Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you are going to be in Vegas this weekend, I have one request. GO TO THE GAME!! UNLV has been up and down this season and we need to have as many people there as possible. The game is not until 5 this year so there should be no problem to make the game. Last time we played in Vegas, nobody came bc it was an early afternoon game. The stadium serves liquor, unless it has changed since 2006. So, go out Friday, stay up, sleep late and get your ass to the game. There is no reason not to make it.
Go Frogs!! See you in Vegas.

John Daly Passes Out at.................

Yep, you guessed Hooters. This was too good to pass up.

Link updated 2008 bowl projections

How the hell can they pick BYU to finish better than TCU in the MWC?!!?

The Best Defense You've Never Seen

From's Peter Schrager in his weekly "10 tidbits worth feasting on from the day that was"

7. The Best Defense You've Never Seen: Talk about the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens all you want, I'm pretty sure the 2008 TCU Horned Frogs is the most dominant defensive team I've ever seen. Consider these stats.

Entering Saturday's game versus Wyoming:

TCU led the nation in run defense (21.0 yards per game).
TCU led the nation in total defense (218.6 yards per game).
TCU led the nation in fewest first downs allowed per game (11.6).
TCU led the nation in time of possession (35:53).
Only two opponents had rushed for more than 25 yards against TCU this season.
So what did the Horned Frogs do on Saturday? Beat Wyoming, 54-7, and gave up just 232 yards of offense.

No one's watching this team. They play on the Versus network and are in the Mountain West. But outside of their 35-point hiccup against Oklahoma, they've given up just 59 points in eight games. TCU's defense is a sight to behold. It's worth checking out ... even if you're not exactly sure where or how to find it.

Thanks William M for the lead.

Chasing that Top 25, nay Top 10, Dragon

Well, not chasing that ole Dragon so much these days, eh? Anyway, as I'm sure you noticed, in the past week we moved up two spots in the AP/Coaches Polls as well as one spot in the BCS rankings. So, yes, in the past 2 weeks we have moved up 14 spots in the AP, 12 spots in the coaches and one in the BCS, which has only had 2 weeks of existence this year. Not too bad for a little ole private school in Fort Worth, Texas eh? Haven't heard much from Pansy lately, coincidence? Anyway, as mentioned in the recap, thanks to #3 Paterno (#9 Ohio State), and #7 Georgia (#13 LSU), the Frogs went from 15 to 13 in the AP and coaches Polls and from 14-13 in the BCS poll - not sure how tOSU didn't drop below us in this. Ranks (get it???) up there with the criminality of Jimmy Young having to split the MWC Offensive Player of the week Award with a baby killer.

Also notable were Rutgers beating Pitt and South Florida dropping one to Louisville. USF is currently the only ranked Big East team in all three polls (what the F happened to WVU???) at 24th in the AP and Coaches and 23rd in the BCS, which gives us a huge cushion on that at large spot if we miss out on the top 12 and finish in that 12-16 spot. As always, a loss to a feisty and apparently athletic UNLV squad negates this entire post. Also as always, Boise State is a bunch of donkey raping shiteaters and need to lose or die PRONTO.

AP/Coaches #13. Lucky 13, eh? Unfortunately, all a 13 will do to you in Vegas is give you a shitty blackjack hand, so let's not play that numbers game. (Mucho apologies for the Simmonsesque way of incorporating Vegas and/or gambling into a piece, but I feel like it's warranted this week, no?) Anyway, a little room for movement this week but not much. I went into a pretty deep analysis last week talking about the room for potential movement by season's end so I will spare you.

Anyway, another Thursday night start this week with #24 USF traveling to Cincinnati, a still chic pick to win the Big Least because, let's face it, that's a pillow fightin', wide open conference if I've ever seen one. This has no immediate effect, but if USF drops another one, that'd leave potentially zero BE teams in the top 25, although UConn somehow made it into the BCS at 25th and WVU is sitting right on the edge of both the AP and Coaches polls. This would be great for business. Obviously the huge game this weekend is top ranked Texas heading to the panhandle to face an interesting 6th/5th Leach team who is coming off a massacre of Kansas in Lawrence. This is easily the biggest game to have ever been played in Lubbock and the gameday crew will be on hand to catch the action (and by action I mean STDs and by STDs I mean AIDS. I'm looking at you, Herbstreit), but lyle has already outlined this. Regardless, a Tech loss would never drop them anywhere close to below us, and would likely keep them in the Top 10, so this doesn't matter in the long run. In other games near the top, 4th/4th Oklahoma stays at home to play Nebraska, which we need an Oklahoma victory for SOS, and 0-7 Washington is in LA taking on 7th/6th ranked USC. A loss here should, common sense wise at least, drop USC below us in the rankings, but seeing as how the sporting world butters their bread (note: metaphor) with thoughts of Carroll, don't look for it to happen.

The game that would have the most immediate impact is taking place in Jacksonville when 8th/8th ranked Georgia plays 5th/7th Florida in the Cocktail Party that shall not be named game. Considering both teams have a loss, you would again think a two loss team would drop below us, but like USC and with the SEC bias that is prevelant in all years, this is by no means guaranteed. Rounding out, Iowa State plays 9th/10th Oklahoma State in Stillwater, New Mexico is sent to the slaughter in 10th/9th Salt Lake City (UTAH MUST WIN! I REPEAT, YOUR NUMBER 2 FAVORITE TEAM THIS WEEKEND IS THE UTES!) and the most overrated team in the country outside of Los Angeles 11th/11th Boise State is at New Mexico State (DIE! DIE! DU HAST MICH!). Bringing up our rear, 13th/13th Ohio State is off this week and 14/14 Mizzou is at Waco.

BCS #13. Love writing that. Never gets old. The games above have pretty much the same impact here, so I'm going to lament a little bit. Ohio. Fucking. State. Ok, so they get absolutely creamed by USC. Like, NC-17. Like, ESPN probably burned all recordings of this game so that future generations don't have to have their eyes burned out by that performance. Given, at the time, USC was going to be the BEST TEAM EEVVAAARRRRRRR AAAHHHHH!! then they crapped the bed against Oregon State. Nice work, boys. Really earning that 5th spot in the BCS. So then Ohio State comes out this past week against a very good Penn State team and loses by a TD. Respectable, right? Except you have to realize that PSU lost their QB during the game, the game was in Columbus where the Lions haven't won a game since before Paterno was in adult diapers... and that PATERNO ISN'T EVEN ON THE SIDELINES COACHING THE TEAM! Seriously, how can you give that loss credibility? They are currently ahead of us by 3 hundredths of a point, which, with victories the next two weeks, we will easily pass them... but come on. In a weekend of travesties (Jimmy Young award fiasco/Henson being labeled as the next Rae Carruth/Texas still being ranked #1 the same month Texas Monthly puts them on the cover), this one definitely sticks outs. I just don't get it and never will. F the Big Ten and F the BCS.

Ok sorry, I'll calm down. Anyway, like I said, the games in the BCS will have pretty much the same impact as far as our rankings are concerned, and I have to think that a solid win this week for the Frogs coupled with OSUs off week would give us the 12 spot come Sunday.

Games to Watch that Really Matter.

#5/7/8 Florida at #8/8/6 Georgia (in Jacksonville). Everyone used to love Florida/Tennessee, but this has become THE rivalry in the SEC over the past few years (with LSU/Auburn not being a bad consolation most of the time). These are two very solid teams and Florida has absolutely owned this rivalry from the 90s through 2006. However, Georgia took the contest last year and showed some poor class while doing it, so don't think for a second that Florida hasn't been thinking about this one since last year. Stafford and Moreno are good, but, aside from last week, haven't done a whole lot to garner the hype. Tebow will use the power he receives from third world infant foreskin and keep Florida in the National Title race.

#10/9/10 Utah vs. New Mexico. New Mexico dropped 7/10 of 100 on San Diego State, then crapped out against Air Force, so who knows how to look at them. As with our game, this is a seriously trap game for the Utes, but they're much too strong of a team to get tripped up. Utes roll.

#11/11/11 Boise State at New Mexico State. The fate of our matchup with Utah hinges on the state of New Mexico. I have a feeling they're both going to lose though, which helps us reach half of our goal. Seriously though, a NMSU victory in this game will make me 1000 times happier than a TCU win over UNLV (which, obviously, has to happen either way).

Games that Kind of Matter.

#4/4/4 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska. OU needs to win, but even if they lose, I don't know that it would completely kill our chances. This one could fit into either of the top two game categories. Regardless, Nebraska has negative defense and OU has positive offense and is at home. Boomer.

#7/6/5 USC vs. Washington. As I said, a USC loss here should drop USC below us in the rankings, but this is by no means a fact (see: State, Ohio). However, even if it did not, it would definitely drop OSU below us in the BCS due to SOS and prove that good does sometimes prevail over evil, so a USC loss is a win win for our gameday spirits as well as our karmic ones. Unfortunately, Washington is bad. Like, really bad. Like, Karsten Sween running to reporters to get his diaper changed bad. Also, Washington coach Ty Willingham was informed that he was getting the ole boot at the end of the season regardless of outcome, so don't expect much here. Also, USC has dropped their standard crap game this year.

#9/19/9 Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State. Sort of matters because an OSU loss would move us up in the rankings... sort of doesn't matter because OSU is easily the second best team in the Big 12 (sorry, Tetch) and won't drop two in a row. Also, T. Boone Pickens made a deal with Lucifer similar to the one Paterno signed, the results of which are still unfulfilled.

Games that Have No Effect on Us Whatsoever and Will Not Be Close.

#1/1/1 Texas at #6/5/7 Texas Tech. Didn't think I'd go there, did you? I, however, have watched many a Texas/Texas Tech football game, especially when it's "Tech's year, UT is going down!!" and, well, the results are rarely pretty. In fact, since 1999, Tech has only beaten Texas once and, while it was in Lubbock, Texas sure wasnt' ranked #1. Last year's game in Austin really upset Leach when he went on a grog induced rant about the refs cheating (which, I'm with you on that Mike, but only because I think Texas cheats at everything) so perhaps there'll be a little fire in the belly of that peg legged rapscallion, but I still just don't see it. I mean, everything is perfectly set up for a Tech victory: Gameday crew, the only stench coming out of Lubbock being slaughterhouse cow shit now that Tech has a semblance of a defense, a team that is finally clicking after a less than inspiring start over D1-AA competition, Bobby Knight's bad karma out of town (which, after Corso inevitably picks UT to win and is subsequently beaten and left for dead out on the Strip, will be improved because God has been trying to use tanning beds to kill that vile beat for years). Regardless, and at the risk of sounding like a UT homer, which you all know I'm not, Texas is, like, really really good this year and Tech will show their true colors as a one dimensional team once McCoy hangs a few TDs on them. It's a fun game on paper, and the spread is only at -4 UT after opening at -6... but I'd go ahead and double and maybe even triple that number if you want the true result. Go Tech, but sorry guys, it ain't happenin'

#2/2/2 Alabama vs. Arkansas State. ULM! ULM! ULM!

So, there you have it. Those are the games to watch. Those are the games that are going to determine our BCS destiny. You guys have an awesome time in Vegas and bring home a win... and I'm talking about a Frogs win. I personally don't care about your financial freedom.

G-Pa in 5 Part Series On CFB Live

Here is the video of Patterson on ESPN yesterday. Had to break down the video into 5 segments to post it. Has alot of good highlights from the game as well as Henson unloading on Sween and Crum. Pretty long but worth it.

Houston WR Nauseating Leg Break

Try to stomach the 1:20 mark, slow motion replay of leg snapping. I smell a lawsuit coming to whoever is responsible for those carts being 5 yards past the end zone.

T-Shirt Idea/Help

After going on the KF bus trip and them dishing out free Ts... well, not really free but kind of free... I thought it might be kind of cool if we did something like that for ourselves. Not necessarily to hand out just because I, as I'm sure many of you, aren't that interested in paying for a ton of them, but I think it'd be awesome to put up a design on the site linked to a T shirt design page for everyone to buy (as they do on a lot of other blogs.) Anyway, as "Start Wearing Purple" has really become the gameday jam of late, I thought it might be kind of cool to incorporate Gogol Bordello into the design. The only problem I have is that I think it'd be cool if someone with photoshop abilities could change the big yellow backdrop in this picture to a TCU flag. I did a search on google for some pictures and they always play with this big backdrop, but this is really the best one I could find that has the backdrop and the band. I thought we could do that and maybe put like "start wearing purple" underneath and the site name on the back or vis-a-versa. Anyway, just kind of a thought if anyone knows how to photoshop such things. I've made my homespun GP/Henson shirts on and they do a good job and only cost about 20 bucks.

Morning Dump

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'Cheap shot': Cowboys still fuming about hit on Sween

Article in the Jackson Hole Star Tribune highlights Karsten Sween's (little bitch) reactions after seeing the hit on film.

After seeing the video below (thanks Buck Nasty), Karsten (who the hell names their boy Karsten?) slid even later then I had thought from seeing it live, which further proves that Henson was going for a shoulder to chest tackle (the way coaches teach you to tackle).

I hope San Diego State beats Wyoming in Laramie, which I have no doubt they will if Wyoming continues to field a bunch of no talent Cowgirls.