Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hope I'm Not Interrupting NBA Talk

Patterson's family doesn't see K-State move

The ritual is for Gail and Keith Patterson to speak with their son Gary, the football coach at Texas Christian, on the phone after his games. When they spoke to him last Thursday, there was no mention of the Kansas State coaching vacancy. But sensing that he might be linked to the job, the Pattersons later took their phone off the hook. Of course, that meant they couldn't hear from Gary, who apparently tried to call Friday, when an Internet report about Patterson becoming K-State's coach was denied by Patterson and the Wildcats. "But he spoke to his sister, and he told her, 'Make sure you tell Mom and Dad I'm not taking that job,'" Gail Patterson said. "I'm sure he's not taking that job." If that's the case, it would remove one of the most attractive candidates K-State may or may not have identified to replace Ron Prince. And Wednesday, there wasn't much information filtering out of Bramlage Coliseum, where athletic director Bob Krause's office is located.

Credit to he who hates H with the find.

Back in the Saddle

Just imagine that there are Utah fans on the receiving end of that stubby little finger.
And that the kid isn't wearing red and black Ute colors.
Just like most of the rest of you, it's been a tough week to take. Tough because of the game, even tougher because of the GP rumors, and then rock bottom because we're off this week. Do we probably need a week to regroup after it all? Yes, more than likely. However, sometimes it's a lot better to be able to get right back on the horse and kick the crap out of another team to get over a loss, but unfortunately we have to wait another week for this. The good news? We really didn't drop as far in the rankings as I thought we might. I kind of figured that the voters might try and make a statement and uphold the BCS bias and drop us anywhere from 18-20, but it looks like the coaches and computers still have a little faith in us by keeping us at 18th and that the AP voters really like that Frog musk and only dropped us to 15th. There's still a lot left at stake: pride, a share of the conference championship, a better bowl game and a potential Top 15 overall ranking when all is said and done.
This Top 25 analysis really doesn't hold as much meaning because we aren't religiously glued to it in hopes of a BCS bid, but I am still powering on. WWHD and I sat on my couch and tried to figure out how we could backdoor our way in to one of the big games, and, despite my protests, he didn't let it die until we'd exhausted all the possible scenarios. With 1 loss we weren't guaranteed anything better than the Las Vegas Bowl, but likely were in. With 2, things could either end up positive (like a conference share and Vegas), or get bad in a hurry (like Armed Forces bad). If we come out flat against AF like last year and BYU upsets Utah, we'll still be looking for the bottom when twoadays crank up next year. More on that though in an AF game related post next week. Let's get on with the rankings and how we're going to battle into the Top 10!
AP - 15th.
Ugh, I know it makes me sound like a spoiled fan when I get grumpy about our two loss Non BCS team being ranked ONLY 15th in the nation, but it just kills me considering what could've been. Regardless, kudos to Alabama for knocking LSU down a few spots which helped halt our slide, as well as the Big Least and ACC being absolutely terrible and continuing to cannibalize each other. Seriously, I bet you can't find more than 5 games in either conference this year where the higher ranked team won. Normally, when you're talking about the SEC or the Big 12, this would be a testament to how strong the conferences are from top to bottom... but, in this case, it's the complete opposite. Bad, bad conferences. We'd run the tables in the Big East and only get tripped up maybe once in the ACC. Uggghhhhhhhh life isn't fair.
Sorry, digression. Anyway, the AP voters kept us ahead of every two loss team from these conferences (rightly so) as well as Michigan State (we'd beat them solely based on their run first offense), UNC (we'd win. I know nothing about them, but we'd win) and BYU (I think we beat them this year? Does anyone remember that game?) Ball State ingloriously jumped us into the 14 hole, but, of course, this is bullshit of the highest degree. Naturally I am going to be biased and say that we're better than all of the above mentioned teams, but, honestly, on a neutral field, I think we would beat any of them. Regardless, these rankings are fair enough to me, although our only losses are in the Top 8.
Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of room for movement this week. There just aren't that many good games on the slate. #14 Ball State went ahead and put down that 2-8 powerhouse Miami of Ohio. #9 Boise takes on 2-8 Idaho, #10 Ohio State (RANKED WAAAYYY TOO HIGH) travels to 5-5 Illinois, #11 Oklahoma State plays a bad 5-5 Colorado team, #12 Missouri is at 2-8 Iowa State and #13 Georgia is at FAILburn. Whoopie. Looks like I picked the wrong weekend to go to Vegas and bet on college football, no? If you move further up the rankings, which I doesn't matter because a loss to any of these teams wouldn't move us up, things are just as bleak with 3-7 Indiana at #8 Penn State, #7 Booooooootah at 1-7 Whale's Vagina State, #6 USC at 5-5 Stanford (the only top 15 game that has real intrigue because USC isn't that good and lost this game last year), #4 Texas at Kansas (somewhat interesting based on UT's last trip to Lawrence ending on a phantom offensive pass interference and a VY zillion yard scramble on 4th and long), #3 Florida at home against the #24 Spurriers (only other semi-interesting game that Florida will inevitably get all blood bath on) and your #1 Alabama Periods at home against the mighty 3-6 Sylvester Crooooooooooms. #2 Texas Tech and #5 Oklahoma are off this week in preparation for the BIGGEST GAME EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE CENTURY OF THE MILLENIUM UNTIL NEXT WEEK in Norman next weekend. So, if you look at this, there is really no potential for an upset. At all. Like, not even close. Maybe Stanford can fend off USC? Perhaps Spurrier can use some of that OBC voodoo he used to slang in the Swamp and escape with a win? See what I mean? At least maybe we can get some spreads covered.
Coaches/BCS - 18th.

Here is where you can start to make a few arguments. Of the two loss teams ranked ahead of us, I will take #12/10 Georgia and #13/13 Oklahoma State like a man and will grudgingly accept #10/11 Ohio State, #11/12 Missouri and #16/14 overrated yet undefeated Ball State. Beyond this is where, instead of being ranked ahead of most of the two loss teams, you start to see some discrepancies that go by the names of Michigan State, North Carolina and BY f*cking U. Alright, I realize #14(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)/17 BYU only has one loss, yes. But it was TO US!!!!!! All things being equal, which in this instance they really are, you should never rank a team below another team it has beaten. BYU scraping by the rest of their conference games really makes them look less impressive than us even after getting slammed by Oklahoma and gifting a win to Utah. I will argue this point with any voter who would raise it. When it comes to #15/15 Michigan State and #17/16 North Carolina, well, I really wouldn't have a lot to say. They both have two losses, Michigan State with forgiveable ones at Cal (a team that can be way up one week and way down the next, but has been gifted with terrible competition) and vs Ohio State (an absolute raping at home, but Terrell Pryor had a big time game) and North Carolina has two pretty unforgivable ones vs Virginia Tech (Tech schools should not be allowed to be good at football. Can someone sign this into law? Barack?) and at Virginia (I don't care that they're "resurgent" or whatever, it's an Al Groh led team and it's a nerd school. No excuses). When you look at quality wins, BYU has none, UNC has then 24th ranked Connecticut and then 20th ranked Georgia Tech (iffy, iffy wins based on the ACC top to bottom/Tech school thing) and Michigan State also has none unless you want to get cutesy and say vs. Notre Dame or at Northwestern, but they could get a big one at Penn State in the season ender. So, by that logic, I'd accept us being ahead of BYU and UNC but behind Michigan State in a compromise. Regardless of what I said earli, that's as far as I'm willing to budge. This team should be no lower than 16th in the country, and I think everyone will agree with me.

Fortunately for us, two of these teams play loseable games this weekend. #14/17 BYU is at a very solid Air Force team and #17/16 North Carolina is at Maryland, who is arguably the most mystifying team in the NCAA and could beat Alabama 40-7 one night but then lose to SMU by the same score the next. #15/15 Michigan State is off.

Games that REALLY Matter. (AP/Coaches/BCS Ranking)

#16/14/17 BYU at Barely Not Ranked Air Force. This game has a positive outcome for us no matter how it plays out. If BYU wins, this takes Air Force completely out of the MWC runnings. If you were unaware, they currently only have one conference loss and, if bad things happen, could be right up there with the ole Frogs. On the flip side, if Air Force wins, holy lord does our game against them next week gain a little steam. Not only would an Air Force win here keep them right in stride with us but, heaven forbid, should they jump on us next week in Fort Worth, we could be going from Christmas in Vegas vs. the Pac 10 to Failmas in San Diego vs. Boise State or, worse yet, Fort Worth. Really, we probably want BYU to go ahead and win, making us look stronger and taking the wind out of Air Force's sails next week, then letting Utah pummel BYU in the Holy War which gives the MWC a BCS team as well as guarantees us runner up status in the conference. A BYU win here and win next week just completely f*cks all of our plans (I'm censoring now to be prepared for when BHO takes my swearing rights and redistributes them to the less potty mouthed).

#17/17/16 North Carolina at Maryland (aren't these basketball schools?) Maryland, as mentioned before, is quite the curious organization in the bizarro ACC. They've beaten California, Clemson and Wake Forest, but gotten beat soundly by Middle Tennessee State, murdered by Virginia and could've lost to Delaware. So, you wonder why we're supposed to put our moving up hopes in the hands of this team? Because the ACC sucks, that's why. And because a super anonymous yet loose lipped gambler I consulted before my Vegas outing loves the Terps in this one. Also, the favorite rarely wins these ACC games. So, with my money on the line, UNC will murder them.

Games that Definitely Matter but Absolutely Won't Happen.

#13/12/10 Georgia at Auburn. Matt Stafford has a big arm. Yeah. We know. We hear about it every single time he's on TV. Why don't you win a big game with that canon, son? He also is from Highland Park and attends races at Talledega. So F that guy. Still, Auburn is a really, really terrible team and karma is defecating quite loosely on Tommy Tuberville right now, so don't expect anything close.

#12/11/12 Missouri at Iowa State. Missouri has to be the quietest team to ever be ranked this high. Seriously, despite getting their asses handed to them by Texas and Oklahoma State, they've played pretty solid football. Chase Daniel stopped eating boogers and started playing football and Jeremy Maclin belongs in a zoo he's so out of control good. Unfortunately for these guys, the Big 12 South is playing lights out right now and there's only so much room in ESPNs mouths when they've already got Oklahoma's, Texas' and Tech's Ds in there. Regardless, do I really need explain why Missouri will win this one? Also, do I really need to pee all over Will Muschamp's resume by mentioning that the last two UT coordinators to make the head coaching jump now coach Iowa State and Syracuse?

#11/13/13 Oklahoma State at Colorado. With ski season opening and marijuana season being year round, do people in Boulder even know there's a game about to be played? T. Boone dominates. Dan Hawkins wishes he could go coach intramurals, brother.

#10/10/11 Ohio State at Illinois. Ironically I was in Vegas last year when this game happened and Illinois pulled off a huge upset. This was very satisfying because the Bellagio sportsbook was absolutely overrun with Ohio nerds. Unfortunately, this will not be the case again this year. Zook's luster is wearing thin and Terrell Pryor and Beanie Well are figuring it out. Bookie loves Ohio State at -10.

Games that Would Have Mattered a Week Ago but Do Not This Week and are Pretty Unlikely to Be Upsets to Boot.

#9/9/9 Boise State at Idaho. Disclaimer: I am posting the same thing I posted last week because I reviewed the wrong game. No one will notice. Is this a rivalry game? Are there such things in the WAC? Too bad for us, Idaho is currently sitting 2-7 and the only notoriety the school has received in the past few months is for scrapping their cheerleader's unis for being too "hot" and also their football team uniforms for having an oddly placed logo that made it look like everyone had crapped their pants. They will do the same on the "smurf turf."

#8/7/7 Utah at San Diego State. After two bullshit wins, playing San Diego State is just what the doctor ordered. Utah will tune up the offense before next week's game vs. BYU.

#7/8/8 Penn State vs Indiana. Sorry JoePa. Looks like another eternal life reaping deal with the devil is in order. Also, who cares about this game?

#6/6/6 USC at Stanford. So last year we beat Stanford. who beat USC, who beat Illinois, who beat Ohio State, who was in the National Championship game... so, shouldn't we have gotten that invite? Would love to see this happen to get the media off of USC, but I doubt it will. Regardless, with a huge spread (in the mid 20s last I checked), the safe money is on the Cardinal.

I'd honestly go through the rest of the games but I just don't want to because, frankly, they don't matter for us and you can read enough about the big bad BCS picture on any major sports site. South Carolina will lose but cover, MSU will get beat really, really bad and Texas will win and cover against Kansas. There ya go. There's your preview. Hope you guys all have a nice weekend and I'll be back next week with a big pro GP and Air Force game post because I'm self indulgent like that.

TCU men sign Maverick's brother

If he is anything like his brother (who happens to be playing the best ball at the moment on the pathetic Mavs) then this is a good pick up.

From staff and wire reports --LINK--

The TCU men's basketball team signed only one player Wednesday as the early signing period began, 6-foot-7 wing Garlon Green of Missouri City Hightower.

He is the younger brother of Dallas Mavericks guard Gerald Green.

The Frogs can sign three or four more players in this recruiting class.

"He'll bring versatility and he can cause mismatches offensively and defensively," first-year TCU coach Jim Christian said. "He's very athletic and can be a pretty good perimeter defender."

— Mercedes Mayer

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