Thursday, September 3, 2009

When does college football start, Billy Corgan? "Tonight, Tooooooooniiight!"

Oh my God, it's finally here! Even though we still have another week and change until the Frogs kick off, college football season starts tonight! There are nine games tonight, highlighted by ESPN's double-header of South Carolina vs. N.C. State at 6:00 and then Oregon vs. Boise State at 9:00. While the Gamecocks vs. the Wolfpack doesn't carry a whole lot of interest, it is the first nationally-televised game of the year and you'd be absolutely correct in assuming I'll be watching it and enjoying a col' burrah or two.

That second game, though, is an early gift from the football gods. #14 vs. #16 on Opening Night? Two teams that played each other in an emotional, physical and chippy 37-32 thriller last year? I can only imagine what the excitement level is like in Boise-this has got to be the biggest home game they've ever had. And it's not often that I, as a third-party observer, anticipate a game like I am this one- especially when both teams are wearing uniforms as awful as whatever monstrosities those two take the field in tonight. I've talked to a lot of people that share in the excitement over this one, and what intrigues me is the difference in opinions I've heard about this game from within the TCU fanbase regarding who to cheer for. I'm not sure who I'm supporting in this game, but at least I can find reason to find joy in the defeat of either one of them.

On one hand, Boise State is clearly the main competition for a BCS berth of whoever wins the MWC Championship. If Boise beats Oregon, they will have cleared by far their toughest hurdle towards finishing the regular season unbeaten. And if they go unbeaten, they have a decent shot at beating out a 1-loss or even an undefeated MWC Champ for a BCS bid. By that logic, I want Oregon to bash in their skulls until there's nothing left but a fine mist that smells faintly of Smurf brain.

On the other, however, is empathy. Like TCU, Boise is a team that struggles everyday to gain the respect they deserve from the mass audience. In the minds of too many people out there in the Idiocracy we live in today, a Bronco victory over the Ducks would be considered an upset, and a loss would provide them with evidence that, faulty as it may be, would validate the ignorance and exclusionary behavior that currently rules college football. By that logic, Oregon should be counted among those loyal to the king, so I'll be among those rushing forth to soak my clothes in their blood when Boise takes them to the guillotine. On top of that, the Broncos could possibly be added to the Mountain West in the next few years, so anything that pads their resume now would pad the resume of the league whenever that potential expansion may occur.

After weighing the pro's and con's, I think I have to side with Boise State. While them winning might cause some stress in the latter part of the season and I may very well end up greatly regretting my choice to cheer for them, it will also contribute to the greater cause that TCU is fighting along with them and the Utahs, BYUs and East Carolinas of the world. I'm also confident that the momentum that the MWC has right now will manifest itself in voters honoring the integrity of the schedules of TCU, BYU and Utah more than what the Broncos play in the WAC and that if our conference champ is undefeated or even has one respectable loss, they'll get the nod for the BCS over Boise regardless of a win over Oregon tonight or not.

So, Go Broncos! Just don't be surprised, BSU fans, if I talk shit about your team the rest of the year.

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Little moe with the gimpy leg said...

I hope Boise looses by a field goal. It would be one thing if they where in our conference, but they are not. If we slip up once, they will get the BCS game. They don’t play anyone else… The analysts on ESPN have agreed with that. If we are both undefeated at the end of the year, like last year we would get it. Obviously, a one loss Boise and one loss TCU... TCU would go to the BCS over Boise. Not saying TCU isn’t going to be undefeated, but better safe than sorry...