Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New AP Rankings Out

MWC Notables

BYU - #9
Wow, take out the best QB in the country and look what happens. But seriously, good job guys, you just bolstered the conference up a notch.

TCU - #16
Don't even play a game and move up one spot, works for me.

Utah - #17
Good job beating up on the red headed step child of Utah

Other Notables

Florida - #1, Texas - #2, USC - #3
Combined score of their three openers 177 - 26. Seriously? When is playing division two schools going to be illegal in this country. I am writing a letter to Obama on that one. I realize that these teams get pretty substantial checks to catch a beating, but since when do we sacrifice our dignity for cash in this country? Oh wait...

Boise State - #12
I love how that just because some idiot decides to throw a punch at the biggest tool ever to walk onto a football field, the entire country forgets how terrible your team looked. I hope Oregon goes 0-12 just so the only respectable team you play puts you right into the toilet.

Oklahoma - #13
Note for Landry Jones - The razor was invented for reason, please get rid of that porn stash so people can take you seriously.

Notre Dame - #18
Well thats it, I dont know why we even play the rest of the season. Notre Dame is clearly the greatest team to ever walk to face on the earth and Clausen is by far the greatest quarterback to ever touch a football. They are well on their way to the next ten BCS title games. I dont know how they didn't move to number one. Lou Holtz can finally die happy.

Cincinnati - #22
Its about time, a Big East team is finally ranked.

Full rankings here.


VikingFrog said...

What are the chances BYU is a top five team when we play them? If they keep winning and a couple of losses happen below them I guess we could see it. I would love to see what ESPN would do if they had to put a pair of mwc teams on Gameday. When is the last time two non AQ teams were on Gameday... If ever.

Lyle Lanley said...

Actually, last year they were at the Hampton/Florida A&M game on November 15th...and have done a game like that about once a year. They were at the BYU/Utah game in '04.