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Chasing that Top 25 Dragon: Frogs BOWeL Championship Series Outlook - Week 2

Just Keep Chasin' that Dragon

After a weekend painfully devoid of Frogzilla destruction and painfully non-devoid of Charlie Weis’ fupa, it’s finally here – gameday, part 1. Can you believe we haven’t seen Frog football since 2008? I mean, Obama actually had a high approval rating the last time the Frogs took the field! That was Ages and AGES ago.

Anyway, things get kicked off early this week with a Thursday night NFL/Top 25 double treat, so here goes.

Game to Watch that REALLY Matter (AP/Coaches ranking)

#15/13 Georgia Tech vs. Clemson.

Last Week: Georgia Tech 37, Jacksonville State 17; Clemson 37, Middle Tennessee State 14.

Like many of you, I have no interest in the ACC. It’s a boring conference with boring games and boring fans who actually prefer basketball to football season. The audacity! Unfortunately, this year with two ACC teams being on the slate, as Frogs fans we have to care. For better or for worse, with this being a Thursday nighter on the day that I finally had my surround sound installed, and with UVA crapping the bed last week thus making this a near must win for the sake of our schedule strength, I’m going to be locked into this one. Win or lose for Clemson, this won’t exactly be one of those “scout” games for our offense due to Georgia Tech’s unique/WACKY! Wishbone offense under Paul Johnson, but we can at least get a look at what Clemson has to offer on offensive side of the ball. Clemson star running back CJ Spiller is back in the lineup after missing most of the season opener with a hamstring injury, but it should be noted he returned the opening kick 96 yards for a TD. GT apparently looked quite the sloppy – 5 fumbles - in their opener, although they still soundly defeated Jacksonville State. Unfortunately for the Jackets, it doesn’t get much easier after this one as they face a much, much improved Miami team next Thursday night – welcome to TCU Football, circa 2005-2008, Tech. Obviously a Clemson win here is a double win for us as it helps our strength of schedule as well as leaps us over the Yellow Jackets, so you know who to go for. I’m calling Clemson in the upset as they look to gain momentum for their biggest game of the season against le Frog.

#18/20 Notre Dame at Michigan.

Last Week: Notre Dame 35, Nevada 0; Michigan 31, Western Michigan 7.

…and finally this game has some relevance again. What used to be one of both school’s more bitter rivalries has lost some of its luster in recent years due to the sustained mediocrity of both teams and the aforementioned fupa. Notre Dame looked shockingly solid last week in dismantling a Nevada team who most pundits assumed would at least put up a pillow fight against Boise in the WAC. Defense has been one aspect of the Irish under the Weis regime that has been less than stellar, the other aspects being offense and special teams, but it looks like they may have figured something out in the off season. However, it should be noted once again that Nevada is still in the WAC and that’s one foot out of the D-II grave. Like Notre Dame, Michigan opened up the season by unleashing their frustration on a lesser team (Western Michigan) which is only laudable because the Wolverines went a generous 3-7 last year in Dick Rod’s first season. Why you bring in someone from West Virginia to be the braintrust of your football team is quite the mystery, but it looks like Rodriguez has finally found his spread option QB in Tate Forcier, which is a lot more than he could say last year. Regardless, I have no idea what to make of this game. Michigan was bitchslapped out of South Bend last year on the way to the above reference 3-7 season, so this game certainly has a revenge factor for the Wolverines, especially with it being at home. An Irish win, even coupled with a TCU victory over Virginia, could very well move the Irish past us in the Top 25, mostly due to the Al Groh’s being terrible and not worth recognition in victory clout matters and the media slobbing of ND. That factor alone should have us as Frogs fans pulling for Michigan to pull this one out. More importantly, though – who the F wants to cheer for Notre Dame?

#21/21 Georgia vs. South Carolina.

Last Week: Georgia 10, Oklahoma State 24; South Carolina 7, North Carolina State 3.

After unleashing what were two of the most embrassing, appalling and pathetic offensive performances of the opening weekend, now Georgia and South Carolina have the opportunity to come together and defecate all over the the quarterback position some more – an area of expertise where SC coach Steve Spurrier once reigned supreme. In the past 3 meetings between the two schools, each team only has 2 TDs a piece TOTAL. First team to 7 wins! South Carolina slugged one out against a pretty terrible North Carolina State team on opening night, although the Gamecocks, despite the final score, looked relatively in control most of the game. The Bulldogs, however, have a ways to go in finding the next Matt Stafford – read: an overhyped QB who couldn’t beat Florida nor deliver an SEC East title. They were absolutely manhandled by Oklahoma State’s defense and while their defense didn’t allow the Cowboys offense to have an all out pigskin bukake, they still were unable to keep the thing close enough to merit any respectability. Joe “the Ginger Ninja” Cox likely doesn’t pull near as much wool as South Carolina QB Stephen “Dazed and Confused” Garcia, but he will at least have the home team on his side during this less than epic battle. A Bulldogs win here would probably still keep us up in the rankings due to the Okie Light loss, and I’m pretty certain they’re going to take care of business at home. The Steve Spurrier retirement tour rolls on. Onward, O Visored One.

Games that Kind of Matter

#12/11 Boise State vs. Miami of Ohio.

Last Week: Boise State 19, Oregon 8; Miami 0, Kentucky 42.

Typically this would fall under the next section, but as long as Boise is undefeated, their games are going to kind of matter in our world and we have to hope for an upset. Unfortunately, the Artists formerly known as Ben Roesthlesberger shouldn’t pose too much of a threat for the Broncos, especially as the game is getting the Smurf Turf treatment. Maybe Boise can make it through a game without one of their inbred linebackers getting knocked the F out? Only time will tell… I vote yes. Yes they will. Especially since, judging by last week’s pasting by Kentucky, Miami’s style now more closely resembles that of their other well known former athlete, Wally Szcerbiak.

Game that Matter because they Fall Into our Target Range but an Upset Ain’t Happenin’

#11/9 LSU vs. Vanderbilt.

LSU 31, Washington 23; Vandy 45, Western Carolina 0.

Jay Cutler isn’t walking through that door, although once things start going bad in Chicago, he might whine his way back into the college ranks. LSU may have slap fight..ed? their way out of Spokane this past week, but that was a fired up U-Dub team with a new coach, the crowd behind them and their white freak of nature QB finally healthy. I think a Saturday evening in Death Valley is just what LSU needs to recharge their batteries. That overwhelming booze and corn dog smell gets the best of most visitors, and I think the bookworms from Nashville will feel the pain. I’m not convinced that Jordan Jefferson is much of a QB, but he plays behind one of the best offensive lines in football, and maybe the biggest, so that’s always a bonus. Vandy may have looked good in their 45-0 blanking of Western Carolina last weekend, but the fun ends there. This game should get ugly, especially once the Hat starts faking field goals on 4th and 31 and LSUs arsenal of swamp mutants on defense start getting into the Commodores backfield with more ease than Ryan Perilloux used to get into drunk sorority girls panties.

#13/14 Oklahoma vs. Idaho State.

Last Week: OU 13, BYU 14; ISU 3, Arizona State 50.

Ron Jeremy made millions off of his porn ‘stache; hopefully Landry Jones can make a win out of his. Losing TE Jermaine Gresham for the year is killer for OU, but hopefully their line, as terrible as they may be, won’t have any problems with Idaho State.

#14/15 Virginia Tech vs. Marshall

Last Week: VT 24, Alabama 34; Marshall 31, Southern Illinois 28.

Virginia Tech may have fizzled out at the end of last week’s game against the Tide, but I wouldn’t expect a visit from the Thundering Herd to be too much of a struggle for the Hokies. These guys are going to have some serious aggression to get out after last week’s tough loss – sorry, Marshall.

#17/17 Utah vs. San Jose State

Last Week: Utah 35, Utah State 17; San Jose State 3, Southern Cal 56.

Despite the final score, SJSU actually came out strong against USC, nursing a 3-0 lead thru most of the first quarter. However, once Matt Barkley – who, according to a recent SI article, doesn’t dabble with the coeds at USC? – remembered he was the #1 QB recruit out of high school last year, plays for USC, and is playing a WAC school, things got bad. Utah suffered much the same situation in their game last week and only piled it on late in the game against the Aggies. I actually considered moving this game up into the top tier category based on the rankings implications, but I don’t expect anything but a win from the Utes in this one thus pushing the longest winning streak in the nation to 16 games. Unfortunately with UVAs first loss, if Utah wins and we win, I’d bet that 2-0 record would move them above us in the rankings.

#19/19 North Carolina at Connecticut.

Last Week: North Carolina 40, The Citadel 6; Connecticut 23, Ohio 16.

Can I get a collective, “Who gives a shit?”

Other Games of Interest that have No Bearing on the Frog.

#3/3 USC at #8/7 Ohio State.

Last Week: USC 56, SJSU 3; Ohio State 31, Navy 27.

Not sure if you guys watched much of that Ohio State - Navy game last week, but ugh. Sure, Navy has looked improved in recent years, but I definitely don't expect much of a fight when they roll into Cowtown next year. Also, for a good time find Terrelle Pryor's recent interview about Michael Vick where he actually makes that comment that, "We all make mistakes, we all KILL PEOPLE." Oy. USC may be starting a freshman QB and the game may be in the Horseshoe in front of a hostile crowd hell bent on revenge... but, my god, USC is -5.5??? Do you have a life savings? INVEST! INVEST!

#5/6 Oklahoma State vs. Houston.

Interesting simply because this will be EVERYONE's upset alert pick on Saturday... until Oklahoma State starts rolling midway through the first quarter. Don't worry about it.

So, there you have it. Not much chance to move up this week and unfortunately more room to move down. We were actually rewarded for our off week in the latest round of rankings, but I’d bet with a few convincing wins – Notre Dame, Utah – we might shift down depending on how the cards fall throughout the rest of the games. A Clemson win is our biggest cheering point right now, closely followed by a Notre Dame loss. Regardless, IT’S SATURDAY AND THE FROGS ARE ON!! YESS!!! MURDERDEATHKILL!!

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