Friday, August 7, 2009

I haven't posted in a while.


So, I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty ready for September 12th. Call me crazy. With that being said I, like most of you, will latch onto any opportunity that even hints at TCU football - spring game, coaches dinner, watching the J Hughes commercial 17 times in a row, cornering Danny Morrison in public restrooms (well, perhaps that's only WWHD.) Fortunately last night was another such opportunity - the parking pass pickup party. Now, had I not shown up, would they have just mailed me my pass? Yes. Would I still be eligible for the grand prize drawing of 2 tickets in the end zone complex for any game even if I didn't register in person? Absolutely. Would they still have sent me the prize they notified me I had won that morning via email? Of course. But, would I really be a true fan if I didn't make a special trip over to FW to pick up my pass in person on the first minute of the first night I was able? Most certainly not-so off WWHD and I went.

Anyway, as most of you probably noticed, this past year TCU decided to cut costs and do away with personalized nameplates on all parking spots. On one hand, this is pretty lame because the self esteem boost you get by seeing your name tattooed across the place where you choose to pregame is indescribable - it's like the tailgaters version of an eight ball. However, at the same time, you don't get a bunch of stragglers hanging by your spot just because they recognize your name and, seeing as how I dislike most people, this suits me just fine. I'm not running a charitable organization- after all this is a tailgate and, unlike 'Nam, there are rules.

In the past, they used to simply mail you your passes in a plain, unmarked envelope, much in the same fashion as the free clinic mails the pregnant teen her life shattering results. Now, though, the Frog Club uses the added funds to give us free stuff in our parking pass packet. Free stuff = gud. Last year they did pretty well with the garb. This year? Eh, not so much. The coolest part of the whole thing? The folder is comes in has one of those magic Hallmark card speakers in it so that when you open it you get your very own message from the messiah himself, GP, where he thanks us for our contribution and assures us that the Frogs won't back down this year. Thanks GP, we appreciate it. Also included is a Frog Club license plate holder which I will never use, and a TCU Terrible Towel - a development inherently Steeler and Aggy in nature that has no place on the hallowed grounds of Amon G Carter Stadium. It also came with TCU labeled eye blacks, which actually might be a nice development during the season, but, all in all, I play the beggars CAN be choosers card this year and give it all a big fail stamp.

All that aside, though, the most important thing about this night is that we're one step closer to football season and, almost as importantly, pre game boozin' in the parking lot. Obviously I'm not going to give my spot away to our tens of readers, but, for the majority of you who are familiar, WWHD and I will be in the exact same spots as we have been the past 4 years with an added twist: This year, in the previously unoccupied spot to the left of mine will be none other than I Hate H and his merry band of pranksters. This is good not only because it adds a new dimension to our Saturdays, but also, for those of you that know said H and his behavioral patterns, this means that instead of the cops targeting my car post game this year, they'll defiinitely have a new target, because his gameday behavior makes me look like a choirboy - no small feat, I might add. There's a also a rumor that another group of ruffians who used to reside down the row from us have been bounced westward from their spot due to neighbor complaints and could also be involved in said gameday festivities. So, aside from the disastrous crowds and obvious TABC corral they've penned us in, this will easily be the greatest gameday environment we've ever experienced. Given that we begin the season ranked 17th, I think this is absolutely fitting.


LT4heisman said...

Those "merry pranksters" better bring some fuuuckin' poon tang.

FreeAB said...

The 2007 group of frogs was moved closer to yall as well, and an 2008er ho didn't have a spot last year has also obtained one next to us. May GP be with you all.