Tuesday, December 23, 2008

VICTORY: It wasn't pretty, but it sure was beautiful

I can not possibly write anything sufficient or coherent at this moment but I feel something needs to be posted. It wasn't pretty, but we won. I can honestly say I will miss this senior class more than any previous, and did they ever make an impact tonight. Aaron Brown, Steven Coleman, Stephen-Poinsettia Bowl MVP-Hodge, Giles Montgomery, Cody Moore, Matt Panfil, Jason Phillips, Preston Phillips, Heath Raetz, Shae Reagan, Blake Schlueter, James Vess, Justin Watts and Drew Combs, thanks to all of you, this is a fitting way to go out. Here is to you, the winningest class in TCU history.

Initial recap ESPN, courtesy AP

Bowl Games: Apparently NOT like a vacation

Yeah, it's fair to say these dudes are tougher than both of our football teams

I'd like to start off by saying that, while I understand I have far more free time at work than a lot of you, there's still no excuse for the lack of participation on the blog today considering the circumstances this evening. I'm very disappointed in all of you.

As for my post, I was just going to say that Boise may not want to use this story as a recruiting tool. When I read about the bowl games, it sounds like there is definitely a lot of work involved, but it's also a time for for the teams to be active in the community, go see a few attactions, and really enjoy themselves as a reward for a successful season. Unless you're a redshirt athlete at Boise. Then you get to train with the Navy Seals at 7:00 AM. I am not sure if any of you have watched the Navy Seals BUD/S training on the Discovery Channel, but I have, and it's anything but a vacation. Honestly, anyone who can make it through that gauntlet is probably in the top 1% of toughest people on earth. For anyone who denies this, I urge you to read Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor, which is a true account of the worst loss of life in SEAL history, but also outlines in great detail all the training it takes to become a SEAL. Regardless, after being a hitting dummy in practices all year, I'm sure this isn't the reward the young Broncos had in mind.

Know when to hold em', know when to fold em'

For all my fellow degenerate gamblers out there, this is a pretty good breakdown of the why the lines are set where they are. Big money on the Frogs and the under.

What bettors need to know:Poinsettia Bowl
- Covers.com

Poinsettia Bowl Preview: We Ready.

You've got some big, intimidating shoes to fill, D Wash.

Before getting to it, a few clarifications. One, I'm not going to go back and change the preview itself, but after thinking about it more, I'm calling the WR matchup a push. Partly because I think it's unfair if the game is too far skewed in favor of TCU because it's very evenly matched in most aspects, but mostly because it's the right call. They may not statistically have a Jimmy Young or Jeremy Kerley, but they've got about as close as we've seen all year and they have the second best QB we've seen all year, and that's only because the other guy won a Heisman. Also, as we're all fully aware, RH-51 is not going to be blowing anyone up tonight, but, honestly, this is a personnel loss that isn't going to sink us. Losing his leadership is going to be tough, and we're all aware how he gets the crowd and team more fired up than anyone else, but Daryl Washington is a more than adequate replacement who has played plenty of minutes throughout his career. It won't be like having Henson back there, but it's probably the next best thing. This will not change my linebacker edge. Lastly, and most importantly, having a healthy Jeremy Kerley back I think is going to be the most important thing for this team. I actually feel that this negates the loss of Henson. Before I make my call on the game, though, let's recap the prediction.

QB: Boise


WR: push




DB: Boise

ST: Boise

Tally - TCU: 4.5, Boise: 3.5.

That seems about right to me. What do I think is going to happen? I think the 41 point o/u is spot on. I don't think Boise is going to score more than two TDs, but I also don't think we'll score much more than that. I think the kicking game will come into play and that Ross Evans needs to sack up and redeem himself. I think TCU will try to ram the ball down Boise's throats and exploit that matchup. I think Kellen Moore will beat our D backs on a few plays, maybe even a big one, but I don't think he's going to have a whole lot of time to throw. Basically, I think it's going to be an intensely physical game controlled at the line and I think TCU is going to come away with the win.

The call - TCU 24, Boise 17.

Poinsettia Pre-Game Montage

I thought this was appropriate due to the impending battle that our Horn Frog Warriors will soon be engaged. Death to the Broncos. SPIT!!

"Football is a violent game played by violent people, so put a smile on your face, murder in your heart and lets go kick these fuckers in the mouth" -Dick Bumpas, TCU Defensive Coordinator

*special thanks to Threads for the killer quote.

Morning/Pre-game Dump

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