Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week One Preview: Virginia Cavaliers

I don't believe this is what the redcoats had in mind...

With football season comes an increase in decision making and responsibilities - do I watch this game or that game? Do I drink Miller Lite at the tailgate or switch it to a novelty like Purple Haze? Do I get in my car and try and leave the stadium when there are 10 bike cops in the vicinity or have WWHD create a diversion? Do I waste an even larger chunk of my workday on the internet by agreeing to do weekly game previews on top of the Top 25 countdown and recaps? Well, the rest of those questions are on going, but for now I will try and answer the last one. For the rest of the season I hOPE to put together previews of each game to the best of my abilities. This shouldn't be TOO difficult as I typically at least outlined the coming weeks game in my recaps last year, so now it's simply going to be a separate post. They will likely be Offense/Defense/Special Teams matchup overviews only, draw heavily from stats, and be equally as flawed and biased as my attempt at a Poinsettia Bowl preview last December. I'm not guaranteeing this simply because I travel every couple of weeks and if I can't delegate the preview to someone else it will simply be passed over, but I really am going to try because I owe it to my millions of fans and I want to drop kick Killer Frogs to the curb as the "flagship TCU fan site, even though we're just a message board."

That being said though, it's week one for us. All we have to go on are last year's stats, practice reports and opinions drawn from visual evidence from last year, which goes hand in hand with that whole biased thing I was talking about. Mostly because I was drunk. Normally I would've done a relatively comprehensive overview of this game based on UVAs performance against William and Mary, a division II school I remind you, and their general outlook vs ours... but then they went out and lost that game. So, based on the lack of knowledge of our own squad, and UVAs current resume, I feel like the only real way to preview this game is to post the stats from their game against WM and ruthlessly make fun of them in the comments:

1st Downs1512
Total Yards309268
3rd Down Conversions5-205-17
4th Down Conversions0-00-2
William & Mary Passing
Virginia Passing
William & Mary Rushing
Virginia Rushing
William & Mary Receiving
Virginia Receiving

So.... yeah, I feel pretty confident about us picking up this win, especially given those SEVEN turnovers against a DIVISION II defense that definitely isn't the returning #1 in the nation. Also note the 175 combined penalty yards. ALSO NOTE THE FACT that WM only had one offensive TD yet ran up 26 points with the help of an INTD and 4 field goals. For those of you lucky enough to attend the game this week, don't expect a fired up crowd in Charlottesville because this team is DREADFUL. The only interesting thing about the game should be to see who can run up the score more in the 230 kickoff slot - UT or TCU.

Prediction: TCU 31, Virginia 3.


Lyle Lanley said...

William & Mary...Division I-AA, not Division II. There actually is quite a difference.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

yeah i thought about that after the fact... then decided I'm not too much worried about it

JerryHughesackedyourMom said...

First post here...Wanted to drop my two cents in the jar...Frogs will force 4 turnovers,including interceptions by Washington And Tank Carder. Frogzilla aka Mr. Hughes sacks all three of VA's qbs. 3 sacks,forced fumble,fumble recovery and three sexy co-eds after the game.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Welcome aboard, sir. I admire your enthusiasm and concur with your prediction

JerryHughesackedyourMom said...

glad to be here...I think you guys have an awesome site,void of censorship...great thing goin. Too much bitchin that goes on with killerfrogs. is where it is at.

tcumurphish said...

I wonder if killerfrogs will kick me off as a member, I joined for this reason only, if I comment about how their coverage sucks and spitblood is so much better.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

to answer your question: Yes, yes they will kick you off. TURRIBLE.