Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Front page of Scout


The picture above is on the front of scout, with the title Point Taken. It links into a great article that talks about Patterson's win by one philosophy, of course our stout defense and then gives some serious props to next year's potential.

Combine that with the fact that Poinsettia Bowl came in as the 7th most watched cable program last week and it seems like, for a few days at least, our Frogs are getting some of the good press they have long deserved. In fact I was out, in my home down which is dominated by college football, the day after the bowl and actually had more people than I could count congratulate me on the win. Never, prior to that night, had I ever been out at home and had anything complimentary said to me about the Frogs. The fact that the local team was a disaster this year may have forced them to take a look around the country, but still it was a nice change for me.

Now if GP and company are able to parlay the good will earned from this season with a strong showing next year TCU will be much closer to cementing their place among those the media views as the "elite".

Bucknasty you'll be disapointed...

Apparently NM State is very close to a deal with UCLA's D-Coordinator DeWayne Walker. So it looks like Schultz will be back next year. Like most O-Coordinators he is hated at times, but its tough to argue with some of the number we've posted. OK maybe it's not that tough, but continuity is good.

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