Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't fall in the water..

All anti-Spurs diatribe for the city of San Antonio aside, wouldn't a trip straight down I-35 to play in the Alamodome against a Big 12 team be a better bowl destination than an expensive trip to San Diego two days before Christmas or a trek to blustery Boise, Idaho- both of which would pit the Frogs against a WAC team?

I had a longer, more anger-filled post in the works about how shitty the MWC's bowl arrangement is currently, but then I saw the news today that the Alamo Bowl is looking to possibly replace the Big Ten in it's alignment.

If MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson isn't busting these people's door down first thing tomorrow morning, he needs to be fired. I've got to applaud his aggressiveness in attempting to get the MWC into the BCS, but he also needs to realize that outside of Utah getting into the Sugar Bowl and the conference getting lucky to pit an undefeated Boise State agains the Frogs, our bowl matchups and destinations were absolutely embarrassing. The Alamo Bowl would be a perfect fit for our conference champion if they didn't get a BCS berth, and for our second place team when if they did (which they should more years than not).

TCU Band Reprimanded by NCAA

NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Committee Reprimands Texas Christian University for Violation of Tournament Sportsmanship Policy

Does this mean that we win the betus.com poll for a violation? See Sir Wesley's post below.

Also, does this mean we are no longer in the top five bands in the country? (Here)


According to our lovely ticker we are now only 74 days away from Frog football. While that seems like a long time it is never too early to start planning the fall. The TCU DC metro area alumni association has organized a bus trip for the UVA game to start the season. I know I have talked to a number of you about this, but it is now officially set.

Charlottesville is just a couple hours from DC and DC is far more accessible by plane. It also makes for a nice excuse to visit the nation's Capital. The bus trip is limited to 65 people so the higher percentage of them we can make spit blooders the better.

To sign up for the trip click here

It should be a great time, and if I can help anyone out with where to stay, what airport to fly into etc etc just let me know.


Date: Saturday, September 12

Bus pickup – 10:00 a.m.
Kickoff – 3:30 p.m.

Bus pickup – 4238 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22203
One block from the Ballston Metro Station (Orange Line)

Pre-Game Lunch – UVA Campus

Cost: $100 per person (includes a round-trip bus ride, pre-game lunch, and a game ticket)

RSVP: Please register by clicking on the "Registration" button above by Friday, August 7. Limited to the first 65 persons who register.

Join other DC area Horned Frogs and take a bus trip to Charlottesville, VA. Once on campus, enjoy a pre-game lunch with TCU fans from around the country. Finally, cheer the Horned Frogs on to victory and then load a bus back to the city. It’s a no hassle day for you and your guests!

Morning Dump

Ernie Sims welcomes Aaron Brown to the NFL Detroit Free Press

Chat with Robert Henson Hogs Haven

The best non-BCS program
College Football News

TCU highest ranked Non-BCS school, not named Princeton in Directors Cup

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Henry makes it to the weekend at the Travelers

Just a quick update on JJ: He's made the cut at the Travelers and is currently T-46 at -4. Let's hope he makes a strong push these next two days.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TCU Record Book

This is an excerpt from Texas Christian University's Media Guide. The School Records for Single-Game Scoring.

More importantly I want to draw attention to this section, the Largest Margin of Victory. The section where TCU showcase the top tier of the teams performance. If there is a 1-AA team on the schedule, there is no special treatment, the Frog's will not "take it easy" on them. Thus, to the point: 4.___59___ vs Deaf & Dumb Inst., 1908 (59-0).

Law: Broken

SMU: #1 in death penalty rulings
At least they're #1 in something, right?

Interesting article. Online sportsbook mogul BetUS.com recently released their odds for the next football team to commit an NCAA infraction. Near the top, you have your usual players:

USC 8:1 - if they've thusfar managed to field a football program despite at one time having Reggie Bush on their team, they're untouchable. Also, Pete Carroll could charm the habit off a nun if he wanted, so keeping NCAA investigators at bay is a normal workday.

Ohio State 9:1 - Maurice Clarett. That is all.

Florida 10:1 - Indescribably thugged up players, it's hard to even begin to fathom the atrocities these guys commit on a daily basis. I wouldn't think there would be too many recruiting violations as it can't be all that difficult to get guys to come to a school like Florida where the women are all white, blond and implanted, but, I mean, they did have a guy steal a credit card from a dead girl and use it. That has to get you you something.

Florida State 12:1 - It should be noted that they recently had over half of their starters ineligible for a bowl game due to a massive cheating conspiracy...and their coach is having to forfeit an entire season's worth of victories due to said cheating... and to think, Bowden's been in coaching for over 50 years. This number should really be much, much lower.

Tennessee 14:1 OH MY GOD TAKE IT TAKE!! FREE MONEY!! Kiffin is the golden goose of NCAA violations.

...and so the list goes. It should be noted that Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, the two latter amongst the dirtiest programs to ever field a team, with Texas waiting in the shadows, also make the list at 18:1, 15:1 and 15:1 respectively. All good bets, although A&M is irrelevant enough that NCAA investigators probably ignore them completely, UT is the richest athletic program in the history of the sport which makes them the North Korea to the NCAAs UN inspectors, and OU has been doing it for so long that I think their violations are grandfathered, so you may want to hold onto your wallets with those odds.

Which brings me to why I wrote this post in the first place. At 20:1 odds you have Cal, UCLA and.. TCU? Really? What have we ever done to violate NCAA rules? I'll take the back handed compliment here, which is that the stereotypical direct by product of having a great football team year after year is an influx of thugs into your program... but really? Where's our track record? I mean, they're putting us in the same category as RICK NEUHEISEL!! THE RICK NEUHEISEL!! For those of you unfamiliar with his work, may I direct you to his wikipedia page? At Colorado alone he racked up 51 violations and lost 25 scholarships, but not before he was run out of the program. He then took his class act to the great northwest and was subsequently sacked for running an illegal gambling pool... and the guy STILL got a job at UCLA. Imagine what he can do there! Ignoring the fact that he's in sunny LA, he's playing a major second fiddle to USC, the dirtiest of them all, and is trying to make his team not only relevant in the Pac 10, but relevant in his own city. Considering his history, his surely short lived tenure in LA should be epic. I'd jump all over those odds.

And where is SMU!?!? Shouldn't they have honorary 10:1 odds in this thing every single year due to a lifetime achievement in advancement of dirty recruiting practices?

This surely must be news to GP, as strict an enforcer and hard ass as there is in the college football ranks. I'm not naive enough to think that we don't have bad seeds in our program, and I don't deny that things have probably happened in his tenure that would ruffle some NCAA feathers - a certain gun discharging incident comes to mind. However, as much as his players dislike his tough attitude when things are going well, imagine what it must be like on his bad side? Fear of retribution is enough to keep most Frogs on the right side of the law. If I could make one bet on this whole thing, it'd be that people aren't exactly lining to take the Frogs at 20:1 in anything other than our shot at a BCS berth.

Morning Dump

TCU looks for more offense ESPN

TCU golfer wins amateur tournament Star-Telegram

Foundation's $1.5 million donation to help build TCU soccer fieldhouse Star-Telegram

Dallas-Fort Worth market wants to be king of college football
The Patriot News

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another BCS Title Value Team: Texas Christian

Article from Bodog:

You could bet on the Florida Gators (2/1 odds) to win the BCS title. But that would be too easy. The real money is on a team like Texas Christian (60/1 odds).

If you think my recommendation a few weeks ago of putting a few dollars down on Notre Dame at 25/1 on Bodog's odds to win the BCS National Championship this season was hogwash, then you'll really laugh at this long shot value bet recommendation: Texas Christian.

But hear me out.

How overlooked are the Horned Frogs? Bodog doesn't even give them odds to win it all, so they are part of the field at 60/1. This is despite the fact that TCU finished last season 11-2 (ranked seventh in the final polls) and knocked off unbeaten Boise State in the Poinsettia Bowl - that was the Frogs' fourth bowl win in a row, and only six other teams have streaks that long.

Coach Gary Patterson has 10 starters coming back, six on offense on four on defense. It was defense that carried this team in 2008, as it ranked first in total defense, second to USC in scoring defense, second in sacks and allowed a ridiculous 612 yards rushing all season. Yes, that unit lost seven starters from last season, but TCU has led the Mountain West in total defense every year but one since moving to the conference. So clearly Patterson, a former defensive coordinator, knows what he’s doing.

In addition, one of the four defenders returning in 2009 is the best one: All-American defensive end Jerry Hughes, who led the nation with 15 sacks and six forced fumbles last year.

The offense will be led by Andy Dalton, who emerged as a top-flight quarterback in the second half of last season after returning from an injury. In TCU’s first five games, Dalton had no touchdown passes and averaged 163.6 yards per game. In the Frogs' final six he averaged 237.3 yards in the air and had 11 TDs. And in TCU's final two home games, Dalton was 37-of-49 for 655 yards with six touchdowns and no interceptions (of course that was vs. Air Force and Wyoming). Dalton's leading receiver in 2008, Jimmy Young, also is back.

Texas Christian's schedule sets up for an unbeaten run. Its toughest tests should come Sept. 26 at Clemson and Oct. 24 at BYU. But the Frogs are 26-13 on the road since 2003, which is the seventh-best winning percentage in the country. Utah is always a threat in the MWC, but the Frogs get them in Fort Worth this season and TCU is 31-4 at home since 2003, the sixth-best winning percentage in the country since '03.

So would a 12-0 TCU even get a berth in the BCS National Championship game? I might argue yes. After all, Utah earned the Mountain West some major respect with its rout of Alabama in last year's Sugar Bowl. And if you look at each BCS conference, there is no lock unbeaten in any of those. All the Frogs have to do is steal one spot, and should they get the chance they are 11-3 in their past 14 games against BCS teams.

I’m not saying put your life savings down at 60/1, but TCU is definitely worth a look.

Here are the stat's for the nations top 10 Team Total Defense:

Top 10 Team Total Defense for 2000-2008




Avg. ypg


Virginia Tech










Miami (Fla.)










Ohio St.















Southern California














Top 10 Team Total Defense from 2005-2008
(Since TCU has joined the MWC)




Avg. ypg


Virginia Tech





Ohio St.




















Penn St.





Miami (Fla.)



















Man Cheats on His Taxes.....by Asking for $14 Trillion

Since TCU news is a little light at the moment, I thought this might be entertaining. You have to give this guy some credit for trying...right?

MIAMI NEW TIMES: They don’t call Marlon T. Moore “X-Large” for nothing. Back in December 2007, Moore, a 38-year-old Miami resident, walked out of the federal pen in Coleman, Florida after serving a six year sentence on felony money laundering charges as part of a cocaine smuggling ring. Soon after his release, Moore embarked upon a truly brilliant criminal enterprise: He did his taxes. It may not sound like much of a crime. But “X-Large” Moore — one of several aliases he used, including Dammon Green and Tyrone Moore — wasn’t exactly noting a few dependents and asking for a refund. In separate filings, Moore asked for $5,959,000,000,000 and $2,975,000,000,000. A third form rounded up and asked for another $6,000,000,000,000. (That’s $5 trillion, $2.97 trillion and $6 trillion, for the math averse). Just for good measure, Moore allegedly filled out a final U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040 asking for $10 million. If the IRS had accepted Moore’s claims, the payout would have exceeded the U.S. national debt. They did not. Moore was indicted today on four counts of submitting false claims and impeding due administration of tax laws.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Merry Christmas, Football Fans

Ok, ok, so it's not quite Football Christmas...that would be the first gameday. But this is like getting the Christmas catalogs in the mail, so that you know what to wish for when the big day gets there (What are catalogs?? Mail????). Dave Campbell's Texas Football hits stores today, and it's got some really great things to say about TCU- predicting another double-digit win season, another conference title, a BCS Bowl berth, etc, etc. Sure, we would've like to see Jerry Hughes or Dalton or GP himself on the cover, but even the biggest 'Horn-haters out there have to have at least an ounce of objectivity in them and realize that the cover was a no-brainer.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

MWC vs. Big East

ESPN takes a look at how the Mountain West stacks up against the Big East in their "Mythical Challenge" series.  They've got some good things to say about TCU, but overall they think the depth of the Big East still makes them the better conference.  Hey, at least they're debating it now, right?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Are you ready???

Well it's finally here...June 12th...the day of the Digital TV conversion. It was originially supposed to happen on February 17th, but not enough people were ready, so President O'Bama delayed it until summer. He also authorized $650 million of taxpayer money to subsidize the cost of the $40 converter boxes...because watching television is apparently a basic human right, not a privilege...

Sign up today to get your $40 voucher. You paid for them, you might as well get one.

Getting off my soapbox now. Go Frogs.

Fantasy Football Matchups for 2009

ESPN picked twenty games that it would want to see this year but that are not scheduled. While I am always happy to make any kind of list from the world wide leader, I am disappointed with this pick. Baylor, Really?? Haven't we already proved that this I-35 contest is really no contest at all?

Also, what is this talk about Tech and A&M? We have placed 2nd to Texas in the top 25 polls 5 of the last 7 years with Tech taking just 2 of the 7, and what about A&M? Their program is buried outside the north side of the stadium with Reveille. It shouldn't be a surprise if we come in second in the "Texas Rankings".

Baylor vs. TCU

BaylorTCUGiven Texas Tech's youth and Texas A&M's, um, everything, this could be a silver-medal game in the Lone Star State. Bears sophomore QB Robert Griffin will see his share of stiff defenses in the Big 12, but the Horned Frogs' 4-2-5 scheme continues to baffle offenses year after year.


Morning Dump

Brewers take TCU's Chris Ellington on final day Star-Telegram

Texas football magazine goes homer for Horns Dallas Morning News

Thursday, June 11, 2009

ESPN: Top 25 Intel - No. 18 TCU

For anyone with an ESPN Insider account (which I dont have, so if you do, please forward me the article). Here is the link to the TCU preview that was released today.

Adding respect each year, Patterson's Horned Frogs are still out for more

Morning Dump

Two TCU players picked on second day of baseball draft Star-Telegram

Texas Rangers must spend big money to sign their top draft pick Star-Telegram

Fantasy matchups for the non-AQs

TCU finds success recruiting potential

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Oasis on the Horizon

"Drink some beer, eat some BBQ and listen to what the fuck I have to say!"

Alright, so baseball season is over. The Frogs didn't make it to the College World Series, as we'd hoped, but they gave it a good run and will get to Omaha sooner than later. What that now means, though, is that we're left with a 94-day TCU sports vacuum until the football team goes up to Virginia to show them preppy East-coasters with their popped-collar pastels what real football is all about.

That's a long, hot summer with not much else to quench your sports thirst other than the Rangers' inevitable collapse and some golf majors that Nike is subliminally forcing you to be interested in. Thank goodness the Dallas Alumni Association has stepped up to put on the perfect event to adequately sate your parched purple tongues. The annual Dallas Coaches' Dinner is scheduled for Thursday evening, July the 9th.

Twenty-five bones, or clams, or whatever you call them will buy you all the BBQ you can eat, all the beer you can drink, and a seat to listen to Gary Patterson, Jim Schlossnagle, Jim Christian, Danny Morrison and other TCU coaches talk about the upcoming school year and their respective teams. There's also a live and a silent auction with some pretty cool stuff that old rich people will totally out-bid you on. It's a pretty good hike up the Tollway into Plano, so getting there isn't easy, but it's more than worth the traffic hassle. I've been every year that I've lived in Dallas and honestly, I wouldn't miss it. It's been sold out the past few years, so I'd register ASAP if I were you...

Two Frogs Drafted

Matt Vern went in the 13th to the Padres and Matt Carpenter followed later in the 13th to the Cardinals. They are the 19th and 20th players drafted during the Schlossnagle era. It is also worth noting that junior catcher Brian Holaday has not yet been drafted meaning he will likely be back next year.

TCU football schedule

This was written about our schedule next season in a rivals.com article.  I thought I'd just put up our portion of it so you didn't have to wade through all the bullshit to get to the stuff you wanted to hear about.  Says our schedule is one of the toughest in the country, but I think we can handle it.

TCU: The Horned Frogs have the talent to be a "BCS-buster" this season, but is the schedule conducive to a 12-0 season? Three of the first five and four of the first seven games are on the road – Virginia, Clemson, Air Force and BYU. The Horned Frogs don't play any back-to-back home games this season; then again, there are no back-to-back road games, either. If TCU wins at Clemson, a 12-0 season beckons. A loss there, though, could lead to a letdown, and two - or even three - losses could happen.

Morning Dump

TCU building solid path toward College World Series Star-Telegram

Former Katy RB Dean transfers to TCU Houston Chronicle

Cragin finishes college career strong with TCU Galveston County Daily News

Marshall's key in Texas Christian's post season run
Chicago Daily Herald

Rangers snag hard-throwing Texas lefty with 1st pick Star-Telegram

Lets get defensive Sporting News

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Purke Moving to Arlington

Ok. So we probably lost Matt Purke, due to him being drafted No. 14 by the Rangers tonight, but at least he is coming to the Metroplex. Says alot about our recruiting and our baseball program. I will definitely be cheering this guy on if he decides to sign.

CREEP in Wolf's Clothing

The New Mexico coach staff in off-season ass-ction

Get it? Because their mascot is a wolf!

Rule #1: If you have to explain your jokes, they probably aren't funny.

Moving forward, now that the TCU athletic season is officially over, I believe it's now time to switch our focus to the fall and, namely, the short comings of our conference rivals. Case in point: New Mexico.

Looks like someone took the term, "games of inches" a bit too seriously?

Perhaps he thought he was scouting "tight ends?"

Maybe he wanted to impress the offensive staff by showing them how deep he can go on a post route?

Alright, I'm done.

... He sure showed that line how to get backfield penetration!

Sorry, bye.

J.J. Henry qualifies for U.S. Open

J.J. was one of the 13 to qualify this week for a spot in the US Open. Good to see him continuing to have a solid season.

Daly fails to get through U.S. Open qualifying - Golf.com (short note in the middle of the article)

Congratulations Frogs

Congratulations on a great season guys. This team finally made it over that 113 year super regional drought and pushed the overall number one to the brink. Maybe next year we can hit another milestone and push it on to the CWS. Go Frogs.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What is this... beis... bol?

If Rick Vaughn wasn't playin', I wasn't watchin'

I'd like to start this out by saying, I'm no fan of baseball.  I mean, I'm not AGAINST baseball per say, but it's never been one of those sports I've been absolutely die hard over.  I mean, sure, I went to Rangers games growing up all the time, and we've even had season tickets since the Ballpark opened in 1994.  However, most of the times I went it was just because I was with a youth group or because Six Flags was too dangerous after dark, not necessarily because I liked the team and, quite frankly, who could blame me?

By comparison, my TCU baseball career has been even worse.  I think I made 2 games all throughout college, and one was because it was for a class project.  It wasn't because I had a bad time when I attended; in fact, far from it. I thoroughly enjoyed the games I went to.  The stadium is phenomenal, the team is great, and it's the only place where you can eat an obscene amount of hot dogs and no one bats an eye.    But, when you're in college and your options are to go sit in the north Texas heat for 3 hours and watch a game that could potentially end as a 1-0 snooze fest or, as happened with Texas the other night, go for seven hours and 25 innings... or, on the other hand, go to Snookies or the Aardvark and chase freshman tail... well, I just didn't want to chance it.

However, this whole playoff situation college baseball has is probably the most intriguing and exciting thing I've checked out sports wise in a long time.  First off,  I love the format.  I love how you get a re-do if you crap out in a game.  I love how they spread the regionals out all over the country and how even the little guys get a chance to host .  I love how you get a chance to face a multitude of teams from your area based on your region, which furthers local rivalries - thanks for ruining it, Aggy.  Bottom line:  it's not just about money, it's about the love of the game.

Most of all, though, I love how much this whole thing is energizing the TCU community.  Now, I'm a very admitted fair weather TCU baseball fan.  I'm with everyone here who would cheer for TCU in all sports that don't involve women, because, let's face it, they aren't real sports, and we don't want to be like a Baylor who legitimizes their presence in the Big 12 by their women's bball.  However, like most of you I haven't always been willing to put in the effort.  Part of this could be because I exhaust all of my mental, physical and fiscal capacities for all things Frog from the months of September thru December... and hopefully January this year.  Part of it could be because it's not always easy to get over to games after work on a weekday to catch a 7PM tip or pitch.  Also, with the advent of the mtn, I could watch all of the basketball games on TV anyway, so, convenience, you know? 

No more though.  No more will I be that guy, that fan who shows up when things are good and act like I've always been there, and who pleads ignorance when they aren't.  After watching the games this weekend, I'm all-in.  I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but after watching the two games this weekend, I realize how seriously good our team is.  Vern, Carpenter, Featherston, that pitcher who only made the team because his brother repped him to coach S... those dudes are like the J Phil, Henson, Hughes and... Reeves Dalton? of our team. Jimmy S - see, I can't even spell the coach's name - is SO GP, and possibly even more excited to be at the school than he is.  He saw TCU as a dream job and threw all of his weight behind it, and look at what he's done.  We have one of the premiere baseball facilities in the country, pile up top recruiting classes, and are consistent players in the post season.  How can we not have been behind that?

I know this is too little too late, and that I'm admittedly jumping on the bandwagon, but, did I even mention the most important thing of all?  That we have a chance to stick it to Texas tonight?  The Longhorns?  The most well funded athletic program in the country?  The baseball program that produces such quality human beings as that ass hat Roger Clemens?  The fanbase with the most arrogant bunch of sonsabitches in the entire universe?  I laud you brave souls who are actually in attendance, because there's absolutely no way I could leave DF Field without being in handcuffs.  I've been raised against UT my entire life, but have rarely had opportunities to flaunt superiority because, I'll admit it, they smoke my teams the majority of the time.  Apparently they have some sort of ace on the mound tonight, but what does that matter?  We threw a kid on the mound last night who, like I said, is a walk on who is only at TCU by way of a North Dakota JC because his brother pushed for Schlos to watch his game tape... and he didn't allow a baserunner past first until the sixth inning.  This despite Texas employing it's "small ball" - read: bitch ball - techniques which have flattened most teams in their way this year.

I know I'm walking into a hornets net here, but I haven't been this fired up about a TCU sporting event, excluding this year's Utah game and the Southern Miss game, ever.  Seriously, ever.  I want to beat Texas so bad I can hardly make it through my workday.  It's like the day of the BYU game, and maybe worse.   If you can make it to the game, you have to:  we need all of the support we can get.  It's a hostile environment, but we overcame it last night.  If you can't, definitely tune into ESPN2 at 6.  

All the pressure is on Texas.  We're further along than anyone expected.  We have a chance to make history tonight, but if we don't, it's been a heck of a ride for a school with a comparably minute amount of funding and fan support.  Regardless, we can do it, and I think we will do it.  They may be Texas, but just remember, we're TCU, and that means a lot more in the world of sports than it does for just about every other school in the country.

Morning Dump

Frogs' miracle looked a whole lot like a Gerrish fastball Star-Telegram

TCU forces Longhorn into deciding game 3 Star-Telegram

TCU draws a bigger audience

TCU evens series with Texas ESPN

TCU forces deciding game against Texas Associated Press

Tragedy motivates Henson Washington Times

Quick notes on Purke and Grichuck

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Big, BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG ups to Paul Gerrish, who was the starting (and winning) pitcher for the Frogs today in their 3-2 victory over Texas in Game 2 of their Super Regional match-up. With his team's backs against the wall, Gerrish came up with a Man of a start- scattering 2 runs and 5 hits over 7 innings while tallying 6 K's and ZERO WALKS. Maybe I'm a baseball dork for bolding that last stat, or maybe it's just THAT important when facing a small-ball team like the Longhorns. By eliminating superfluous base-runners, Gerrish was able to diminish the 'Horns' ability to advance runners with the bunt, which was the back-breaker in Friday night's loss.

Of course, I can't leave out the kudos for the Horned Frog hitters, who came through when they had to. Seniors Matt Vern and Matt Carpenter both homered for the second straight game, and freshman Taylor Featherston went 3-4 at the plate.

What does today's win mean for the TCU Baseball program? Well, you could easily say 'nothing', because if they don't win tomorrow, they don't move on. But for a school of 7,000-something students to beat the in-state Goliath of 48,000+ students on national television to move within one win of their first trip to the College World Series...I don't think you can take all of the gravity away from this win. Whether they win tomorrow or not, it absolutely blows my mind to be able to type that we're ONE WIN AWAY FROM OMAHA. For those of you like me, that began watching the Frogs at the old TCU Baseball Diamond where the basketball practice facility now stands, our current scenario is, as the late football coach Jim Wacker would say, "Unbeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevable!"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I Got Married

Frog Legs: Surprisingly Moist... and Chocolatey!

First off, I must give thanks to lyle in his tireless efforts these past couple of weeks to hold down the blog fort in my absence because, let's face it, without our contributions, all that'd be left is the dump, which is basically just a glofied google news search.  This isn't me tooting my own horn;  it's a call to arms for all you so-called bloggers to pick up the slack when the football is kaput!  I know you aren't doing anything - with the economy, half of you are probably unemployed and the other half are dicking around at work just as I am.  You have time; use it wisely.

Ending that diatribe, I'd like to segue into the real intent of this post... which is to toot my own horn about being a Horned Frog.  For those of you who don't know, I got married two weeks ago.  In fact, some of you were even there and witnessed it first hand which means, according to the preacher, I owe you my life or something - not real clear on the theological impact of this whole thing.  Leading up to this shendig, it really made me comtemplate what a marriage was about.  Sure, it's about love and devotion and caring about someone more than yourself - something that, admittedly, isn't always easy, and I'm just two weeks in!  However, looking past the obvious cornerstones of a marriage, I decided to approach this thing from a different perspective.  

During the whole wedding planning process, I was more or less an innocent bystander.  The wife and the moms pretty much QB'd the entire process, and I was expected to just show up, run a comb through my hair, say 'I do' and stand in the background and smile.  However, I have a little more ambition than that, and decided I needed to really needed to put my stamp on this whole thing.  

So, what's the best way to do that?  Give it a real Horned Frog vibe!  After running a few lackluster propositions by the committee - purple suspenders, playing the fight song on the organ as we exited the church, having GP ordain the entire thing - I came up with the only reasonable solution:  Express my undying passion for all things Frog though pastry, which is exactly what you see above.  Seriously, look at that thing!  You can't get a full grasp on the size of it through pictures, but honestly, knowing I was going to have to put a blade in that thing was more intimidating than being told I was going to have to run a dive route with no pads with Henson and J Phil waiting in the middle.  I'm not sure exactly how this lady did it, but I know it involved a wooden platform, pounds upon pounds of butter, and whole lot of confidence knowing that not only  an entire marriage depended on it, but also that she was representing the defending 7th ranked football team in the country.  She could not have made me more proud.

So, in a belated toast, I would like to raise my class to the now mythical being who created such an intimidating and incredible symbol of love and football.  After seeing it and understanding that a 70 year old woman is responsible for sculpting it, I really have to think: how hard can marriage be?