Monday, November 17, 2008

Fox Sports Abandons BCS Bid

Now another reason why..............ESPN will be out to get you.

ESPN hates you.

And more importantly, ESPN hates your team.

ESPN will go to any length to diss your team. Any length. You know that LSU coozie you used to have but can’t seem to find? ESPN took it. Because ESPN hates LSU. That is, if LSU is your team.

It has nothing to do with you being too passionately involved in both liking your team and hating other teams. ESPN just likes to fuck with your head. That's why when Mark May says something like 'LSU has question marks at quarterback. Watch out for Florida in this one' you get pissed. Sure, you just read the same thing in the Times Picayune. But the Times Picayune isn't ESPN - who clearly is having a love affair with Urban Meyer and the Gators while simultaneously throwing the LSU Bengal Tigers under the bus every chance they get.

Unless you're a Florida fan. In which case the time that Chris Fowler made that dig about Urban Meyer's 28-point loss to Alabama is clear evidence of an ESPN-wide plan to, in fact, shut the UF football program down.

Remember that time ESPN ran a story about your favorite player getting arrested? Nevermind that he actually did get arrested. That's bullshit. ESPN is bullshit. And it is obvious that, by running timely stories about factual events, ESPN is biased against your team.

It doesn't matter who you pull for.

Whoever your favorite team is, ESPN hates it. ESPN hates anything you love, and loves anything you hate.

ESPN hates your dad. Unless you hate your dad. In which case ESPN loves your dad.

If you love bread, ESPN is 'anti-sandwich.' If you hate end-pieces, ESPN will run a special about end pieces. Mark May will hold up two hard, crusty-ass end pieces and hype the shit out of them all year long. Bob Ley will run a special called ‘Outside The Loaf.’ Ivan Maisel will write a column with a pun-filled headline like 'The piece to the end puzzle' and mind-force you to read it and then email him in anger about it.

If you were for the Union, ESPN was for the Confederacy.

If you had a Sega Genesis, ESPN had a Super Nintendo. If you had a Super Nintendo, ESPN had Sega Genesis.

If you liked like Tombstone, ESPN liked Wyatt Earp.

If you preferred Use Your Illusion I, ESPN preferred Use Your Illusion II.

If you pulled for Dan, ESPN pulled for Dave.

If you think OJ is guilty, ESPN is black.

ESPN hates everything you stand for. Unless you stand for something else. Then ESPN hates that too.

Thats What She Said

Since its such a slow day........................

College Vault Books: Texas Christian University

"Go Frogs!" In the Texas Christian University Football Vault®: The History of the Horned Frogs, celebrated sportswriter and novelist Dan Jenkins takes the reader from the days of the Old Wild West and Add-Ran College through the pass-slinging days of Sam Baugh and Davey O’Brien to today’s Mountain West power. This detailed “scrapbook” contains never-before-published photographs, artwork and memorabilia drawn from TCU’s athletic department and school archives. Tucked into dozens of pockets, fans will find reproductions of old game programs, historic tickets, postcards and photos. These fascinating replicas include an 1899 team photo, a 1940s Sam Baugh movie photo, a 1938 Davey O’Brien card, a 1950 Texas game ticket, a 1955 Jim Swink poster, a 1994 Max Knake All-America certificate and a 2000 “LT for Heisman” sticker. No Frogs fan should be without this “home archive” of TCU’s illustrious football history.Foreword by Gary Patterson Afterword by LaDainian Tomlinson.
These are already on sale at the TCU Bookstore, and on Friday the 21st Dan Jenkins and Gary Patterson will be signing copies. If someone would be a doll and get a copy signed for me I can reimburse you on Friday night when I get into town. You will also be nominated into the Spitblood TCU Hall of Fame (not yet created).