Saturday, November 29, 2008

Subject: Drunk and Pissed Off aka a BCS Saturday

Late night chat with DisciplesofGP:

One of 3 things happened tonight when I chugged 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of whiskey (divide by 18, seriously, I’m inflating) while working myself into another college football induced rage (multiply by 18, seriously). This is one of about 1,000 football rages I have every year. Anyway, reason #1 I had too much to drink and am talking gibberish. #2 I came up with the only way to end the football fan apartheid that is the modern day BCS. #3 I wrote a pop song or a screenplay describing something so awesome I want to cry man tears. Anyway decide for yourself. Here’s what I came up with, my vision if you will:

Tomorrow: BEFORE the BCS poll is released Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, Mike Leach, and Jerry Jones hold a press conference at Texas Stadium. They declare that they’ve all signed a contract declaring that two weeks from now they will all meet in Dallas at TX Stadium for a 3-way playoff “exhibition” over 3 wks. They are inviting USC and the winner of FL/AL and the next 3 highest rated BCS teams to attend. These games will all take place before most bowls and before all BCS bowls. They declare that no longer will politics and money govern the best fan sport in the world. If any team declines, they will take the next highest ranked team to compete in an 8-team playoff. Playoffs will take place in Dallas for all games where it’s a TX/OU team vs a TX/OU team. All others will be played at a mutually acceptable location that is equal distance between schools. There will be a TV bidding war on EBay- highest bidder wins the right to cover the games. Teams playing split revenue 50/50. Can you imagine the TV ratings this would get? Lifetime could get Super Bowl type ratings if it had the high bid. Refs will be from a neutral conference and seeding will be decided by BCS ranking (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, etc). Also ALL SCHOOLS participating will still honor any BCS, Conference, or TV contract they have. However, [not stated, but in the contract between participating teams] they will be honoring those conference, post season, and TV obligations with their practice squads. Sue them BCS. How long do you think it would take to resolve that? By then the games will have been played. Besides, good luck finding any judge or jury that doesn’t think you (whoever the F you are) is total bullshit. Who is the BCS?? I’ve never met any football fan that can actually tell me what the BCS is in a context that doesn’t sound similar to the Medellin Cartel. Will the Conference sue? Kick OU, TX, TTU, FL, AL, and USC out? Not hardly- the only reason the Pac 10 isn’t the MAC is b/c it has USC (and its west coast media mafia sportswriter following). The other 2 conferences wouldn’t dare kick any of those ‘insurgent’ teams out. Anyone who begs off and doesn’t show will be shown for what they are- a coward, hiding behind politics and a rigged system- afraid to put it on the line. Let the postseason polls, votes, and water cooler talk land where it may- but my 1-8 teams will be the ones that had the balls to show up and decide it on the field.

I know it will never happen. I admit it's my (and prob 95% of college football fan's) "perfect world" pipe dream. I know at the end of the day nobody has the balls to do it. Mack- no way, it’s not PC and could hurt his post coaching governorship bid. Carroll would prob have to consult with his publicist, 15 agents, and a makeup artist named 'Bart.' Stoops, prob not b/c he’ll get in anyway. Leach. Well I feel pretty confident Leach has the balls to actually do it. I think he’d do it whether #1 or #100. Same with Patterson. Same with Joe Pa. All of them actually have the balls, honor, or whatever you want to call it to actually let their kids decide it on the field instead of a computer or some fat cat sportswriter. All would relish the opportunity to just compete and settle it on the field. I’m so fucking sick of seeing coaches forced to politic on TV for their “case” on why it should be them vs another equally deserving team. Fuck this. We fans deserve better. Even Obama would support this (oh S, does this mean I could be wrong??). End the money and politics in college football. It’s not only disgustingly un-American, but it is also keeping this drunk asshole up all night typing a pissed off rant that will change nothing when he should be out at a bar or asleep in his bed- definitely not up late typing…..trying to communicate his thoughts of rage on how college football is devoid of any measure of honor, sportsmanship, or fairness.

Movin On Up........

Looks like we might just crack that top 12 in the next BCS standings.

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