Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still Waiting on 2...

When the Frogs opened up fall practice yesterday afternoon, they were joined by all but two of the members of the recruiting class of 2009. Those missing, according to this morning's Star-Telegram, were running back Dwight Smith and cornerback Michael Venson.

Smith's difficulty in becoming academically eligible after transferring from California prior to his senior year of high school has been pretty well discussed. At one point, he was considered a long shot to become eligible to play for the Frogs this year. But as of July 20, according to East Texas football guru David Smoak, Smith just needs to complete one more correspondence course and get a 'B' in it in order to be eligible.

Venson's situation has been much less talked about, and very little is known about it. There is, however, a brewing scandal at his former school- Morton Ranch High School in Katy- that could shed some light on his situation as it develops. There is an investigation going on into the possible tampering of student records by Morton Ranch coaches. This situation also throws into limbo the status of TCU commit Sam Carter, the QB who transferred to Morton Ranch from Sharpstown this summer.

Because we don't really get much (any) first-hand information here at Spitblood, it's pretty difficult to say what the chances are of Smith and/or Venson enrolling at TCU this fall. The Star-Telegram story this morning, though, did mention that 104 players are in camp right now. With 105 being the NCAA-sanctioned limit of players who can practice before classes start, what does that imply about Patterson's expectation for one or both of them in terms of qualifying?

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