Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top 25 Dragon Recap

Well, counselor sort of stole my thunder in the previous post, but as I'm a man of my word, I'm going to go ahead and recap all of the games I highlighted from the weekend. From the look of things, most of my predictions went pretty well and, even with BYUs big win, we were still able to gain a spot in both polls, sitting nice at 16.

Since this is the first go around, I'll briefly explain my system. Each game will fall into one of three categories: The good, the meh, and the bad. The" good" means, obviously, that the outcome of the game was good for us rankings-wise i.e. a loss dropped a team below us, a rival lost, Sam Bradford got tomahawked, etc. The "meh" means the game had no impact on our ranking i.e. a team that needed to lose to drop below us won and stayed up, a team below us won but didn't move ahead of us, the team that won moved ahead of us and the team that lost moved below thus no bearing. And finally, for the grand finale, the Bad means a team won and moved ahead of us in the rankings - except in the case of the BYU win because, let's be honest, that was just great.

Let's take a quick peek.

The good (new AP/coaches ranking)

#12/11 Boise State 19, UR/UR Oregon 8. It appears this game has been blogged to death on our fair site so I see no reason to retread. Pretty weak of Boise not to suspend that dude though. At least those liberal Oregonians stepped up to the plate.

#5/6 Oklahoma State 24, #21/21 Georgia 10. Well, this worked out well for us I'd say, but what a terrible performance by the Bulldogs! Yikes! Newly anointed QB Joe Cox is in for a long season if he flings the ball around like he did Saturday. 15/30. 162 yards. 1 TD. 1 TD. Did I mention he has one of the best wideouts in the entire conference in AJ Green, yet he only hit the guy 4 times for 52 yards? That's not to take anything away from Okie Lite - that's a good football team who, with the Bradford injury, will likely be Texas' biggest hurdle to a championship, but Georgia has to improve if they want to compete in the SEC.

#9/12 BYU 14, #13/14 Oklahoma 13. You guys may have heard a little something about this game. Like I said, a BYU would win do wonders for the conference but would obviously hurt our current ranking but, let's be honest - who even cares??? What a win! The OU fan reaction has been pricelessly pathetic and BYU deserves all the praise they get, even if their players are all eligible for retirement.

The Meh

#17/17 Utah 35, Utah State 14. As lyle said.

#18/20 Notre Dame 35 Nevada 0. I fully expected a ND win here to put this game in the "Bad" category, but I was fortunately incorrect. You would think the media fascination would've at least catapulted them into the top 15 in the AP poll but it looks like they're keeping it in their pants for now. Fortunately the coaches kept their wits about them here. All I can say is I'm going to be a BIG Michigan fan this Saturday. Stays meh because they didn't move ahead of us.

#4/4 Alabama 34, #14/15 Virginia Tech 24. Wasn't sure where to place this one simply because we didn't move up above VT and in my preview I suggested a VT win would be good based on some worthless and arbitrary factors. However, it remains up because they drop kicked the Hokies down very close to us and with Nebraska and Miami coming to Blacksburg in the next 3 weeks, I fully expect the Frogs to move ahead in the rankings.

UR/UR Iowa 17, Northern Iowa 16. Hope you guys saw highlights of this game because it was a true testament to the Ferentz era in Iowa City. This guy used to commonly be hyped up as the next college coach to make the jump to the pros which is just baffling considering his track record. It took not one but TWO blocked field goals in the closing seconds for the Hawkeyes to hang on, and they had to come from behind to boot. Ugly, ugly game. The win should technically move this one into "the bad" territory, but they dropped from the rankings, so for this week we'll keep it meh.

#19/19 North Carolina 40, The Citadel 6. Yawn.

#10/10 Cal 52, Maryland 13. Whew. That was a rapin'. I vaguely called for the Terps to keep it close, but apparently when Ralph Friedgen lost 100 pounds, he also lost his playbook. Ugh.

The Bad.


So, as you can see, pretty great week for the Frogs as we jumped a spot without even playing. Obviously as lyle pointed out in his post, the UVA loss is probably the worst thing we could've hoped for this week because it makes that game SO moot now but, it's Frogs football, it's the season opener, it's on TV, I've got a full bottle of Jameson and enough built up football off week/season rage to fuel a zeppelin so I can't wait. Sorry this was kind of a junk post - I was in a hurry to hammer it out. I'll be more comprehensive next time, I promise.


CounselorFrog said...

My bad, I just needed to let out some sarcasm.

shortnkerley's said...

Sarcasm greatly appreciated here Counselor. Funny stuff. I'm sick of the OU fan base crybaby reactions to their loss. Hey, Bob Stoops: If you hadn't been busy running up 60 with your starters playing into the 4th quarter all last season, maybe your inexperienced and completely incapable offensive line would've gotten some work in last season and been able to protect your Heisman winner a little better this season. What goes around comes around, Bob.

Little moe with the gimpy leg said...

No one has mentioned the RAMS! They had a huge win!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Oh, I'm all about letting off some steam - that's like 90% of why I write anything on here. Carry on.

I believe lyle mentioned said Rams.