Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ESPN college football front page talking MWC BCS

MWC says it's proved its point

Big East vs MWC

Your take: BCS entrance or a playoff system


FreeAB said...

How can they compare the MWC to the big East over the past 4 years when they have had all the advantages of being in auto BCS qualifier. Attendence and recruiting advantages by just being in an auto-qualifying conference are huge.

CounselorFrog said...

That is such bullshit to talk about the "BcS" bowls. If the current system had been in place 6 six years ago, TCU would already have played in two BcS games. On another note, you have no idea how much I hate it when the names of Louisville and Cincinnati get brought up at any occasion. Lets recap our record against these two when we all played together. 4-3 with one of those losses coming to Cinci in OT. (We were 3-1 against the pride of the Big East, Louisville, and 1-1 to USF). These teams jump ship to go to a basketball conference and all of sudden their football teams got to be top tier?? Well if that is the logic that you are using then our play against them when we were all together should boost up as top tier as well.