this guy actually want to go after it over a blog war? And I am the immature one. I feel like i'm back in public middle school.

TCU Highlight Reel Truck

I just saw this truck doing circles all through downtown running a highlight reel of the entire season. I have no idea who hired them, but the company is called GoVision out of Keller (website link here). They are the same ones who put up the big screen in the student tailgate. Very cool, and great marketing idea. Sorry for the photo quality being poor.

Happy 22nd Birthday AD

Strength of Schedule Watch: Week 9

Just because the Frogs jumped Boise State in the latest BCS standings, I think it would be a mistake to assume that the incredibly-fluid rankings will remain that way. In fact, an Oregon win over USC this weekend could lead to both the Ducks AND the Broncos jumping back over TCU. That scenario is even scarier than a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!

Game of the Week:
SMU (3-4) at Tulsa (4-3) (1:00pm Saturday)
-I know, I know. Having to cheer for the Ponies pains me just as much as it pains you. But every game counts at this point, especially when they're playing one of Boise's victims. They'll be starting true freshman Kyle Padron at quarterback this weekend in place of the injured Bo Levi Mitchell. And who knows, this game may not just be about TCU non-conference foe vs. Boise non-conference foe. If SMU can pull off a nice road win like this with their back-up QB, maybe that will give them the confidence they need to finally get back to a bowl game. If they did that, maybe a few human voters would even take notice of another bowl team having been beaten handily by the Frogs.

Other games to keep an eye on:
Virginia (3-4) vs. Duke (4-3) (2:30pm Saturday, ESPN 360)
-Wait...Duke has a winning record? In football??? I haven't really been paying attention to what's going on in Durham- I figured Al Sharpton (or was it Jesse Jackson?) got the entire university shut down after the whole "R" thing. In all seriousness, though, the Frogs really need Virginia to bounce back from the Georgia Tech loss and beat the Dukies at home. A loss here would most likely end the Wahoo's bowl hopes.

Wyoming (4-3) at Utah (6-1) (7:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-New Wyoming coach Dave Christensen has done a great job of turning things around in Laramie, and in fact will probably guide the Cowboys to a bowl game in year one. But with Utah's trip to Fort Worth (and the anticipated boost in the rankings a win over them could create) just a few weeks away, we really need the Utes to just keep winning and shuffling forward in the polls.

Air Force (4-4) at Colorado State (3-5) (3:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-This game doesn't mean much as far as strength of schedule goes, but it's about as close to a must-win as you can get for CSU. With a loss to the Falcons, the Rams would be forced to win out to get to a bowl game. On the flip-side, this game may end up being the difference between 6-6 and 7-5 for Air Force.

Clemson (4-3) vs. Coastal Carolina (3-4) (12:30pm Saturday, ESPN 360)
-Clemson's confidence has got to be growing after taking down Miami on the road last week. This week, they need to focus on executing against their late-season cupcake treat before heading into the stretch-run in the ACC. They've got the inside track to win their division right now, so every Frog fan out there should also be rooting as hard as they can for the Tigers.

New Mexico (0-7) at San Diego State (3-4) (6:30pm Saturday, CBS-College)
-This one might be worth taking a look at, just because both of these teams are still upcoming on the Frogs' schedule. Can the Lobos finally break into the win column, or will the Aztecs continue to improve and get back to .500? My money is on SDSU...Brady Hoke's got these kids playing pretty good football now and next week's trip to San Diego will be no day at the beach.

Texas State (4-3) vs. Stephen F. Austin (6-1) (2:00pm Saturday)
-The Bobcats have been a little erratic all season, but they need to be at the top of their game when the 'Jacks swing into San Marcos this weekend. SFA looks like the team to beat in the Southland, but Texas State still has a shot at the title if they knock them off.

BYU (6-2) is off this weekend, so the Cougars can do whatever it is that Mormons do on Halloween...

Purple People Seaters Update

Thanks to all of those who contributed yesterday in Spitblood's efforts to help out underprivileged youth and also get people in the stands for the remaining home games. We had an amazing day, and I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

Our total after one day is an astonishing $1,050
The tracker is on the sidebar, notice the pyramid, just like Patterson would like it.

See the original post here if you are unfamiliar with the Purple People Seaters program.

You can make a donation by clicking on the donate button on the right sidebar.

Morning Dump

Tejay Johnson gives TCU Coach Gary Patterson reason to smile Star-Telegram

Let's schedule Texas vs. TCU for the mythical Texas state championship

TCU puts perfect mark on line versus UNLV
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TCU keeps focus on field
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TCU's Hughes poses problems for UNLV
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Marchal, Murphy will be in spotlight in Fort Worth
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TCU is favored by a million over UNLV...who ya got? Las Vegas Sun

Winning was nice, but there's still work to be done
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Defenses finally cooling offenses' heels
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Non-BCS top 10: Horned Frogs play leapfrog
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What to watch from Non-AQs, week 9 ESPN

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KF Owner Scott Nix Sends THEFINCH a Facebook Message

Thomas.....I was made aware of comments you had made about Me, the Letterman & KFC. So I decided to go take a look & see if there was really someone that stupid & immature. Guess what....Your the man!

Tell you what Hot Shot.....I'll be there Saturday.... if you would like to say those things to me in person. Lot 4 FrogAmbulance tailgate & Letterman's tailgate....I'm easy to find punk. You don't have a clue about what you are saying. Pure jealousy & a wanna be.

We would have been glad to help you guys out....but you are a vile group of immature boys who think that profanity & vulgarities make you men. Your disrespect for women & other human beings is deplorable. You guys are a disgrace....& lack class to be true Frogs.


Scott Nix
Owner Of

I calmly explained that unlike "that other site", we don't censor material on Spitblood, and that if he can't handle the criticism he is in the wrong business.

Then Scott fires back:
Ok Thomas.......You opened your little mouth a litle too far that time PUNK. Lets see how far that laugh lasts...PUNK. You have got no idea who you are dealing with.....

I'm still laughing.

GP to be on The Ticket @ 8:50

Just a head's up...Coach Patterson will be on the air with The Musers this morning at 8:50am. If you're not in the Metroplex, you can listen live at

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Purple People Seaters Update

Thanks to all of those who contributed today in Spitblood's efforts to help out underprivileged youth and also get people in the stands for the remaining home games. We had an amazing day, and I can't thank you enough for your generosity. I will update everyone tomorrow morning on our progress towards our goal of $5,000 raised before the end of the season.

See the original post here if you are unfamiliar with the Purple People Seaters program.

You can make a donation by clicking on the donate button on the right sidebar.

Lets keep the momentum going!

Top 10 Preview: Week 9

You rooted for this guy?

The above picture is of Boise State "legend" Jared Zabransky on his wedding day. Let's count the mistakes, shall we?

  • douchebag white suit? check!
  • douchebag stud earring? check!
  • douchebag goatee? check!
  • douchebag sneaky sideburns? check!
  • douchebag Backstreet Boy haircut? check!
  • wife that he only conquered because he plays professional football? well, don't they all have one of those?
The point here being, if you were a Boise fan, would you worship a guy who looked like this? YES! BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT ALL OF THEIR FANS LOOK LIKE! Just a friendly reminder from your friends at SpitBloodTCU that you should hate hate HATE Boise with all your might.

And now, the preview..

It seems strange to say it, but this is the most excited I’ve been for a TCU game ever in my life. Now, truth be told, I’m going to say this every single weekend until the end of the season, but when you cheer for the 6th ranked team in the country and don’t get fired up week in and week out, then you probably don’t have a pulse or are a USC fan or something. Anyway, not a great slate of games in the top 10 this weekend, but there are still a couple of possible upsets, although one of them you probably don’t want. Let’s have a looksie.

#1 Florida vs. Georgia. In what was once deemed the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, this version of the World’s Largest Outdoor Soda Party doesn’t hold the luster that it would in a normal year. Tim Tebow is more banged up than anyone cares to admit, Georgia can’t play defense, and Georgia QB Joe Cox can’t win games in the sunlight. This is typically a hard fought game, but Florida has owned it in recent years. The only way we’re getting an upset out of this one is if Andy teaches Joe how to eschew his Ginger tendencies, give a big middle finger to UV rays, and steal one in Jacksonville. Probably not going to happen.

#2 Alabama. Idle.

#3 Texas at #14 Oklahoma State. Upset alert! Upset alert! Dammit! For those of you familiar with the annual Cowboys/Longhorns matchup… well, let’s just say there isn’t a whole lot of roping or nut chopping going on, as the bovines typically have their revenge against the man. In fact, in all the times they’ve played, only twice has Oklahoma State won, and not once since 1997. For whatever reason, in recent years Texas has let the Pokes have their fun in the first half before doomhammering them in the second half and I figure this one will arrive at the same conclusion one way or another. It’s unfortunate, but UTs defense is just too strong for the Okies to put up enough points to outduel even Colt McCoy.

#4 Iowa vs. Indiana. Pretty much a placeholder game for the Hawkeyes until the November 14th showdown at Ohio State where a win will pretty much solidify a Big Televen Championship and perhaps a National Championship berth. It won’t be easy as Iowa is down to their third string RB for this one, but Indiana just lost to Northwestern after holding a 28-3 lead… so pretty sure that qualifies as one of those “season crushing” losses. Iowa can’t score many points, but fortunately they don’t give up many either, ranking 8th in the country in scoring defense. Indiana’s season can be calculated with the following formula: Defense that gives up lots of points + Offense that doesn’t score many points = 1-3 conference record… and a big loss in Iowa City.

#5 USC at #10 Oregon. That sound you hear? It’s Boise State snatching up all the green and yellow garb available in the greater Boise area. Although both of these teams have outside national title hopes, this game is infinitely more important to the Boise faithful as their entire season rests on the win against Oregon on opening night. USC has looked very shaky in recent weeks on defense, especially against teams that can pass. Oregon can’t pass, but they have the 13th ranked rushing attack in the country. USC? The 4th best run defense. Regardless of this fact, Oregon has the 13th highest scoring offense in the country vs. USC at 31. Oregon leads the Pac 10 in takeaways – Matt Barkley has thrown 5 INTs on the year, including one in each of his last 3 games. Really, I could keep looking at stats, but I’d never come to anything conclusive. Oregon has a great offense and a fair defense, although it has really come together the last few games. USC has a great defense and a good offense, but the defense has fallen off the past couple of games. This should be a really, really exciting game to watch and it’s a bummer it runs counter to UT/OSU because there’s no way any bar is going to give preference to the west coast-which, in a regular week, they definitely should not.

The biggest debate about this game, from a Frogs perspective, is who do we pull for? On one hand, if Oregon beats USC, it likely moves us up a spot in the rankings, although there is an outside chance that Oregon moves up considerably for beating a top 5 team. On the other hand, a USC win severely damages Boise’s strength of schedule and likely removes them from the BCS picture as long as we take care of our business. The negative outcome of this is that USC probably wouldn’t lose another game on the season as they already have their requisite “what the F?” loss on the year, and the rest of their games fall into that category. Still, with the likelihood that Boise would jump us in the rankings with an SOS boosting Oregon win, I think we have to go against everything we believe in and pull for the Trojans. I don’t want those blue turfed bastards hanging around any longer than necessary.

Speaking of…

#7 Boise State vs. San Jose State. San Jose State ruined a perfect TCU season once before… think they could repay the favor? Probably not – this team is 1-5 and nearly dead last in the major offensive categories. However, their defense is surprisingly passable, as they give up only 21 points a contest. Too bad that’s 5 less than what they average on offense. This game shouldn’t be much of a contest, but it also hurts Boise's SOS, so it’ll basically be like the win never really happened.

#8 Cincinnati at Syracuse. Tony Pike will possibly be healthy enough to return for this game, but why risk it? Duke boy may no longer be under center, but Syracuse is still a pretty dismal football team. I think the general rule of thumb here is that if a team is in bad enough shape at the QB position to allow a former basketball player who hasn’t played football since high school to start, they're probably not going to score enough points to beat the 2nd ranked scoring offense in the country. Cincy may be playing with a backup, but said backup is quite capable and has led the team to two straight wins while tossing five TDs. Cincy also boasts a pretty stout defense to counter the 90th ranked offense of the ‘Cuse. That big ole Orange bastard they try and pass off as a mascot won’t be smiling too long this weekend. Interesting trivia: The Syracuse stadium is called the “Carrier Dome.” Carrier is a brand of air conditioner. The carrier dome does not have air conditioning. The more you know.

#9 LSU vs Tulane. On ESPN, the average pick has 98% going to the Tigers vs 1% for the Wave, with a 1% margin of error. LSU has beaten Tulane 18 times in a row, but with the Tigers opting out of this yearly rivalry soon, could Tulane rise to the occasion and knock off their in-state rival to hold eternal bragging rights? Nah. LSU has toyed with lesser teams all year, but this one shouldn’t be close.

This is one of those Saturday’s when you’re glad to play a day game at home, because there’s not much of interest to watch until the night cap. It’d be a beautiful thing to see UT’s national title and Boise’s BCS hopes and dreams die simultaneously, but I’m not counting on it. In all honesty, I’d rather see Boise crumble. Viva la Frog

The man to shut down: Ryan Wolfe

There's no way in hell a 3-5 UNLV team with the 110th-ranked defense in the country is going to come into Fort Worth and beat the 7-0, #6 in the country Horned Frogs, right? I would tend to agree with that assessment myself, but keep in mind that late October and November is when crazy, unexplainable shit happens in college football. UNLV beating this Frogs team would not be the craziest thing that has ever happened.

Their blueprint for pulling off such an upset may come from the desperation of Coach Mike Sanford, who is looking like he'll be out of a job come December. You might remember that Sanford was the Coordinator behind the 2004 Utah team's pretty much unstoppable offense, so despite his struggles in Vegas he does probably have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Those tricks would likely involve the Rebels' best player, wide receiver Ryan Wolfe. Wolfe has twice been named 1st Team All-MWC and was the conference's Freshman of the Year in 2006. He's the NCAA's active leader in both receptions and receiving yards, and is the MWC's All-Time leader in receptions. They've also been known to use him on reverses at times. Wolfe is just part of a passing offense that ranks 27th in the nation, also featuring the dangerous (but inconsistent) dual-threat QB Omar Clayton and Wolfe's fellow WR Phillip Payne.

Now, I'm not saying that the Rebels are going to come in to Amon G. Carter and ruin TCU's season...but they definitely have the potential to if the Frogs don't take them just as seriously as they would Clemson, BYU or Utah. And the key to killing any chance the Rebels have is to shut down #88. The Frogs can't afford to overlook anyone at this point- one game at a time!

Schultz: One & Done in Illinois?

I know Bucknasty will get a kick out of this, along with all the other adamant Schultz-haters out there. According to Tom Dienhart with Rivals, Schultz' days as OC at Illinois are likely numbered. Of course, after the whole "Patterson to K-State" debacle last year, I generally take anything that Rivals has to say with a grain of salt.

Jerry Hughes or Andy Dalton for Heisman?

Eddie George says if any defensive player is going to be considered it should be Hughes. Rivals TV then shows a picture of Wayne Daniels making a tackle against CSU. Daniels is having a great year, but if you're going to talk about Hughes at least get the picture right.

Have to give George some credit though because he goes on to say of QB's being considered people should look at Andy Dalton. They get his picture right.


Patterson wont lobby... what a f***ing badass. He just says what happens on the field should speak for itself.

Purple People Seaters

In light of Gary Patterson's request for better home attendance, the great people at Spitblood have put the wheels in motion on several different fronts to help this cause. What better way to help out than with a donation to the Purple People Seaters? Just $25 lets an underprivileged youth enjoy a Horned Frog game. (It also buys them a purple Frogs T-Shirt, a hot dog, and a coke)

I have set up a paypal link on the sidebar to donate directly from Spitblood. There is no minimum or maximum limit to your contribution. I want to set a goal for the Spitblood faithful to accumulate $5,000 overall by season's end. That would enable us to send 200 kids to a game, and probably give them one of the best days of their year. Let's all do our part to make it happen.

Here is a shortened link to this post, , wmail it to your TCU friends and family who may not read our blog (i.e. girls, parents, etc.)

I will give an update each week to let everyone know of our progress. Thanks in advance for your contribution!

If you have any questions please email me at

Hawthorne to start against the Cowboys Sunday

Former Frogs soul-eater and Corsicana-native David Hawthorne will be making his second career NFL start for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday when they face the Cowboys at The Death Star. This presents a bit of a conflict of interest for you fellow-Cowboy fans out there. WWHD and I experienced this first-hand last year when we attended the Cowboys-Bengals game at Texas Stadium. Sure, we wanted the Cowboys to win, but we were also hoping that Gator might be sent on a safety blitz to knock some sense into Romo. The other, completely unrelated highlight of that day was hearing two Cowboys fans, no more than 7 years old, taunt the Bengals fans by chanting "Ocho Cinco's OH and CINCO", because the Cowboys' win pushed Cincinnati to 0-5.

Morning Dump

Patterson asks TCU fans to come out ad do their part Star-Telegram

Patterson holds weekly presser

TCU football coach won't lobby for his team Coloradoan

UNLV tries again to crack TCU's formidable defense Reno Review-Journal

Around the MWC
USA Today

Ranking the seven undefeated teams MSNBC


Do you really want to disobey this man?

To this point, it seems like it's mostly been guys like us who have been urging fans to go into the stadium for football games - a cause heavily championed by our own lyle lanley. We all know how pathetic it is and we all say how much we want to fill the stadium, but the truth is, even some of those who bitch and moan about it can be seen remaining in the parking lot during the second half. I personally have shut my tailgate down before kickoff of each game which has pretty much only had the effect of people putting their beer in other coolers because they know I'm not going to make any exceptions. I HATE H made a valiant effort last gameday when the end of the UT/OU game conflicted with the beginning of our game and he simply turned off his TV, closed his tailgate and gave a big slap in the face to all of our fans who would rather watch a game between two schools that they have no connection to than their own. I've never seen H so happy and pleased with himself, and I hope he can relive a similar moment during every single home game. Not to mention it was the most boring football game of all time and, needless to say, we could beat both of those teams, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, we've bitched and moaned and whined and begged and pleaded with everyone enough to realize that it doesn't really matter what we say, but maybe this will help you along - the team has noticed. GP has noticed. Read the article. The bottom line is, it's great to play all of these high profile games against major schools on the road, but it has become somewhat of a double edged sword because it gives our guys a chance to what it's like to play in front of a packed house every single Saturday, no matter if your team is 4-3 or 7-0. It goes without saying that teams feed off of the energy of the crowd, and we're pretty fortunate that our team is motivated enough to find their own energy. Last week is a prime example - we absolutely DOMINATED BYU, but you know what? For the most part, their fans stayed and never gave up hope. They heartily applauded first downs late in the game when the score was 38-7. Sure, a handful headed for the exits before the final gun, but I'd say at least 75% were still in the stadium when our team was heading for the tunnel. If they can get 75% of the people to stick around for a blowout loss, there's no excuse why we can't do the same in a win.

It would be wonderful for us to pack our sections on the road and at home - and, I'll be frank, last weekend was one of the most fun weekends I've ever had, and if you can get to an away game, I highly HIGHLY urge you to do so - but we've got to be realistic here and start at home. Right now the 6th ranked team in the country has an expected crowd of 35,000 for their weekend game - a mid-afternoon homecoming game with beautiful weather, no less. I urge you all to be there for these guys because they're out there every single week giving it their all, and the least we can do is be there to cheer them on. Admittedly, I've only been a TCU fan during the good years starting in 2002, so I don't know what it was like way back when, but even with all of the great teams that have come through in my seven full seasons, I have no doubt that this one is 'The One." They are undoubtedly the most talented and balanced. They can win close, sloppy games and wide open, blow out games. If you're a TCU fan with half a brain - you Dalton haters do not qualify - you see the same things I do and should realize that if you're not on board for these guys, then you're missing something really special. We make fun of UT T shirt fans all of the time, but I'm not sure that's any worse than being a TCU Tailgate fan. There will almost certainly be BCS reps at the game Saturday and attendance is arguably a more important factor for them than the ranking of the team. No one - the team, the media, the pollsters - expect us to sell out this game. Buy a cheap ticket, use your old student ID - heck, you can have mine! Section X has been admittedly solid this year, but we need the entire stadium to be one big section X. Let's prove the doubters wrong. Go Frogs!

"Hitler calls BYU after TCU loss!!!"

I think everyone has seen this video in the past, but now it stars TCU.

Maybe one day someone can teach me how to put the youtube videos directly on the website.

See yall Saturday.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TCU vs. UCLA in 2010?

With one more opening on the non-conference schedule for 2010, you can get ready for another round of rumors as to who might fill that void...just like we had last year until the Clemson game was announced. The early rumor was another home game against Texas State, but now, a UCLA message board, has cranked up rumors of UCLA coming to the Metroplex to play TCU in the season opener at Jerry World.

It's impossible to say if there's any truth to this, but here's my take on it: the rumor probably got started because TCU and UCLA very well may be having discussions about playing next year (supposedly Kansas State is dropping their game vs. UCLA), but UCLA most likely wants to play in Arlington, whereas TCU wants to keep the game in Fort Worth (a position I adamantly agree with). Eventually, this will become a sticking point and both teams will move on. Isn't that essentially what happened with Ole Miss?

DCTF - Texas Power Poll Week 8

"Well ... Texas A&M was clearly tired of being the butt of our jokes. The Aggies did the unthinkable last weekend, drubbing Texas Tech in Lubbock to revitalize their flagging bowl hopes and silence the jeers of the Red Raider faithful. The result? A sizeable jump in our weekly Power Poll, and the once-dead Ags are now fourth in Texas.

But every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and as A&M rises, so much Tech fall. The Raiders dropped two spot after the loss -- though we could have justified more after Mike Leach's silly comments following the disaster -- and may be headed for further disappointment with games looming against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Leach isn't the only team sliding -- SMU and Baylor both dropped two spots after uninspiring losses to conference foes.

But Houston is back in the No. 3 spot, and Texas and TCU are still firmly entrenched at Nos. 1 and 2. With Houston again looking like a conference title contender, we may not see any more chance in this upper trio throughout the rest of the regular season. But the bottom three? The race for last may have narrowed itself to three finalists -- winless Rice, one-win UNT and rapidly fading Baylor. We may not see a win between the three until 2010."

First Place Votes in Parenthesis

1. Texas (5)
2. TCU
3. Houston

8. Baylor
9. North Texas
10. Rice

Homecoming Week is upon us

While the 38-7 win at BYU was among the most memorable and important wins for TCU in quite some time, it won't mean anything if the Frogs do not continue to approach every single game as if it is the most important game of the season. And really, from now on, every game IS the most important, because one slip up and all the hopes and dreams of what may come with an undefeated season fly right out the door.

If you judge UNLV, the Frogs' Homecoming opponent, by their 3-5 record or their defensive struggles over the past month, then you probably aren't losing much sleep over this Saturday's game against the Rebels. But do keep in mind that, just last year, Arizona State was ranked #15 when UNLV went to Tempe and knocked off the Sun Devils in overtime. Should they be a threat to the Frogs? No, but any of the 5 teams remaining on the Frogs schedule are too good to be overlooked...remember San Jose State in 2000 or SMU in 2005.

While Coach Patterson, his staff and the players concentrate on staying focused on beating UNLV, we the fans have a job, too- fill the shit out of Amon G. Carter and make some noise. If the Frogs continue to win and climb the rankings, members of several various bowl committees will start booking flights to come see TCU play. While the players will take care of impressing the bowl execs on the field, it's up to the fans to impress them with what's going on off the field- that is, they want to see how many tickets TCU fans will buy to their game, if invited, and how loud and boisterous they can be for those all-important TV cameras.

Through three home games this year, attendance is up 24% compared to the first three home games of '08. That's a great start, but averaging just over 34,000 per game is just not going to cut it for a Top 10 team that is trying to impress the creme de la creme of college bowl games. So for the remaining three home games, buy your tickets early, get into the stadium BEFORE kickoff and yell until you lose your voice when the Frogs are on defense. The Utah game ought to be a sell-out, but this team needs support before that- let's sell it out for UNLV!

CFN ponders: TCU or Boise?

In their weekly Tuesday Question segment, the staff at is asked: "If they both go undefeated, should TCU or Boise State get the automatic BCS bid?"

I think you'll be pleased at what all four of them have to say.

Morning Dump

TCU must get greedy if it wants to make it to BCS title game Star-Telegram

No. 6 TCU hosts UNLV in homecoming game

Kerley and Hughes garner midseason honors

Sanford showing optimism with TCU on the Horizon Las Vegas Sun

TCU does everything except sell San Antonio Express-News

MWC news and notes Sporting News

TCU best of the non-BCS? Sporting News

Seperating the men from the boys KTAR

A look at strength of schedule

Say goodbye to the BCS, and hello to the old bowl game system

BYU not in the same class as TCU Salt Lake Tribune

Norm to talk Frogs/Big 12 at 10:00am

Listen up, P1's. Coming up today sometime between 10:00 and 11:00am, Norm will be discussing who would win the Big 12...if TCU were a member of the conference. Ought to be interesting. You can listen LIVE at

Monday, October 26, 2009

National Love on MNF

Did anyone see the quick blurb from Mark May and Lou Holtz during commercial break in the Philly/Redskins game tonight?

Mark May: "The two most impressive teams that were undefeated to me: Texas and TCU."

Lou Holtz: "Iowa, Cincinnati, and TCU just became passengers in the car for the drive to the championship."