Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Football Catch of the Week

Freakin awesome catch, freaking terrible song. Mute it so you dont have to hear the terrible soundtrack they put with it.

Everybody Loves GP, hates Raymond, er, Fulmer

Look at that Handsome Devil.

And so it begins... GP job watch 08, and on election day no doubt! Normally I wouldn't bring up anything UT related (Texas or Tennessee) but as it relates to GP, naturally I've got to take the bait. Also, seeing as how one of our very own bloggers has a soft spot in his heart for all things Rocky Top, this definitely becomes more interesting because we have a mole in the inner circle of this coaching search.

Backing up, as I'm sure most of you have heard, Phil Fulmer will be stepping aside/not letting the door hit him on the ass after 17 years as HC at Tennessee. It's definitely the end of a coaching era as Fulmer was easily the longest tenured coach in the SEC, if not one of the longest tenured in the entire country outside of the Paterno and Bowdenbots. Pretty amazing that a coach can go from a year where the only thing between him and an SEC championship/BCS berth is a shape shifting, river boat gamblin Ryan Perriloux to being asked to resign the next, but thems the breaks. Anyway, as will happen with most major coaching searches around the country, the blogosphere has GP rated pretty highly on the list of coaches who could possibly replace Fulmer. Given his Tennessee ties and tenure, you'd think a program like the Vols have would go after a Tennessee guy, but in a league like the SEC where just winning isn't good enough, I'm sure they're willing to branch out. There are some interesting names on this list (Jim Grobe, Brian Kelly, Butch Davis, Jon Gruden, Leach, Boom MF'er), but this is just one of those things that, again, year in year out, is going to make us question TCUs loyalty to Patterson, unfairly or not. We all understand that he loves Fort Worth and isn't going to take just any job for the money as evidenced by past behavior, but if a job like a Tennessee or a Clemson or, heaven forbid, a Kansas State comes calling, would he jump? Overall, what kind of money do you think TCU could offer him if a serious offer came up that was equally as intriguing to him as being at TCU and money was the only determining factor? If June Cometh can get paid $2 milli to post a one win season, surely we can match or even beat that kind of money, right? Look, I'm not saying GP is a money grubber or a guy to jump at a new job, because he's most definitely not, but a high profile job like Clemson or Tennessee only comes along once every 10 or so years, if that, so it's hard to pass up I understand. Still, I know we all love Patterson and he's definitely got a following, but I'm not sure if he's ready to take the reins of a program like that. Kansas State? Well, that scares the hell out of me, but that's for another post.


Spit Blood Banner Competition

Over the last week I have had several people email me banner suggestions, and I have seen some really good ones so far. Instead of me picking my favorite and rolling with it, I have decided to host a Spit Blood banner competition, where the readers of Spit Blood will decide which one will be the next generation Spit Blood banner. Those of you who have the photoshop skills that I lack, lets see what you can do.

Each interested contestant can submit up to but no more than 3 different banner concepts. The deadline for entry is Sunday, November 9th. I will put together a display of the banners and then run a poll on the sidebar up until next Friday that will decide the winner.

Here is the link to Spit Blood's picture archive if you need some photos to work with. Thanks to those of you who have already shown interest, and in advance to all of those who end up participating.

Please email all entries to spitbloodtcu@gmail.com

Phil Fulmer: My Life After Football

Politician? Maybe. Actor? It's possible. But my vote goes to Vigo, the Carpathian.

Luke Wilson Speaks the Truth

Cliff, Don't Ever Give Up On Your Dreams

Wanted: Long Snapper That Can Move
By Guinn Terry Davis

On Friday, it was announced that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be hiring Jared Retofsky to fill their long snapping duties. Usually this position doesn’t get the publicity that other positions would get. Perhaps it is because long snappers are only in a fraction of the plays in a game. Also it would probably look silly if they were spike the ball after a successful long snap.

There are two aspects of this story that bring the hiring of Jared Retofsky to light. The first is the speculation that the Steelers would have defeated the New York Giants this past weekend if their long snapper, Greg Warren, would not have sustained a knee injury. A costly error by their back-up long snapper on a punt led to a safety and the Giants’ eventual winning touchdown drive.
However, the most interesting part of this story is that just last week, Jared Retofsky was working for moving company in Fort Worth, TX. This all changed when the Steelers gave him a call this week and offered him the long snapper job.

The Steelers knew about Retofsky due to his prior experience with them last year. After playing defensive end at Texas Christian University, he signed with Pittsburgh as an undrafted rookie, but was cut before the season began. After a couple of other unsuccessful attempts to play with other franchises, Retofsky went back home to Fort Worth.

However, now that he’s back in Pittsburgh with the expectancy to be the starting long snapper for the duration of the season, Rotefsky has high hopes. He was quoted saying, “As long as I do my job and do it right, I could have a career at this.”

It’s always inspiring to see these type of stories. There was a similar situation to this one several years ago in Michael Lewis, who played for a good number of years as a kick-off returner for the New Orleans Saints. His previous occupation: beer truck driver. For Retofsky’s sake, I hope he succeeds.

Caption This Contest Winner



"So what we're gonna do Mack is take half of your 5 star recruits every year and give them to A&M Baylor, KSU and ISU"

3 soon to be printed Spit Blood koozies

Bad Example

Every week FoxSports makes a mockery of the Top 25 and for us it's always like, "Is TCU REALLY better than (fill in the blank)???? This week is no different, but I wanted to point to something else. So for most teams what they do is have a picture of a gameday shot... whether it be Chase Daniel throwing a pass or the LSU team walking out of Death Valley after another loss. For TCU this week they chose to show a picture of some cheerleaders. Now, obviously the first reaction is, "oh yeah, cheerleaders!!!! durrrrr I like girls in tight outfits!!!!!" Whenever you're watching a Big 12 or an SEC game, heck even the Pac 10, and they flash to the cheerleaders the general consensus is, "Wow! I bet those are like the hottest girls at that school!" However, I want to point you towards the justice they did to the TCU female student body, which, as we all know, is above average in most respects.



Go Vote

As you all know today is election day and I encourage all of you to fulfill your civic duty and go vote. Regardless of your political persuasion this day is something that is very important to our country. If you're not educated about the candidates, which at this point is absurd, get educated. If you have a question about where to vote, or if you are registered click here.

Remember, the term idiot spawns from a Latin term used towards people who did not preform/take advantage of their civic responsibilities, thank you Jim Wright's class.

I'm off my soapbox, go vote!

Morning Dump

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You Can Vote However You Like...

Still pretty new to this stuff so I don't know how to just post the youtube clip (fixed by THEFINCH @ 8:35am), but this is a good one so check out the link before you head to the polls in the morning. This video makes me uncomfortable...