Thursday, December 25, 2008


Is it completely gay to use a catch-phrase from Entourage now that the show has fully slid into mediocrity? Well, even if it is, I think it's appropriate- I was as shameless as Johnny Drama in my euphoria after the Frogs' win Tuesday night.

This game ranks right up there with the '05 win at Oklahoma and the '06 public humiliation of Graham Harrell and his red & black inbred army. The long-standing argument against TCU has been "you guys don't play anybody" (usually from someone who has no clue what they're talking about). Well, the Frogs just played an undefeated, Top 10 team for the FOURTH TIME THIS SEASON. We went 2-2 in those games, which is pretty impressive considering exactly one of them was played inside the borders of this blessed piece of earth we call Texas. Our reward? A place in the post-season Top 10- a pretty impressive feat for little ol' TCU.

I have to say, Boise fans are an odd mix. About 25% of them seemed to be very humble, gracious and realistic about their team. To them I say great game, Broncos. It was a hard-fought thriller that could've gone either way. Best of luck to your team in the future, and hopefully this will be a conference game before too long. The other 75%, however, were a lot like Tech fans. Rude, obnoxious and arrogant for no reason at all. Yes, you WERE undefeated, but you play in a conference that Paschall could probably rank in the top half of (for you non-Texan readers of Spit Blood, Paschall is the Texas High School Football equivalent of, well, most teams in the WAC). And yes, we all saw you beat Oklahoma, but that was two years ago and if you'll remember, we actually beat the Sooners in their own house. I can't tell you how many times some clown dressed in blue & orange (you Camp Longhorns kids would've felt right at home) told me that the Frogs didn't even belong on the same field as the Broncos.

I don't know if there's a whole lot more to say about the game that Sir Wesley Willis hasn't already covered, but damn- how good did it feel to finally win one of these make-or-break games? As many times as we Frog fans have had our hearts ripped out, it was incredibly satisfying to see GP & his troops stand tall in the face of a 13-0 (mostly self-made) deficit and claw their way back. Both Aaron Brown & Joseph Turner's touchdowns were microcosms of the team's effort as whole: there was no way they were going to be denied.

Before the game, WWHD and I came to an agreement that the Player of the Game against Boise would forever earn themselves a new nickname. So with 11 tackles, a quarterback sack and game-sealing interception, I would like to present the Spit Blood Poinsettia Bowl Player of the Game Award to Stephen "Gargamel" Hodge, for his efforts in squashing those pesky Smurf motherfuckers.

For those of you that did not make it out to San Diego, I don't know what to tell you other than you missed out on a really special trip. I'll let the following interaction, which took place at the team hotel after the game, serve as punctuation for this post:

WWHD: "Coach, All I wanted for Christmas was to beat those guys"

Gary Patterson: "Well, Merry Christmas"

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