Friday, October 24, 2008

Frog Talk / Ask-a-Frog II- THE W(h)Y GAME

I can’t find a picture for this weeks game, Brokeback has already been used.  Anyways, let’s dive right in and hear what you guys have to say

SchultzHater:  What in the hell was that?  2 deep throws on the first 2 downs?  Passing the ball after leading in the game by 7 points?  Haven’t we come to expect the “you only have to win by one.” rhetoric.  I’m confused….  In short (or not) our defense looked like a bunch of cracked up maniacs picking on a high school team.  The talent level was unfair.  The overwhelming speed evident to anyone watching – football fan or not.  It was violent, just violent….

 I felt like I was watching a different team – but not really.  A question was proposed to me at the game.  “Did we play at an abnormal level beyond our Talent or did we play to our potential we had all along?” 

 I will answer this one on my own (sorry Disciples of GP) - we played to the Talent level we have had for 8 years.  Up and down over the years – yes - but on this Thursday night, we played to the potential we have had all along.  Our system….GPa’s system works – it works at developing players – the overlooked piece in the puzzle in College Football.  Who ever heard of making high school running backs into Defensive Ends?  Turning Running Backs into Linebacker’s?  All Patterson….. so I give him lots of credit on this one….but I also propose this question…”where in the hell has this fulfillment of Talent been in the past?”  What was evident to me on Thursday is simply this…..we played at level 9 of 10 – I think we averaged a level 4 in the first 7 games – maybe the last 7 years…. We played at Level 8 against Texas Tech in 2006.  A level 8 because our offense essentially puttered through that game.  When was the last time we put a #1 defense together with an offense that functions? 2000 

Side note:  This is the best overall team we have had since 2000

Side note #2:  We looked like a big time BCS team (that hurts to say it like that), not a Pac 10, Big 10, Big Least, or ACC team, but an elite athletic SEC defense and a Big 12 efficient offense – no one watching the magical Boise State upset of Oklahoma 2 years ago can say the same – when we are in a BCS game this year, no one can say we are the Cinderella – Cinderella’s don’t bitch slap opponents with superior athletes and a spirit of violence.  

Another side note:  Please don’t ever compare Dalton to Ballard, where Ballard might throw a ball into the stands Dalton throws hard into decent coverage and makes plays, like any great QB has to do…….

My flawed theory and opinion:  Not to take away from coaching, but….for 8 years we have had more Talent than any conference team we play – that includes the WAC, Conference USA, and now the MWC – on average.  I firmly believe this to be true – on average.  Listen to other coaches in those conferences over the years, watch the games, we have always had athletes – better athletes overall than our conference opponents….on average.  The difference between us and Texas or OU?  They have way more depth and the occasional 5 star badass and they play in big venues every week (I think this raises the level of play in general and a partial reason we lost in Austin last year and Norman this year.)  On the other hand – in Fort Worth we turn 2 star recruits into 4 star players by habit….all the time….every year…. 

We are a Texas team with proven footballers – BYU wishes they could have some of our players, so does Utah (although they do well on the talent level).  I have said this about the Frogs for years and been in constant disappointment due to this belief and my constant high expectations.  When you watch the Tech game in 06 or BYU in 08 or hell even the Northern Illinois game in 06 (I hesitant to consider them a triumph – but didn’t that running back run all over everybody that year including Ohio “overrated” State?)  you gotta love the team comparisons.  When you see a team dominate a game, truly dominate, then you have to wonder where this domination has been or came from?  Not to make un-backed up claims, but I will anyways…..and state that “I have always seen this talent level in the past” that’s right - in quotes, whether it was a quarter of great football every game or a half a game every now and then.  I have always known that the potential for domination has always been there with the teams GPa fields.  This simple fact has made watching the frogs win painful at times.  

For perspective on my theory consider this………NO ONE, no one has dominated a Mike Leach Tech offense like we did….nobody…..not even close….and they have played some really good teams on really tough home fields……how about bitch slapping BYU last week?  NO one, not even close –AND mark my words….it won’t happen again this year…BYU will score at least 20 points in every game from here on in (it’s truly sad that BYU and Utah will have to split shitty bowls this year, but I don’t want to start with the bcs and conference talk about the most un-democratic and corrupt system in college or pro sports today)……my point is that these performances don’t add up – they don’t add up because we don’t play at these kind of levels often – or ever really….my question is why?

Side note again:  Kerley is better than A. Brown – well, at least he has better vision and will be better – this kid will be great one day…..

Also:  Why can’t the BYU coaches and players admit they just got beat by a better team, all I have heard them say is that “TCU played a great game” and “we played a bad game” or “we weren’t prepared.” Even the pre-game quotes from the BYU team was cocky – not your usual cocky, but I have everything under control Morman knocking-at-your-door cocky. 

One more:  How good are we going to be next year?  Wow

Dear Mike: 

I still hate you Shultz, why do you tease me like this….why?  can I really expect this kind of performance again?  I have seen this before, maybe it’s a touchdown drive that looks precise, maybe it’s a perfectly executed 10 play calls in a row – the kind of performance where we look like different team…yes, you have tricked me before……..and then sure enough we get up by 7 points and run the short side option 3 times and stall.  Mike, I beg you not to waste Dalton’s arm, please, don’t allow this offense to slip into mediocrity when we are up by 10 points….didn’t you see how the COMBINATION of a suffocating defense and a potent viable scoring offense can rip the heart from a team?  Rely only on GPa’s defense and you risk still fighting for the win in the 4th…….

Wyoming prediction:  I don’t really care…. 31 – 6 maybe?  

13 days, just 13 more days till Utah and a glorious victory clinching a BCS bowl…..

Disciples of GP:  First of all I’d like to say great game and I agree 100% with you.  Not a lot to add after your terrific analysis.  Mormon hexes and Thursday voodoo dolls be damned WE READY.  Kerley and Hughes especially READY.  While we can improve on every single facet, all in all, I feel like any criticism of the O or D is just going to be splitting hairs.  AD thread that needle.  Play that same game and we can compete with anybody in the country…not exaggerating…ANYBODY.  My short synopsis- best total performance I’ve seen from the Frogs (sans special teams) in years.  Usually D wins it and from time to time our O shows signs of life.  Against BYU they both brought the wood.  D was its usual awesomeness…but the O…WOW, I don’t think they played good, like you I think for once they finally played to their potential…MARK IT- this team can play like that in and out every week, it is not an IF question but a WILL question.  Both WILL they show up and attack with confidence AND WILL they be given the opportunity via good play calling.  Hopefully they can build upon that game and have the confidence and swagger our D has.  We have all the pieces it takes, but WILL we seize it…… 

As far as WhyHomie- I still remember the pain of listening to that miserable game on the radio last year.  I want vengeance and trust our players do too.  No worries.  Play 1/8th like we did last week and this game takes care of itself.

Now some questions for you:

Do you think Wyoming people are correct when they compare themselves to AIDS in that they can cure fags??  Seriously, I’ve done some googling and found protest signs that would imply this to be the views the vast majority of their state shares.  It seems gay people are probably safer at an NRA convention than in that state.

SchultzHater:  First of all, we have all seen Brokeback Mountain at least twice.  From this thematic masterpiece and what followed we can conclude that the many treks lovers made into the Mountains of Wyoming after the revealing of the “American love story” proves that Wyoming is not only a safe place for gay men, but a place of sanctuary and healing.

Disciples of GP:  Should I feel bad about being a "bad" winner?? I like to gloat. Did BYU bring religion into any debate by being the only school that Mormon's support?? Seriously it's not like I support my school b/c of its religious affiliation. Why is ND hate sooooo much more acceptable than BYU hate?? Is this a double standard?? I feel hate on any school that brings religion into Football. But I feel hate on any school that's not TCU. Your thoughts??

SchultzHater:  Have you seen Chris Rocks new HBO special?  We have all known Chris Rock to talk about race, race hating, racial differences, etc.  But in this new segment he gives us a new insight into different aspects of society. 

In short he explains that poor people have the right to make fun of rich people – because they are poor.  A fat chick has the right to make fun of a skinny chick – because she is fat, but a skinny chick can’t make fun of a fat chick and it’s not cool for a rich person to make fun of a poor person.  He explains that in whatever situation you have in society, the weaker, the poorer, the fatter, the dumber, really any person lower on the totem pole has the right to make fun of the person that is higher, it’s human nature. 

My point is that we cannot make fun of Jews because they have had it so hard since Jesus (minus the last 50 years).  Feel free to hate ND or make fun of them because Catholics didn’t get gassed in the Holocaust.  BYU and the Mormons are just plain sensitive, lots of hate has been thrown there way over the years and they are defensive about it.  Yes, it is a double standard in society, is it fair? NO, but leave it to Chris Rock to eloquently explain this complex topic in a simple way and remember this “a skinny chick can’t make fun of a fat chick.”   


Prediction Thread

I'm going with the Frogs putting a pounding on the Cowboys as revenge for the fluke loss last year.

42 - 6

Who ya got???

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Translation: Get your ass and others' asses in the game, be as loud and obnoxious as you were at the BYU game, and despite not having a laughable religion to hate on, we still have this:

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