Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colt McCoy's Beard

Seeing as how today's theme is hatred for a quarterback that happens to share a first name with one of the 3 Ninja's, I thought this was appropriate. And for those of you that don't know what a beard is (other than the thing that grows on your face), look it up.

She's kinda got a Mr. Ed thing going when she smiles, but I'd still knock the bottom out.

Colt McCoys Girlfriend Uncovered - COED magazine

GPa Post BYU Interview From Friday

In case you didn't catch it, here's the interview with Coach Patterson on the Ticket last Friday. He has some good comments on the "measuring stick" games we continue to schedule and the importance of playing big games if you want to recruit big time players.

Mr. Week 8 Badass

Ok, even though he finished runner up to Colt "Douche" McCoy in the USA Today player of the week poll, he did get some recognition elsewhere. I think being dubbed "Baddest Man on Campus" is way cooler than "player of the week." Check out the link on AOL sports.


Texas QB McCoy grabs USA TODAY Player of Week honor

Despite our strong showing in the readers poll (Hughes 45%, McCoy 31%), Colt McCoy takes home the award. Why? The fan vote only accounts for 1/3 of the award. The other two thirds goes to college football editor Erick Smith and Gannett columnist Mike Lopresti. How much do you want to bet they didn't even watch our game, or if they even knew of Hughes before last Thursday? Either way, I feel like we made a minor statement in the voter turnout.

Morning Dump

TCU named Tostitos Fiesta Bowl team of the week ESPN

What does TCU's win mean? Scout

Shakeup at the top of the power rankings ESPN

Baylor's attempt to up rankings unethical Daily Skiff
-not sports related just amusing

MWC expansion speculation Scout

Weekly honors Rivals
Bumpas named Coordinator of the week, Hughes MWC player of the week

letter to the editor in yesterday's Star-Telegram

Boorish behavior
Texas Christian University should really consider changing its name. I attended the TCU/Brigham Young University game on Thursday and was appalled at the number of people drunk before the game in the parking lot. Once inside, TCU students or fans were saying tasteless remarks to BYU fans about their religion. This was not Christ-like behavior at all!
TCU should consider a few rules or possibly a code for students and fans at games or change its name from Texas Christian University. Because that name and their actions don’t mesh!
— Rick Kindle, Bullard

Bowl News-
WAC signed a contingency decision with the Poinsettia bowl, if the Pac-10 does not send a team the WAC will fill its spot. The deal is in place as of Monday and could effect this year's game.

This Week's Opponent

Inside the matchup: UW at TCU Jackson Hole Star Tribune

Wyoming travels to TCU to play No. 14 ranked Horned Frogs KTAK