Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Dump

Ravens grab frogs' Phillips in the 5th Star-Telegram

TCU holds off San Diego 6-5

Lions draft RB Aaron Brown in round 6
Pride of Detroit

Denver Broncos select C Blake Schlueter, TCU
Mile High Report

Mountain West in 2009 NFL draft

Players not at combine making a mark in the NFL Omaha World Herald

Dallas Cowboys draftees could be something special
Dallas Morning News


BuckNasty said...

Good draft for TCU. Most players drafted from a Texas school. F-You Pansy. Its good to see that everything worked out for Henson after not being invited to the combine. Hopefully he will get a chance to give the most overrated player in the league a shot in his earhole when he visits Dallas next year. Good luck to all the guys that got picked up.

cabrito said...

I cant wait to see what kind of recruiting will continue to follow from this draft for TCU. Especially since were going undefeated in 09.