Friday, November 7, 2008

Journalistic Integrity FAIL

So Tim Fitzgerald of (A Kansas State Alumnus, FYI) caused us all to have a mini-stroke today by putting out a story that said Gary Patterson had been hired as Kansas State's new coach. As it turns out, he had neglected to talk to either Patteron OR KSU Athletic Director Bob Krause. And this person makes their living as a journalist???

I hope we've all learned our lesson here- if this guy was worth a shit as a journalist, he'd be employed by someone other than a website that HE OWNS. The only difference between his site and ours is that we're not afraid to use the word cunt...and he is one.

If you had "Yes" in the "Does Tim Fitzgerald have a dick-target?" raffle, you win!


GP was just on Galloway saying its bullshit

Agent denies Patterson's hiring - GoPowerkats

Maybe not gone?

Alright, so maybe I'm in denial and just need to see an official release. That, or the lacrosse team to shove a parking cone up my ass...

But is there a chance this isn't true? The K-State rivals site has reported that it's true, but another Rivals writer is now reporting that Patterson is denying the report and that he's staying. If he stays, I take back my earlier hateful comments about him and my man-crush on him will mulitply tenfold. If he did indeed take the job, though- the rage will spew forth from my mouth via spitblood from now until the end of time.


Say It Ain't So

I really hope this is a bunch of nonsense.

K-State hires Patterson as new coach

Don't mess with TheFinch

Let it be known, I have been sensored. For the good of our blog, I'm not getting into it. Let's just say, I don't like kickers. Never have, never will.

Morning (Grumpy) Dump

Seniors trump underclassmen as Utah escapes TCU ~Daily Herald

TCU Horned Frogs kicked off the Mountain in 13-10 loss ~FWST

Utah football: TCU coach says Frogs gave away victory over Utes ~Salt Lake Tribune

No. 10 Utah rallies to beat No. 11 TCU ~AP

Utah football: 10 and 0-my! Utes pull out win ~Salt Lake Tribune

A last-minute Utah drive burst TCU's BCS bubble, 13-10. ~Go Frogs

Game... Whatever.

Here lies our BCS dreams. May they rest in peace.

"All I have is dead. Everything. Everything in my life is black. Dead... Dead." -- Voicemail from WWHD in Utah circa 12 AM.

These are the times that we wonder why we allow our happiness to hinge on the success of 22 college student athletes. I don't even know what to say. I thought it might be a little better after sleeping on it and sobering up, but it's far, far worse. I got in a road rage incident this morning. Nothing serious, and the guy was totally driving like an asshole, but I haven't gotten flipped off on the road in a very long time, and I don't think it's any coincidence that it happened this morning. Not to mention the gods double fisted me by having my Tivo not record The Office, 30 Rock or It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia last night, which being able to watch those shows today could have gone a long way in improving my spirits. There's just really nothing good to say. Last year after the Air Force debacle I posted some positive thoughts on how the win was going to help us all as fans pull together and get behind the team and how there was a lot of good to come of it. However, that was just bullshit that losers say and this situation is about as opposite from that one as you can possibly get.

Sometimes they say it's not that you lost but it's how you lost. Well, it's definitely both, but the latter is killing me right now. Typically the only thing better than being a bad loser is being a bad winner, but today I am the sorest of the sore. Not to dwell on it, because after this post I will not discuss this game ever again, but let's just count the ways we gift wrapped this game and sealed it with a kiss:

  • Two 10+ yard losses on 3rd downs via sacks which took us out of field goal range.
  • No turnovers, although if Henson had caught that INT, they would've signed him to be a wideout for the Cowboys.
  • Utah had 4th and 5 with under 2 minutes to go and we let them get a first down.
  • Nonsense INT that led to 3 points
  • Ross Evans. Really showed your age last night, son. Should've been 16-6 with no hope.
  • Two missed TD passes to Walter Bryant
  • 5+ false start penalties.

I could probably go on, but that would just be pouring salt in the wound. In that vein though, having to listen to Dan GD Fouts demonstrates that there is a worse announcer than Bryant Gumbel. Who the fuck hires these people? No wonder he got run off from MNF. Before the game one of my friends said that listening to Fouts was going to be brutal because he'd be all over the Utah bandwagon, and he definitely did not disappoint in that respect. Awful, awful announcing.

When we look back on this season and this game, we are going to realize that the leg of a Hutto Hippo is what was a true back breaker. I truly do believe that. The thing I hate most about this game is that we absolutely kicked their asses from one end of the field to the other the entire time save that last drive. With the crowd behind them and the momentum from 2 missed field goals, that would've been hard for anyone to stop, even the best defense in the country. I'm not going to sit here and rail against Ross Evans because he's a freshman kicker and was kicking to possibly win the biggest game of his school's recent history, but those are chip shots that you can't miss under those or any circumstances. The feelings that kid must be having right now are going to haunt him for the rest of his days as a kicker. I feel really, really terrible for him.

I think what hurts the most for me at least is that this is the best football team I have ever seen TCU field and we will never know their true potential. Utah is a good team, I'm not taking that away from them (although, what kind of fan base rushes the field when they beat a team that they are ranked higher than?) That is the best defense we have seen all year, although to be fair we gave them a ton of help. However, they're just going to be another bump in the road for whatever team they go up against in the Fiesta Bowl should they make it there, likely Texas, Oklahoma or Tech. For all we know, TCU could've gone down to New Orleans and been run out of town by Florida or, albeit unlikely, not jumped Boise in the rankings and been left out altogether. I doubt that either of these things would have really happened, but neither is impossible. The fact that we'll never know is what makes this loss so hard to take.

So where do we go from here? We've got a tough Air Force team coming into Amon G in a couple of weeks who we owe a payback to. Do I wish we could move the game up to next weekend? Absolutely yes. Having a bye week right after a major loss is a cruel, cruel twist of fate. It is going to be a tough 2 weeks to stomach.

Looking further, do we pull for BYU to upset Utah or do we pull for the conference getting what it deserves in a BCS bid for Utah? I really don't know. If Utah were to lose that game, I don't know how the tie breaker in the conference would work, but I'm pretty sure we'd be left for dead.

No recap this week. I really just wanted to use this space to vent about the game then start the slow process of putting it behind me. Today is a day for quiet and mourning with no outside sports related influences. I know that we're all on a strict suicide watch today, so I recommend the buddy system. It's going to get worse before it gets better, but we will all make it. Go Frogs.

It's Alright

This song always seems to help when I'm feeling down...except that it's really not alright.