Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mo $ for GP?

Galloway just mentioned that he had talked to sources who said TCU has already upped the money they are offering to keep GP. Anyone know anything about this?

Let the rumor mill begin again

Tuberville is out at Auburn, team meeting to be held at 6:00pm tonight

Frogs Dominate the All MWC Team

MWC Defensive Player of the Year - Jerry Hughes

First Team Offense:
Schlueter - OL
Kerley - KR

First Team Defense (Absolute Domination):
Hughes - DL
Henson - LB
Phillips - LB
Hodge - DB

Second Team Offense:
Newhouse - OL

Second Team Defense:
Moore - DL
Panfil - DL
Coleman - DB
Priest - DB

Honorable Mentions:
Andy Dalton, So., QB; Jimmy Young, So., WR; Marcus Cannon, So., OL; Aaron Brown; Sr., KR; James Vess, Sr., NT; Nick Sanders; Jr., CB; Anson Kelton, Fr., P.

Ball State says No to Humanitarian Bowl

Why does this matter? Because Boise really wanted Ball State on the blue turf for their bowl match-up. Since it seems likely that we will end up in San Diego Ball State passing makes a potential game against Boise more likely. Could be two top ten teams by that point and I'm still a bit pissed they beat us a few years ago. Granted this all seems a bit premature seeing as how the BCS has not released BSU, BSU or TCU. I'm still hoping for a Sugar Bowl appearance marking the 70th anniversary of our Sugar Bowl win over Carnegie Tech and national championship, but if I can't have that a top ten bowl opponent would be a nice consolation.

Ball State passes on H-bowl Idaho Statesman

Bring on Boise State!

TCU is now 11 days removed the regular season-concluding 44-10 win over Air Force, and we still do not know where they'll be bowling...or do we?

The rumors of a #11 TCU vs. #9 Boise State matchup in the Poinsettia Bowl have been swirling for weeks now. GP himself has even stated publicly that he is in favor of taking on the Broncos. There were several potential obstacles standing in the way of it, but those appear to be disappearing.

First, there's the BCS. Obviously both schools would rather end up in Miami or New Orleans or Phoenix. But with Utah clinching a BCS bid and the Big 12 and SEC essentially being promised an additional one, that leaves one slot open. The choices: 12-0 Boise, 10-2 TCU and 10-2 Ohio State. And I guess 12-0 Ball State, but come on. I'm not here to argue merit, because that's not what the bowl officials will be looking at. They see Ohio State as a brand-name, and the chances they'd pass on them for a non-BCS conference team like Boise or TCU is slim to none.

Next, there was the Las Vegas Bowl. They have the first choice of MWC teams not named Utah this year, and stated last week that their choice would be either TCU or BYU. It looks now like they'll go with BYU, even if they won't officially say so until Sunday. The Cougars will probably take on Arizona, who'll be making their first bowl trip in 10 years, so they will probably sell a good amount of tickets.

Then there were the people from Roady's, a chain of truck-stops that are the title sponsor of the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl that happens to be played in Boise. They were rumored to be very upset with the WAC Conference and Boise State if the hometown Broncos did not play in that game. There was an effort to lure undefeated Ball State to be the opponent in the game, but that effort appears to have failed.

So, it looks like barring some sort of miracle last-minute change of heart by one of the BCS bowls to invite either the Frogs or Broncos, they'll be facing eachother on Tuesday, December 23rd in San Diego.

I, for one, plan on being there to witness it.

Gator's '08 season done

After recording 81 tackles, an interception and 4 defended passes in 10 starts, Marvin "Gator" White's 2008 season is over- he tore an ACL last Sunday against Baltimore. You can read more HERE. Gator, if you're reading this- all of us here at Spit Blood wish you a speedy recovery and for you to get out of Cincinnati- the Bengals are about as well-run an organization as the Texas Rangers...

Wetzel’s playoff plan: I’ll drink to that

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports/Rivals offers a great assessment of what a playoff scenario could look like. Read the article, it's entertaining.

The TCU Wikipedia Condition

It has been brought to my attention by a Spit Blood reader that TCU's Wikipedia page is pathetic at best. Take a look for yourself. There is hardly any content and no pictures of the campus. You would think our marketing department would be all over this, but I guess they don't think it's that important. I, on the other hand, think it is crucial to have an attractive, informative Wikipedia page. Think about a recruit who is looking up TCU for the first time, and this is what they see. The page screams boring, and with no pictures of the campus, they are probably left with a confused, empty feeling inside.

I don't know if any of our readers have any experience contributing to Wikipedia entries, but at least I wanted to get the word out. Surely somebody knows someone willing to take some time to help improve our university's page. Even SMU's page has pictures and more content than ours. Unacceptable. If nothing more, at least spread the word along to anyone who would be a good source to contribute to the entry.

I'm going to post something on Purple Menace today, and if anyone posts on "that other site", please feel free to bring up this topic. With those two outlets, Spitblood, and word of mouth, I think we can get something accomplished here.

Morning Dump

TCU's men's basketball team wants to go from road kill to road hog Star-Telegram

Hughes named Hendricks award finalist

Nothing is final until BCS sets its lineup Denver Post

Bengals place S White on reserved/injured list

GP not interested in MSU Mr. SEC