Friday, February 27, 2009

Phillips Update

After watching a replay of the combine on TV, I got to see Phillips run his 40. On his first run he posted a 4.67. He ended up with the 5th fastest avg. with a 4.69, better than linebackers Laurinitis and Maualuga. The fastest time in was a 4.56. One of the announcers spoke about how he started all 4 years and how physically tough he is, and went on to say "I want a guy like him on my team."

Spring Practice Eve Inventory

While there are 197 agonizing days left until the season opener at Virginia (barring more schedule changes), spring practice gets underway tomorrow morning. This is the chance for some of the younger guys to step in and fill the void left by graduating seniors. Let's take a look at some of the Frogs' biggest questions marks as they prepare for their 15 scheduled spring workouts.

1) What changes will come with new co-offensive coordinators Justin Fuente & Jarrett Anderson?

While a lot of Frog fans cheered the departure of Mike Schultz, it certainly has to be for his enigmatic play-calling, because it's hard to argue with his results: 421 yards and 33 points a game on a 60:40 rush to pass ratio, producing season totals of 307 first downs (school record), 437 points (school record) and 5,477 total yards (2nd most in school history). They also led the nation in time of possession by over a full minute. I'd venture to guess that Fuente & Anderson will subscribe to the theory of not fixing things that aren't broken. What they might do, though, is improve situational play-calling and continue to evolve Ryan Christian's role in the offense (which Schultz himself seemed to figure out better towards the tail end of '08).

2) Who steps up to fill the gigantic voids left by graduating seniors on defense?

Henson. Hodge. Phillips. Coleman. Vess. Moore. Panfil. I don't think we ever envisioned Spit Blood becoming wistful, but shit...

Remember though, that the same kind of enormous void was left at DE last year when we lost Chase Ortiz and Tommy Blake. All Jerry Hughes did was blossom from the team's biggest question-mark into a 1st-Team All American. Not saying that we'll necessarily have another player step up THAT much, but I think we've got a lot of potential. Opposite Hughes at DE, look for Clarence Leatch (who showed flashes in '08), Ross Forrest (who contributed as a walk-on true freshman last year) or Braylon Broughton (who has the most upside due to his freakish mix of size & athleticism). The top candidates inside at DT are Kelly Griffin (a starter in '07), Jeremy Coleman (a very promising redshirt freshman), Cory Grant and Henry Niutei (both of whom have playing experience and plenty of size). Wayne Daniels could also contribute at either spot.

At linebacker, Daryl Washington was essentially a starter last year and could challenge Hughes to be the face of the D this year. The favorite to start alongside D-Wash is sophomore Tank Carder, although fellow sophomore Kris Gardner, redshirt freshman Greg Burks and early-enrollee true freshman Tanner Brock could also end up starting and/or contributing.

The early favorites to step into the two vacant safety spots are sophomores Tekerrein Cuba and Sir Demarco Bledsoe, although Cuba will miss spring practice with a knee injury. Former QB and fifth-year senior Marcus Jackson will move over to safety for the spring, and will join a crowded field including Corderra Hunter, Colin Jones and Johnny Fobbs vying for a spot in the rotation.

3) Who backs up Dalton at QB?

With Marcus Jackson at least temporarily moving to safety, it's possible we'll be without the peace of mind that we had when Dalton went down in the early part of last season. Whether or not Jackson returns to QB will probably depend on A) how well he does on defense and B) the extent to which another QB steps up to be a bona-fide 2nd stringer. The two top candidates are #12 Yogi Gallegos, a redshirt freshman, and #4 Casey Pachall, a blue-chip recruit who graduated high school early to enroll for the spring.

4) Will the fans show up in 2009?

Sad to say it, but probably not. Last year, despite having a decade of success behind us and an 11-2 team that flirted with the BCS, ended the year #7 and had the nation's top soul-devouring defense, we still only averaged 30,389 fans per game. That's good for 74th in the nation. I, for one, just don't get it. We have a highly-successful team with a coach who is a legend in the making and recruiting that gets better by the day, and yet fans decide to stay out in the parking lot by the thousands. You aren't going to hear me bad-mouth tailgating, because I think anyone who posts or reads Spit Blood is among the most ardent tailgaters, but isn't tailgating without watching the game a little like leaving the meat off your burger?

Yes, there are other questions- who takes over for AB on kick returns and who picks up his production on offense, who starts in the interior of the O-line, etc. But I'm tired of typing.

Instant Classic

Thanks to Spitpurple for the tip......

Morning Dump

Mountain West's attack on the BCS is flawed Sporting News

Frog's announce 2 fo $20 ticket special for senior night

No. 13 Ole Miss set to host No. 16 TCU in weekend series

The Mtn. is a boon for out-of-staters
Deseret News

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Epic Fatality II

Part 2 of the "Epic Fatality" series comes to us all the way from Hawaii. Enjoy.

Morning Dump

TCU loses composure, then loses to New Mexico Star-Telegram

Former TCU assistant has Lamar looking up in game at UTA

No. 16 TCU dominates in 6-0 victory over Dallas Baptist

Combine coverage Pewter Report
Hodge report at the bottom of the page

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bored at Work?

99 things you should see on the internet. This is definitely going to consume most of my workday tomorrow. #42 is always great.

Barack Obama wants you to buy your own damn fries

The garbage coming out of the President's mouth isn't limited to just his lies about ending needless government spending and confronting China about unfair trade practices: apparently Mr. Obama has quite the potty mouth. Click HERE if you want to hear the leader of the free world use a word that I am not allowed to use.

Morning Dump

TCU men's basketball looking for some confidence Star-Telegram

Business students cheat more than other majors Daily Skiff

Texas Christian captures the cup

Matt Curry named MWC hitter of the week

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Weekend Vaults Frogs into Top 25

The baseball Frogs got off to a pretty good start this weekend by taking 2 of 3 on the road against #5 Cal State-Fullerton. That effort landed them at #23 in this week's Baseball America Top 25. Fullerton dropped just two spots, which means the voters don't see losing a series to TCU as that much of an upset.

The series was a major breakout for the Frogs' lineup, who collected 39 hits and scored 25 runs over 3 games against one of the nation's elite teams. Freshmen Jason Coats and Taylor Featherston both started all 3 games and both homered in their college debut Friday night, and JUCO transfer slugger Matt Curry had 5 hits on the weekend, including two bombs. Senior Ben Carruthers had six hits on the weekend and 5 RBI. The hitting MVP of the weekend, though, goes to senior Chris Ellington for going 7 for 15 at the plate with a double and 4 RBI. Taylor Cragin gets the pitching MVP for his 6 shutout innings in relief on Sunday afternoon, allowing the Frogs to come back from a 5-1 deficit to win 11-6.

The home opener for the #23 Frogs is tomorrow night against Dallas Baptist at 6:30. They return to action the very next night against Texas State (or whatever the hell they are calling themselves these days), also at 6:30. Another big test looms this weekend, though, as they travel to Oxford for a three-game set with the #13 Ole Miss Rebels.

Morrison to be on TV tonight

Danny Morrison will be on Channel 52's "Tylock Lasik Sports Talk" tonight at 6:30pm. Nice to see the local media actually acknowledging that TCU exists.

Morning Dump

TCU rallies to take series from No. 5 Call State Fullerton Examiner

Hodge to play wherever

TCU linebacker Phillips eager for NFL chance Star-Telegram

Cubs rookie Cashner not same old, same old
Chicago Sun-Times

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Friday, February 20, 2009

TCU v. Clemson - 9/26

Well it is official, the ink is barely dry and we are heading back out to ACC country. Not just once but twice, on the road, to show the country what everyone else has known for a number of years now, the ACC is just no good.

Mountain West Conference Commish Takes the Fight to DC

Friday, February 20, 2009
Commish fans D.C. with BCS message
By Graham Watson

Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson on Friday concludes a two-day trip to Washington hoping to raise awareness of what he considers inadequacies in the Bowl Championship Series system.

Thompson, who held a brief teleconference with reporters, said he met with seven members of the House of Representatives' senior staff on Thursday and has several other meetings planned Friday. Because Congress is in recess, Thompson said he's speaking with staffers who will relay his message.

"We're simply here to educate, inform, make awareness about the BCS and we're trying to help our cause -- the Mountain West's cause and other conferences -- with the entire BCS system," Thompson said. "We are planning to submit within the next two weeks a proposal for changes in the BCS system. ... Our proposal will basically be for a more equitable system and we will have some suggested changes in the determination and a little more performance-based results and determination."

Thompson would not elaborate on specifics in his proposal, saying he needed to present it to his conference's board of directors before speaking publicly about his suggestions. He said the entire proposal would be released to his nine-member institutions and the media in the next couple of weeks.

Initially, it was believed that the Mountain West's case for BCS inclusion was prompted by Utah finishing its season undefeated, but Thompson said the foundation to change the BCS system was laid in the fall. The BCS, formerly broadcast on Fox, formed a new partnership with ESPN that runs from 2011-14 for the Fiesta, Orange and Sugar Bowls from 2011-2014 and 2011-2013 for the BCS National Championship Game. The deal certifies that each of the 11 conferences in the FBS and independents abide by the current rules of the BCS -- rules that still consider the Mountain West a non-automatic qualifying conference.

The Mountain West has hired Washington-based lobbying firm Arent Fox to aid its cause. Thompson said the firm helped him move from office to office Thursday to get out his message and educate senior staffers.

"I'm not certain that we're ultimately looking for government intervention, we're trying to raise public awareness," he said. "We're going to try and work within the system. Our proposal is going to go to the BCS commissioner."

Thompson and three Mountain West presidents met with ACC commissioner and current BCS coordinator John Swofford and administrator Bill Hancock in North Carolina last week and will meet again when the proposal is complete. Thompson would not say whether he was proposing a playoff to replace the current BCS system. He did say this proposal is solely being brought by the Mountain West and not the other four conferences without automatic qualifying bids.

Thompson acknowledged that his decision to lobby the federal government for BCS change is not a popular one with the current automatic qualifying conferences, but said such change needed to occur for the betterment of college football.

"You can't change something if there's nothing to look at and compare it to and suggest changes to," Thompson said. "Certainly, we're not the most popular kid in the room. I understand that. But we feel that we are trying to help college football, fans and basically institute a more equitable system for the entire populace of college football."

This was on the front page of

Road Trip Face-Off: Clemson vs. Virginia

After running the numbers, this heavyweight fight is a little too close to call.

So with the TCU - Clemson series ALLEGEDLY being officially inked, now the debate begins: For those of us who have to work and thus do not have our parents funding such extravagant things as college football road trips, it likely comes down to choosing to attend the Virginia game on September 12th or the Clemson game on September 26. Now, if we all recall, the Patterson to K-State rumors were also official for a few hours, so there's a chance this may not be a done deal, but from the sounds of things, it is. Clemson is slated to play Central Michigan that day, but CMU is wanting to back out and Clemson has allowed this if they can fill the slot. We are scheduled to play the Cokestangs that day, but apparently that will be bumped to the following weekend, which should please one lyle lanley as he had a wedding conflict on the 26th. So, assuming it is all official, the hard decision is which one to attend?

Virginia - September 12


  • Season opener. The Virginia match is the first chance to check out the new Frogs, thus reducing the additional withdrawals of waiting until the official home opener the following weekend. Considering I am officially going to have to miss the spring game unless the timing changes, it will have been a LONG layoff for my attendance at a frog football function. Having to wait even one more week will surely be far too trying on my soul. Also, we rarely lose season openers, so you can probably mark it a W.

  • Al Groh. Despite pulling one of the greatest switcheroo, ass-saving coaching performances in the second half of this past season, this guy is a zombie coach. He's terrible. When the University of Virginia, a school that is far more interested in their academic reputation than their athletic conquests, wants to run you off, you might be a red.. er, failure. Expect him to not have the Hoos ready to roll, especially against such a fierce team like the Frogs.

  • Great Destination. Charlottesville is just a few hours down the road from Washington D.C. so it is foreseeable that you could turn this into a long weekend and throw some DC into the mix. As I interned up there a few summers ago, this would definitely be a selling point for me and I know there are some other interested parties as well. Also, and as strange as it sounds for me to say this, I will be married then, and the future wife is dying to make it to DC. This would be a perfect two birds, one stone opportunity for said trip.

  • HUGE swing factor: There's a dirty rumor of the game being moved to DC. Does this have a real chance of happening? Probably not, but if it did, there's very little Clemson could do to swing the vote to their side. RFK stadium is a miserable venue, but the draw of DC cannot be denied.

  • Better flight options. You can fly directly into Charlottesville, but the only way is on a commuter flight (read: expensive, full of hassle and a deathtrap). This also means you would have to make a connection, but it still gets you directly to Charlottesville. For most of us, the best option would be to save some money and fly into a bigger hub nearby. Fortunately Charlottesville is within range of DC, Richmond and Bodymore, Murdland, and all of those airports are easily accessible from DFW and Houston. By contrast, you cannot fly directly into Clemson, SC but it looks like Charlotte is a good option as well as Greenville and maybe Atlanta. However, the first and last options are almost 3 hours away, although Greenville is only a 45 minutes trip. This is a hard category to call because they both have drawbacks, but I give UVA a slight nod because there is the option to fly directly into the town.


  • Nerds. UVA is a generally accepted "smart" school. I'm not sure what this means for the party situation because in a lot of instances nerds party just as hard if not harder than their frat doppelgangers, but is this something you want left to chance? Also, have you ever met girls from the northeast or girls that go to school in Virginia? It's like a fucking bingo parlor, man.

  • Dave Matthews Band. Yes, we all once loved the Dave Matthews Band, and if you say you didn't, you're a dirty liar. However, I like to think we've all grown out of this phase (we're all looking at you, counselor). Why is this relevant, you ask? Because Dave Matthews got their start in Charlottesville so it can be assumed that most everyone there probably LOVES DMB for this reason. There's a sign at Uptown Pub in Dallas behind the bar that reads "NO DAVE MATTHEWS EVER!" in regards to the jukebox. I choose to live my life by this credo.

  • Flip Floppers. Virginia had been a Republican stronghold pretty much ever since the United States was invented. This year though? They became Obamacentric and were a major reason he took the White House. Well, Sarah Palin didn't hurt his case either, but that's neither here nor there - I'd still bang her and even let her talk about her Russian neighbors and whisper dirty things in my ear with that accent of hers. What point am I trying to make? Just saying that do we really want to support a bunch of demmycrats? NO!

  • Dog Fighting. I'm not an advocate. I once flew into Newport News, Virginia which is where Michael Vick played HS ball and the streets are literally knee deep in dog carcasses. Well, that may not be entirely true, but people in Virginia REALLY like dog fighting. PETA does not approve of your travel destination.



  • Closer Destination. I have no idea how long it takes to drive to either place, but I'm just going with my gut on this one and saying that Clemson is surely a closer and easier drive. Also, I don't know if anyone has ever driven from Texas to the east coast, but it's one of the more beautiful drives to make in the country. Just make sure you keep your windows up and the cruise control cranked when you're driving through the backwoods of Arkansas and Tennessee as I'd imagine a bathroom stop could make the movie Deliverance look like a fairy tale.

  • Football Atmosphere. There's really no contest here - Clemson is a MAJOR bastion of college football passion. They have a stadium that seats close to 90,000. They have a delightfully delusional fanbase who expects their team to win the big one every single year despite not being able to win their conference. They also play under the shadow of Steve Spurrier at USC, so there's just that much more rage/chips on their shoulders fueling them. Honestly, I can't think of any way UVA beats them in this category. However, this is a double edged sword as you will see later.

  • Frog Rage. Lest we all forget, just a few months back these guys tried to poach our coach (yes, had to rhyme). Fortunately GP did not even return their calls nor give them the time of day, but, similar to KSU, these guys had facets of their fanbase saying that GP to Clemson was a done deal. We do not forget such transgressions.

  • Ladies. As mentioned above, and I'll admit I have never been to Charlottesville but I think I have an idea, the ladies who attend school in the state of Virginia typically leave a lot to be desired. When you combine the academic requirements for said institution, this situation becomes increasingly more dire. However, in the case of Clemson, the situation is completely the opposite as they are simply a big, dumb state school with few standards. Have you guys ever seen girls who attend SEC schools? Because, Clemson is surely more of the same despite their conference affiliation. Having grown up an SECophile, I can tell you that even the ugliest girls who attend schools like Ole Miss and Georgia would make us all want to be better men. As a bonus, I personally love those accents. I am constantly in communication with Carolina folk due to work and cannot get enough of talking to the girls there and, after a recent trip over there, can assure you that all the rumors about their looks are true. Also, considering the educational system in the southern states, you can rest assured that these girls are young, dumb, and, well, any of us eligible gentleman can help fill them with the final part of that observation. After their travails at the Outdoor Cocktail party a few years ago, I personally recommend employing I Hate H and WWHD to aid you on this journey.

  • Scenery. In this case I mean the actual scenery. South Carolina is a beautiful state, which isn't to say that Virginia isn't, because it is, but SC is a veeeery pretty state. I sat on a airplane once next to a guy who went to USC and while he was very confident about all things Gamecock, he did not even try and defend the campus setting vs. that of Clemson. Apparently it is situated by a lake right at the base of the Appalacians and is just something to see. Also, while attending the Masters last year we stayed in South Carolina because Augusta borders the two states, and, yes, it was nice. Now, campus aestheics are a distant, distant third to watching Frog Football and ruthlessly creeping on naive southern babes in the realm of this trip, but it's definitely worth a mention.

  • White Castle. Pretty sure it started in the Carolinas. No explanation needed.


  • Turrible Fanbase. Whenever you think of a misguided fanbase with hilariously unrealistic expectations, most people will think of schools such as Auburn, Texas A&M, Clemson and, more regionally, Texas Tech. These are schools with a modicum of football history with some, through some cruel twist of fate for everyone else, even having an NCAA championship under their belts. Therefore, they think they are owed national respect and should be worth mentioning in any big time program discussion. Unfortunately for these guys, this just isn't the truth and never will be. No matter, this will always be the truth to them because most of them have stadiums that seat 85,000 people who need some sort of justification of why they fight their lost cause year after year. When people wonder why GP told Auburn and Clemson thanks but no thanks, this is exactly the reason.

  • Bigotry. Now, I know with the election of Obama there is supposed to be this big, warm, fuzzy feeling in our society, and I'm all for that... but the people who made these observations obviously didn't ask South Carolinians their opinions. I mean, they still have the confederate flag on their state flag! It may be heritage and not hate, and the bigotry itself isn't what necessarily bothers me, but it's just the fact that people who promote such things are typically astronomically ignorant individuals. So, by that measure, I guess I'm bigoted towards dumb people, and South Carolina is likely full of them.

  • Competition. Now, as anyone who followed college football this past season knows, the ACC was a WILY beast when it came to conference play. The safest bet to make was to take the points in any ACC conference matchup, because in most cases the underdog would cover if not win outright. Clemson came into the year a top 10 team and a legitimate threat to win the BCS. In their first game of the year they were absolutely destroyed by Alabama and were never the same afterwards. Heck, they went on a three game losing streak where they lost to Maryland. MARYLAND!! That's worse than Tracy Jordan voting for Nader. However, Clemson does return a handful of playmakers and has a new coach in place who really got the team rolling in the latter part of the season. Do we have the team to beat them? Absolutely. Will it be harder than it looks on paper? For sure. Even without mentioning the 90,000 drunked up rednecks getting into Ginger's head (and, oh yes, Carolinians surely scorn gingers as much as they do most other races), they're like any other south eastern school who fill their team rosters with backwoods roided up mutants ready to eat someone's soul. This will easily be our toughest non conference game and potentially our toughest match up all season.

  • Bottom. I don't know about you guys, but while it's sometimes fun to be on bottom, South Carolina is ALWAYS on the bottom when it comes to Carolina lovin'. This makes me think that Carolina is a very passive state and is filled with people who aren't very interested in taking control of their lives. By this measure I just imagine a bunch of pork rind eating, hairy backed fatties populate a good majority of the state (except for the above mentioned hoes). Do I have any real foundation for this other than my loosely veiled and non-relevant sexual metaphor? Absolutely not, but I needed another con.

So, that's the matchup. I know there are others worth mentioning and I hope that all of you will do so in the comments. At this point, I still think it's too close to call. If the UVA game moves to DC, it's a no brainer for me. If not though, I'm just going to follow the pack. Let me know what you all think.

Morning Dump

TCU could add Clemson to 2009 schedule Star-Telegram
South Carolina papers on the potential game The State Charleston Post & Courier

Omaha is TCU baseball team's idea of a trip Star-Telegram

Baseball season gets underway Friday

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yaaarrrrrr mateys! The SS Leach is staying true to course

Leach and his cabin boy are free to plunder the depths of the Big 12
Staying true to his swashbuckling image, Texas Tech Head Footbaw Coach Mike Leach has been known to traverse the seas of the NCAA in search of booty, treasure and... well, mostly treasure. After a year in which Texas Tech finished up their best season ever - which included blow out losses to Oklahoma, Houston Nutt and a near miss at home against Baylor. Yes, that qualifies as 'best season ever' material in Lubbock - Texas Tech and Mike Leach have somehow completely destroyed the successful aura that briefly replaced the smell of slaughtered bovine that typically populates the Lubbock ozone. How many teams in the history of team sports can honestly talk about running off a coach who not only made their team relevant, but still has TWO seasons left on his contract? Was it greed on Leach's part? Yes. Was it arrogance on Tech's part? Absolutely. In a nutshell, Leach made outrageous contractual demands, then Tech made outrageous contractual demands out of spite and, after what pretty much amounts to a pissing contest, both sides lost. Leach thought he was better than Lubbock, except for when you see how he's still in Lubbock after 10+ seasons despite this thinking and how he recently lost out on the Washington job to a cheating assistant from USC, it's pretty obvious he's, well not. Tech thought it was better than Leach - it's amazing how a couple of years of football success has turned that program into Panhandle A&M or, as I prefer, Sand Aggys. When it comes down to it, though, Tech is still in Lubbock and Leach is still the coach who is hated by his Athletic Director and doesn't interview well enough to earn a more prominent job.
So what does this mean for Frogs fans? Well, according to a poster on KF, it means we get to keep Patterson for another year because apparently GP was out the door to Lubbock when Leach was gone because they were going to pay him 2.7 as opposed to the 2 he's making now. Since $700,000, no job security and a Lubbock residency is what sells a coach who just turned down his alma mater and big money from an SEC school. See what I mean about Sand Aggy? Even if Tech did fire Leach and came after GP, before he laughed them out the door surely he'd apprise them of his stance on schools who fire coaches mid season because, while not directly relevant, I'm sure his stance on schools who fire coaches with two years left on their contracts and who were directly responsible for coaching their team to the best season in school history is similarly negative. The good news, though? We get to go to Lubbock next year and shove their arrogance and classlessness back up their asses as we did in 05. Go Frogs.

Baseball Frogs get started this weekend

Baseball season gets underway this weekend when Jim Schlossnagle and the Frogs head to the Golden State to take on the 5th-ranked Cal State Fullerton Titans. Along with a trip to Oxford to take on Ole Miss next weekend, the Frogs' early schedule will be quite a challenge. The expected pitching starters for this weekend's games are junior Tyler Lockwood Friday night (9:00pm), sophomore Sean Hoelscher Saturday night (8:00pm) and true freshman Kyle Winkler Sunday (3:00pm).

You can read a series preview from HERE and a much more comprehensive one from the Fullerton point of view HERE. All three games can be heard on KTCU (88.7 FM) or online at

The Frogs' first two home games are next week: the home opener is Tuesday night at 6:30pm against Dallas Baptist and then Texas State comes to Lupton Wednesday night at 6:30.


Is TCU's non-conference schedule almost done? Mercedes Mayer is reporting that talks are heating up between TCU and Clemson about a possible match up for next year. The deal is apparently not close to being done, but that would be make for a great non-conference schedule in my opnion. Two prominent East coast schools, definitely good for exposure in a new region.

South Carolina paper is reporting the same story now

Jim Christian finally breaks the 7 game losing streak.

The game was close until right after half time. It was 22-23 Air Force heading in to the locker room but when we came out for the second half, the game was over. We were up by 20 at one point with 8 minutes left and I promised myself that if TCU managed to blow this lead, I would not attend another game in the 2009 season. We held on. We shot great and it was fun to watch. Too bad the MTN had the Utah game on. I guess that's what happens when you fall to almost last in the conference.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pre-spring MWC Breakdown

I think the general consensus of Spit Blood has been that ESPN's Graham Watson is mostly pretty worthless. She puts out vague and generic articles that lack any sort of depth (not saying we're any better, but we're not getting paid to do it, either). If you're a fan of that, then you're in luck: she recently put out a very USA Today-esque breakdown of each MWC team heading into spring.


I just kept waiting for Ron Artest to run in and start throwing bows.......

Link to Story

There Will Be Spit Blood

D-Day won an Academy Award for his impeccable performance in 2008.

If an Academy Award was given out for college football recruiting, I believe that G-Pa would win one this year.

Many thanks to Brooks Riggins for the picture.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're going to be physical with a capital F

Apparently that lovely institution in Waco doesn't teach spell. In his State of the 49ers address Baylor's lone big name football alum, Mike Singletary claimed that his teams would be "physical with an F" It really is impressive to have a school in D-1 that can fail to educate its players while simultaneously sucking at football, usually teams at least get one of those.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Patterson's 2009 Recruiting Class Interview

Gary Patterson has a press conference about his recruiting class on recruiting day.

An Email From a 3rd Party Marketing Group For Versus

Hi there,

How are you? My name is Ling and I am contacting you on behalf of Versus, the network that celebrates real competition. Currently, Versus is conducting research on our College Football viewers as we plan our Fall ’09 programming season. As the home of the Pac 10, Big 12, Ivy League and Mountain West conferences, we are seeking insights from college sports fans to better understand how our programming is perceived on our network. Our goal is to continue to enhance our programming of these sports to provide the best College Football viewing experience available on television. This is a rare opportunity to directly influence how this monumental event is viewed and enjoyed on air.

Here is what we are asking you to help us with:

1) Take the survey yourself by clicking here:

2) Post a button linking to the survey on your site so your readers can also share their opinions. The buttons are:

We hope that as a supporter of this genre you’ll see the value in posting our survey on your sites to allow your fans and users the chance to share their views. Please know that all responses are confidential, anonymous and your users are protected against information sharing. Our intent is only to improve the viewing experience for those who love to enjoy a match up in college football.

We truly appreciate your participation.


Ling Chan

Sinuate Media, LLC - The Organic Marketing Company SM.

Tyler Lee Linebacker Commits Before Senior Season

Blake Roberts chose the Frogs over Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech.

Here's the article from the Tyler paper, I couldn't publish the one from

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Someone forgot their crazy pills

Apparently Letterman is still on the air, and had Joaquin Phoenix on last night. He's either trying to morph into some strange hybrid of his roles in Walk the Line and Parenthood, or- considering his family's history with addiction-this is a huge, awkward cry for help. Either way, if he ever brings his hip-hop act (you heard me right) to the Metroplex, I'm so there.

Oh, and if you go see his new movie Two Lovers, you'll totally see Gwyneth Paltrow's tits.

4th non conference game?

Randy in Dallas writes: I'm curious if you've heard any rumblings about who TCU's 4th non-conference opponent is going to be this season. I've heard rumors like Ohio State, Tulane, Rice, Florida State, Ole Miss, Penn State, or Houston. I'd like to add some strength to our schedule, but I don't want to get screwed playing another I-AA team like McNeese State. Any news to ease my worries? Thanks.

Graham Watson: I've been told by a close source that something is being worked out with Houston. (Graham Watson is an ESPN analyst)

Morning Dump..a bit constipated

TCU team notes USA today

The rest of the news
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morning Dump

TCU men hoping to change luck in Vegas Star-Telegram

TCU will be the team to beat in 2009 ESPN

Argyle lineman commits Denton Record-Chronicle

Tucker named 3A rop player
Tyler Morning Telegraph

Frogs announce dates for spring football

TCU makes princeton review lists: #9 little race/class interaction, #17 conservative students and best Western colleges

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

That light may be an oncoming train for the bball team
but for the football team it means rapin, pillagin, and retail.

Well, that time is upon us again... we're nearing the end of the road of another unsuccessful bball season and we're all trying to decide if we genuinely care enough about TCU baseball to throw ourselves behind it. Not that the basketball team has been entirely disappointing; when you put it in perspective, Christian and his staff have done an absolutely phenomenal job this season despite what they inherited and the haphazard way in which they had to craft this particular basketball team. In fact, when you think about the shambles NPD left the program in, 13-10 is sort of like going undefeated at an ACC school. Regardless, it looks like after convincing wins over the likes of Texas Tech and UNLV, the Frogs are finally crashing back to earth... and hard. Regardless, I'm not here to cast stones or start, because the team is heading in the right direction... I just wish they hadn't teased us like they did. As far as the baseball team goes, it's not that I'm not a fan of the TCU baseball team.. it's just that I'm entirely skeptical on baseball as a sport in general. If CC Sabathia can weigh in at near 300 pounds and be considered the top notch "athlete" at his position, then I'm just not convinced of the athletic merit of this game you play with sticks and balls (no, not THAT game). However, and at the risk of being fairweather, I'm going to try and give the team a shot this year since it looks like this is going to be one of the best teams we've fielded in my tenure and the fact that we have one of the premier facilities in all of NCAA baseball to watch a game.
However, for those of you who don't have the will power to hang with the fledgling basketball team and the endless baseball season, fear not for I have just read that the spring football game has been scheduled for April 4th!!!! Yaaaayyyyy!! That's like less than 60 days away! What's the best part about the spring game, though? It's not the glorified hour of practice that GP puts on as an ill disguised show of support for the boosters... hell no!! It's the spring sale!!! Where else can you buy used, sweat stained equipment from all of your favorite Frog athletes? Where else can you bring $100 and come out with a jersey, a pair of shorts, and Andy Dalton's jock strap? That's right, NOWHERE EXCEPT THE SPRING SALE!!! Now, from what I understand these scheduled dates are HIGHLY tentative depending on how GP feels about the team's progress on that specific date, and I hope this is true because I'm currently scheduled to be attending a wedding on that day, but considering it's not MY wedding (and, if you'll notice I specifically planned my wedding so that it would not interfere with any Frog related sporting events. You're welcome), I think we can safely say I'll be getting out of that one. I'm so excited about this, I'm going to go ahead and put together my wish list for said sale and what it will cost any willing suitors to wrestle said items from me.
  1. Game used Robert Henson jersey from the BYU game. It'll cost you an arm, a leg, and however much it costs to repurchase your soul from satan, because I'm selling it to him if you undercut me.
  2. Game used jersey of any of the following players from said game. Frogzilla, J Phil, Red, Aaron Brown, D Wash, Hodge, Luxury Tax and Kerley. The cost will be similar, except that I will keep your soul in tact and instead drain all of your spinal fluid in your sleep causing instant paralysis (at least I think that's what would happen. Regardless, have fun being Stephen Hawking without the smarts for the rest of your life!)
  3. Frog Basketball shorts. Team basketball shorts are pretty much my non work attire on any given day, but I have yet to obtain any of the Frog variety. I feel like I can lower my cost on this one due to the increased supply as compared to the first two items. It's going to cost you picking up my drink tab at the Oui after the game and spot me some quarters for however many times the jukebox will allow me to play "Walking on Broken Glass," by Annie Lennox, "God bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood and "The Body of an American" by the Pogues.
  4. Game worn Zvonko Buljan jersey. Let's keep this one on par with how they would handle this situation in the Eastern Bloc: It's going to cost you your consitutional rights, your love of capitalism, and your right hand
  5. Game Worn Helmet. Interesting trades considered.

So, there you go everyone, that's what your up against if you desire any of the above mentioned items. I just suggest that you get there early, bring lots of cash and bartering skills, and arm yourself to the teeth. Good luck and God bless... and maybe put some feelers out there on the going rate of your kidney between now and then. You know I will have done the same.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jimmy C addresses inconsistency

Just a few weeks ago, the Frog hoops team was flying high after an overtime victory over Wyoming put them in first place in the Mountain West with a 4-1 conference mark and a 13-6 overall record. Three consecutive losses (2 of them blowouts) later, they are 4-4 and in danger of fading to the back of the MWC pack. Coach Christian addressed his team's inconsistencies in this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Christian says "drastic changes" in TCU lineup are coming

Hopefully the changes he'll be making will work as the Frogs move into the second half of their conference schedule. We'll get our first glimpse of those revisions tonight when they take on Colorado State at 8:30pm in Fort Collins. You can watch it on The Mtn if you have it, or listen to it on KTCU 88.7 FM.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

DCTF Breaks Down TCU's Class

Well, there weren't a whole lot of surprises for us Horned Frog fans on Football Christmas yesterday, aside from that pesky (and ultimately false) rumor that Justin Isadore was switching his commitment & signing with Kansas. The lack of surprises was alright, though, because Football Santa (in this case, GP) brought us everything we wanted. The good folks at Dave Campbell's Texas Football had plenty of nice things to say about the Frogs' class, and you can read all about it HERE.

After all of those presents were unwrapped yesterday, there was one last gift: the first commitment of the Class of 2010! David Johnson, a defensive tackle from Argyle, TX and life-long Frog fan, decided that TCU was the place for him.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More recruitment musings

Gotta love that compiled winning % and AP rank.

What do recruiting rankings mean anyways? -

Morning Dump

Gary Patterson puts finishing touches on TCU coaching staff Star-Telegram

Recruits buying what Gary Patterson's pitching Star-Telegram

Curtis standout Kenny Cain commits to TCU Times-Picayune

Summer camps key in college football recruiting AP

Cain commitment video

NFL Combine List

Here is the official NFL scouting combine list for Non-BCS players. Hodge and Phillips deservingly made the list. Im pretty disappointed to see players like No-NFL talent Ian Johnson make the list but leave off a few other of our guys that I believe would be better NFL material than him. Also, when I googled NFL scouting combine 2009, this was the first image that popped up.

We don't have a new OC, we have 2

The speculation over the past few weeks was that Patterson would replace departed Offensive Coordinator Mike Schultz with either Justin Fuente or Jarrett Anderson. Yesterday it was announced that Fuente and Anderson will become Co-Offensive Coordinators. Fuente will also coach the quarterbacks, Anderson the running backs and coaching staff newcomer Rusty Burns will coach the wide recievers. So all of you Schultz-haters that will no doubt still be cranky about the play-calling, you'll have to get used to shouting "What the hell are you doing, Fuenderson?!?!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another RB Stud? Sure, why not...

With just two days before Football Christmas, aka National Signing Day, GP & staff added yet another stud running back to the Class of 2009. David Smoak of (THE source for anything related to East Texas football) is reporting that Carthage running back Dwight Smith has committed to play for TCU.

If you haven't heard of Smith, it's because he's flown under the recruiting radar for the most part. He relocated to Carthage from California just before the fall semester and then ran wild, setting school records with 2,820 yards and 41 touchdowns while leading the Bulldogs to their first-ever 3A state title. He flat-out DOMINATED the state title game against Celina, racking up 271 yards and 5 touchdowns, including a 90-yarder that was the nail in the coffin (VIDEO). He was named All-East Texas Player of the Year by and 3A Player of the Year by both the Associated Press and Dave Campbell's Texas Football.

There has been some question as to whether he will be academically eligible, but word is that those questions are not because of his grades, but because of some red-tape that needed to be sorted through dealing with transferring some of his high school credits from California to Texas. If he is able to qualify, the Frogs are going to be brining in 3 extremely talented running backs with Smith, Matthew Tucker & Waymon James.