Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hasty Rankings Update

Only 50 more minutes of work this week, which means take no more than 20 minutes to complete this update then hit the road 30 minutes early. Rather than give a big overview of all the polls, I'm just going to skip to the games themselves. Further, I'm only going to list games that the outcome could directly affect us (read: no UT/ATM or FLA/FSU). Quite a few this week that have impact. Also, I forget how great Thanksgiving football is... all day Friday AND all day Saturday.

Just an FYI if you weren't aware, Frogs are 14th in all polls, which is now our ceiling unless some teams ahead of us lose. The only chance we'll have to make a move after this week is Mizzou loses in the Big 12 Championship.

Games that REALLY Matter. (AP/Coaches/BCS)

#18/23/22 Georgia Tech at #13/13/11 Georgia. They keep trying to say there's an outside shot that the Frogs could play the Bulldogs in the Independence Bowl. I personally haven't done the math, and since the MWC can't fill their bowls they won't let us slip away anyway, I'm not holding out. Regardless, Georgia is a decent team at best, and Stafford has already made it known that he's going pro (I have my sources), so perhaps they come in unfocused and let the Bees and their pesky triple option TRIPle them up?? Regardless, it'd be nice to gain a spot in the rankings.

#12/11/13 Missouri vs. Kansas. The game is in Kansas City, which makes you wonder why Missouri would give up a home game to play a rivalry game in the state of Kansas, but to each his own. Kansas has fallen off quite sharply since their BCS trip last year, but Missouri needs to come out and box someone before going against the still to be determined south team in the conference bloodbathionship. You never know what can happen in these rivalry games, and I suppose this is a semi trap since Missouri has already locked up the north title and wouldn't want to injure anyone, but either way I think the Tigers win.

#2/2/3 Oklahoma at #11/12/12 Oklahoma State. Yet again the Big 12 south is having the biggest game in the history of civilization! This time it's the Bedlam edition and OU has tons to play for as a win here should sneak them past Texas in the BCS rankings and into the Big 12 Championship. If Big Game Bob game pull that one off, there's little doubt that OU would be in the NC. Bodes pretty well for the Frogs that of the two teams we lost to, one could be in the big game and the other will be in the Fiesta or Sugar. Sorry for the salt in the wound there.

There are plenty of great rivalry games this weekend, but none would improve our ranking. Sorry for the abbreviated version, especially this being the last week of the regular season, but I gotta get outta here and I didn't want to feel like I was neglecting my duty. So, go Sooners, Jayhawks and Yellowjackets.

More Love for Jerry Hughes

Bruce Feldman from espn.com's list of top 10 defenders in college football. Hughes landed at #2. I'm glad people take notice of our "phenomenal D" finally.


GP and Morrison Talk it Out...

... and nothing happens. I don't know about you guys, but I was frantically checking the Star Telegram and message boards yesterday trying to see what came out of the meeting, but, for now at least, Patterson is keeping it under wraps. It sounds like they talked about his contract situation and situations with other schools, but he wasn't divulging anything. On a positive note, Kansas State filled their opening and GP says he has not had any communication with Clemson. On a negative note, he definitely did not close the door on exploring other situations. Judge for yourself.